The Ides Of March…

These damn holidays, they never stop… one right after another ad infinitum ad nauseum. Well, maybe the rest of the country has time to celebrate and take the day off work but I’ll have to forsake Caesar and get shellacked instead. Besides, it ought to be “beware easter” or “beware from late november to january 2nd” and leave poor ol’ ides of march be. Well, quick post today. Sofia and I went to a vegan potluck last night and tasted lots of great food. It was held at Mom’s uncle Ron’s home and everyone brought a dish and 20 copies of their recipe. We showed up with some napa cabbage soup that we’ve been on a kick with lately. Here’s the recipe (I’m pretty sure the cobalt carb is vegan*)…

Sofia ate tons of food and toward the end of the evening got to make a necklace with Mom’s cousins Meaghan and Carly. She was very happy about this and didn’t want to leave. This morning I went down to the kitchen and Mom was making some toast and coffee and Sofia was sitting at the table eating breakfast. We both were facing the counter with our backs to her and she said, Mom, I want a tattoo. I thought it would be a couple years more at least before I heard that. Anyway, here’s another bowl…

* Note: to non-potters, the cobalt carbonate is a joke… you will most likely die if you add this, although not sure why you’d have it on hand.


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11 Responses to “The Ides Of March…”

  1. gary rith Says:

    Dang, but cobalt carb would give the soup such a pretty pink color!

  2. eugene hon Says:

    Tattoo, she wants a Tattoo! Wow peer pressure starts at an early age now days. That is quite something. Anyway the joy of parenthood in a contemporary global society, complete with internet access etc. How well they are informed in knowledge economy. I want to carry my cultural roots on my sleeve daddy ā€“ the Indian henna hand decoration might just be the way to go ā€“ for now or a fake tattoo at wwwā€¦.
    by the way I luv soup will try out the recipe soonest

  3. d Kat) Says:

    My God that is EXPENSIVE Soup!

  4. cindy shake Says:

    Aaacck! Our middle son, now 20 had wanted a tattoo starting about Sofia’s age. We always said he had to wait until he was 18, thinking he’d get over it -NOT! He LOVES his “full sleeves” of Koi, dragons etc. he started getting THE DAY after he turned 18… We were mortified. I will say about 80% of his college peers all have tattoos. I think it must have been all those “temporary” Sharpie tattoos I drew to pacify him while he was growing up!

  5. Ben Says:

    The disclaimer had me laughing hard! I love my tattoo and would like to get more, except I have more pressing bills to pay šŸ˜‰

  6. liz Says:

    A set of watercolour pencils will satisfy the tattoo cravings, and they wash of with soap and water, india was painted up regularly as a child! She is 14 now and no longer wants a tattoo. She does however want her nose pierced. Sigh. The soup sounds great! I may have to give it a try this week!

  7. kyle Says:

    ohhh I dread the day when I hear that phrase from my little girl…I hope I can appease her by letting her dye her hair some strange color instead…I hope I still have a good while.

    …and thanks for the recipe minus the cobalt carb…ha

  8. Sarah Says:

    If you let her know she can’t donate her kidney to you if you get a tattoo surely she’ll be cured of that idea.

  9. red dirt girl Says:

    i’d call this one “The EYES of March” !! Hey, I just recently got the “I want a tattoo” remark from my mulette. Only she turned 15 today and added a nose stud request with it. She told me she would wait on the belly button piercing … all from the girl who refuses to pierce her ears. Me? I’m going back to the pondering tree and hoping it’s all over when I wake up !!!

  10. ang Says:

    wow random! the cobalt and the tatoo comment!

  11. Barbara Edwards Says:

    Hopefully the tat craze will be over by the time she is 18. Wonder what will be next? Amazing how some parents can start socializing and forget they have children. Poor little animals.

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