Club 52 Is History…

It’s my birthday today and I’m the youngest of the 4 friends that all went to school together and meet on each others’ birthdays. We went out last night while my last kilnload before the show delivery was firing to conclude Club 52… the next meeting in June or July will be the 1st of Club 53. Yesterday, the bug wouldn’t let me go out in the front yard while I was loading the kiln, until she said it was ok. When I was allowed out, she was excited to present me with a pink hyacinth that she picked out for me to add to the fragrant purple ones that are blooming in the garden…

She is way more excited about me turning 52 than I am. So I met the gang last night, here’s the motley crew…

I came home with assorted booty. One thing was the John Fahey CD that I’m listening to as I type this and there is this pocket knife that’s carved out of wood…

I also received this ceramic fuse with purple and yellow glaze. I apologize for the photo and not being able to get a real definitive pic but the camera was flashing “low batteries” and I didn’t want to have to wait to charge them to write this post. Interestingly, inside of the fuse is a small piece of kiln element. The bug decided that she was going to be a monster for this shot, pretty convincing…

Perhaps the strangest gift was a self portrait that I did when I was a mere 20 years old. It’s truly a strange sensation to see something that, quite frankly, I don’t have any recollection of but at the same time have no doubt that it’s mine. Why and how my friend had it is an unanswerable question. Sofia likes it though, probably because I was making a face. Here’s a closeup…

While we were at the tavern (more like a restaurant though), a young couple was sitting a couple tables over trying to roll cigarettes and noticed that my friend rolled his own cigarettes. The girl eventually came over to the table and asked if we could teach her how to roll. It’s so nice that us old guys had some valuable information to impart to the young and of course my friend was none too happy to demonstrate and elaborate the finer points of density and tightness of the roll. Alas, it’s a lost generation that doesn’t know how to roll their own cigarettes…

So it’s lunch with the bug and Mom today and maybe I can open the kiln first thing tomorrow morning, then select pieces and pack them.


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15 Responses to “Club 52 Is History…”

  1. Miri Says:

    Happy birthday Jim!

  2. Andrew Douglas Says:

    Yay! Happy birthday. Hope you have a great day.

  3. Judy Shreve Says:

    Great post! (I can roll my own . . . . being part of that lost generation & all)

    Happy Birthday — hope it’s a great day & year for you!

  4. John Dorsey Says:

    Hope the opening of the kiln is a great present!

  5. Connie Says:

    Happy Birthday!! What a cool gift, (yourself portrait), your friend kept it all these years, I’m sure it brough back many memories. Can’t wait to see your newest work.

  6. Anne Carentz Says:

    Happy Birthday!!

  7. zygote Says:

    Happy Birthday Jim!!
    The kids roll their own out here in Northern California, but they are roll’n mini cigars using flavored papers.

  8. Meredith Says:

    Happy Birthday! Another March boy- wish I had a batch of brownies baked up for you!
    Love the flowers- and I never could get the roll right.

  9. doug fitch Says:

    Happy Birthday!!! I used to roll my own cigarettes until I quit – I’d never thought of it as a dwindling traditional skill – maybe I need to start again 🙂 Have a good birthday Jim

  10. ron Says:

    Happy Birthday Jim!! I had a crush on a girl once who rolled her own cigarettes. Man, she was cool. Well, hope you had a great day and have a nice batch of pots out of the kiln tomorrow. Cheers!

  11. ang Says:

    what!!! you smoke in a restaurant!!!!!

  12. Ken Says:

    Happy birthday big brother! Boy are you old.

  13. Yana Says:

    Happy Birthday. I’m amused you are still allowed to smoke in a bar there.

  14. Eugene Hon Says:

    Happy Birthday, Happy Birthday – hope you had a fabulous time, got a bit intoxicated and fondest memories of a day well spent with your family. Good luck with the kilns and the packing. Hope all goes well with the venture.

  15. Eugene Hon Says:

    By the way, forgot to say, that I love the gifts, the pocket knife carved out of wood, is really nice and the self portrait – a much younger you with a very distinct expression – not sure if you are annoyed or what. You state that you cant recall when you did it – were you maybe at University or much later. Great to have birthdays – we are getting older now. Enjoy

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