And, They’re Off…

Yesterday was an absolutely perfect day. It was 65, sunny and breezy and it was a bug day. The day started with Jeff Campana, who graciously agreed to drive my pots along with his to Chicago, showing up at about 10 to load my pots into his car. I have to admit that there was a strange anticlimactic feeling as Jeff drove away. I’m sure I’m not alone but after 3 months of work towards a goal and hurriedly packing it all in boxes and then it’s just over… kinda. We were up earlier and while we were waiting, Sofia was trying to fly off the stump…

I was in such a mad rush to get everything together that I don’t have any good shots of the pots. Here they are all sprawled out on tables and then in boxes…

After Jeff headed out, Sofia and I set out for some coffee, tea and pomme frites. I struggled with the NYT saturday crossword puzzle and then we headed home. Our neighbor who rescues Great Pyrenees dogs (you may remember from this post) has gotten another batch of pups… 6 this time. I didn’t take my camera but they were all outside and the puppy spectacle has turned into nothing short of a neighborhood tourist attraction. We were merely looking through the fence at the pups when the owner came home, then a girl from down the street, then 5 boys on bicycles stopped, then a lady and her daughter driving by, then a couple with their two kids that were interested in adopting showed up, then the first girl’s aunt and uncle. All these people and us were inside these peoples’ yard petting puppies. The two strangest things to me were first that because the pups were 5 male and 1 female, they named them after the 5 University of Kentucky basketball team’s starters and they named the girl Ashley Judd. The 5 boys that stopped by while out riding their bicycles were very approving of the name choices. btw, UK lost last night to WV. The other thing that only a curmudge like myself would find strange is that all 5 of these 9 or 10 year old boys had cell phones with them as they were out marauding the neighborhood and at one time they were all going from pup to pup taking pictures of the dogs with their phones… whatever dudes, what, do you have a blog or something? After this, bug and I went shopping for some fruit because she wanted a smoothie. When we got home we made smoothies with grapefruit, strawberries, bananas, ice and a little lemon juice. One thing that makes smoothies even more enjoyable to Sofia is if she can drink it out of a wine glass so we headed out to the porch…

The green stuff in the smoothie is mint. I have mint growing in the flower garden and like to use it for tabbouleh and Sofia eats it all the time. She found a bunch of little sprigs coming up and put the mint in her smoothie, here she’s stirring it in…

Then we took a really long walk with Dingus and laid in the grass in the sun and the bug ran around flapping her arms saying she’s a butterfly. It really couldn’t have been a better day…


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18 Responses to “And, They’re Off…”

  1. judi tavill Says:

    The day sounded super!
    I just wish I could have seen the POTS!

    • jim Says:

      hi judi, the gallery will post pictures of the pots… that’s why they have to be there before the show opens

  2. artistatexit0 Says:

    Looks like a nice batch of pots and that smoothie doesn’t look too shabby either! Hope the clay does well for you in Chi-town.

  3. Gordo Says:

    What a fantastic day! As I said last time, I love Pyrenees but there’s no way we could have one in the city. I can just imagine the crowd a full grown one would attract, too. 🙂

  4. Heidi Says:

    What a great day! Have you ever heard of puppy TV? I can’t wait to see more pot pics.

  5. gary rith Says:

    DANG. You totally live in the WRONG state. You should be HERE making smoothies with us 🙂

  6. zygote Says:

    Lovely load of ware being tucked away… it is rather sad to think about watching it drive away before getting well explored.

  7. Eugene Hon Says:

    I always seem to be the last person to comment on your post. Anyway they look great on the dinning room table like that – all together. I would feel very sad to see them go off like that myself – I always need to be part of the display – very critical part of the way work is appreciated. You work so hard and then you don’t get to enjoy, either setting it up and seeing all of them on display – singled out on plinths and special lighting. It is a time to reflect on each and everyone, their moment in the spotlight, holding there own on the stage. A moment not to be missed. No wonder you feel a strange anticlimax. Hopefully it will bring great success and feedback in crits etc. Like the drawing-room chairs allot and the smoothie looks very health and delicious. She looks like she is auditioning for superwoman or is it cat-woman

  8. Meredith Says:

    the trick to flying is to throw yourself at the ground and miss!
    Yummy day- let’s have another one soon!
    The pots are great and should be well received.

  9. Supersillyus Says:

    I guess it’s O.K. that she’s really long now. Hmmmmmm. Will get used to it spose.

  10. elizabeth Says:

    I can’t wait to see the gallery shots, be sure and post a link when they are up. Sofia looks like she was having a blast! I am with Sofia, we drink smoothies from fancy glasses here as well, it really does make them taste better. Glad you had such a wonderful day, isn’t spring grand?
    As for being a curmudgeon, I am with you on that. My kids are 14 and 16 and have no cell phones, what a waste of brain cells, and money! We also have no cable tv or satelite radio. India does have a camera, courtesy of an indulgent auntie. She uses it all the time. there have been many short films and photo collages appear on the computer at our house!

  11. ron Says:

    Yes, I look forward to the gallery posting the pots too! We had a beautiful Saturday as well. Rainy today though, but nice for napping and tea drinking and eating strawberries. I love spring.

  12. cindy shake Says:

    Sending the art “off to market” can be a bit like sending the last kid off to college… What? Sofia didn’t get to bring home a new puppy??

  13. Ben Stark Says:

    Sounds like a wonderful time! I am sooo happy spring is here!

  14. Connie Says:

    Your pots looked great! Can’t wait to see them posted. I’m very envious that spring has sprung in your neck of the woods. We can start to see signs but still pretty wintery here.

  15. Peter Says:

    Good luck with the exhibition.

  16. thecapricorntm Says:

    Oh, look, there is something missing on that table, how strange.

    I was convinced that a uberduperwonderfulhotcutesexy beer mug should have been there

    Wonder were it could be 😀

  17. soubriquet Says:

    As always, amazingly good pics, there’s definitely something well above average in the way you and Sofia interact in pictures, and those leaps….

    Pots off into the void? Do you wonder who’ll touch them, walk around them, buy them, use them, live with them?

    I might just go pour some pear-cider into my JimGottuso yunomi, twirl it in my hand whilst trying to decipher the strange squiggly symbols inscribed upon it. I’m convinced it’s a language, and somewhere there’s a rosetta stone to unlock it.

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