999.00 “Jar” Revisited…

About a year ago Sofia and I stopped by a local nursery to get Mom a butterfly bush for her birthday and I posted about my surprise when I noticed a tall ceramic piece for sale for 999.00. Here’s that post. Well I was out at a retail place yesterday that sells my pots to take a picture of a certain bowl that a customer wants multiples of. I stopped at the same nursery on the way home to see how much some arbor vitae might run and found out that they grow too tall for what I wanted them for. Anyway, as I was leaving I saw the same pot (although in the original post I said it was blue and it’s red… not sure if it’s a different pot or that there were so many other blue ones around that I just remembered it wrong). I also remembered that Michael Kline commented on that post and was wanting a picture of the pot to better evaluate it’s worth and I realized that, indeed, I have my camera in my pocket…

What makes me think that it’s the same pot and not the blue one I mentioned in the post last year is first of all… it’s still there, no one bought a 999.00 imported pot from the nursery! The other thing that makes me think it’s the same pot is the label which says, “Glazed Tema Jar Volcanic Red”, is weathered to the point that it’s difficult to read the magic marker…

It’s gonna be a beautiful day today so I can’t get stuck going here and watching the NCECA pre-conference demos being held at Montgomery County Community College. I tuned in twice yesterday and tried not to stay too long but there’s something about watching potter make things. That being said, in the comment from Michael Kline I mentioned above, he sent me a great link of his favorite flower pot guy, Guy Wolff. I love this video and am constantly amazed that he just talks like he’s in a conversation with you while centering and throwing a 12 lb. hunk of clay, I’d be breathing hard and have to stop and take a breath…

And of course, here’s a picture of Sofia’s new favorite hand-me-down socks with articulated toes. She loves them but needs me or Mom to help her get her little toes into the little toe sections…


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8 Responses to “999.00 “Jar” Revisited…”

  1. Jerry Says:

    You can let Sofia know that I am wearing my toes socks today as well…need to keep my tootsies warm in my Vibram 5Fingers! I must admit mine are not quite as splashy as hers are though.

  2. gary rith Says:

    IT IS a nice pot, and worth maybe 70-100 bucks I’d say 🙂
    I want some socks like that, yeOW!

  3. elizabeth Says:

    itsv pretty, but a new sofa is about the same price, I’d say maybe 80 bucks, up to 125. but $999.99? don’t think so the poor guy who made it probably works for a pittance.

  4. ang Says:

    great brekkie vid….thanks

  5. Meredith Says:

    do you think it should read 99.99?
    But those are some killer socks on the bug!

  6. Jennifer M Says:

    Great video! Thank you for sharing. I love the socks! I had a pair of those many moons ago.

  7. dan Says:

    I love a good ‘butterfly bush’. Did you get a white one or purple/pink? and I could never wear something that fit my feet like a glove!

  8. Eugene Hon Says:

    Jim we have a guy who also imports ceramics from the East, he makes videos on his trips there and so on. His retail outlet is actually just opposite our campus. It is mazing to talk to this guy – His names is Adriaan Turgel and his ceramic business is called Liebermann Pottery – check out his site http://www.liebermannpottery.net if you are interested . I think he is actually a lawyer and has a place in LA. They were suppliers of tableware (pottery style) for many years and their products are still cherished (since 1952). He is a good business man and one can learn allot from him. The size of some of the pots that he brings into the country is just incredible – I have bought bone china bowls from him that is just amazing – so cheap and translucent. It is interesting to note that he states, that most of these factories/potteries have scaled down dramatically and are bringing in artists and designers to make one-of-a-kind ware. There is also a moratorium placed on some of the work leaving the country – truly the end of an era.

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