April Fools Day, Schmapril Fools Day…

Well, the best laid plans of mice and men. It was 86 degrees yesterday on April 1st and that’s not an april fool’s prank and since I can no longer run or walk without pain and I haven’t exercised since last year when I decided to ride a bike instead and then gave it up after a week or so, I was gonna go for a bike ride. My bike helmet is decrepit because when Sofia was two she kept tearing the little spongy strips out of the inside. I got replacement spongy things and she tore those out too. So off to the bike shop. Their helmets were nice but expensive and then I thought maybe target has helmets for less. So I drove over and they had them for 1/2 the price. I quickly picked one, left the store and the damn car wouldn’t start. Not surprising really but the battery’s new and it just wouldn’t turn over. Mom and Sofia were off and my friend Andy lives nearby so I called him but he was across town. He decided to drive over and get me. We drove to his house ’cause he had to meet the countertop guy and be in front of a computer for a conference call. He meets the guy and calls into the conference call, then since he no longer needs to be in front of the computer, stays on the call but mutes himself and proceeds to drive me home listening to both me and the conference call people simultaneously. On the way, he points out that I got a “youth” helmet instead of an “ad*lt” helmet. At home I call a towing service who says he will meet me in the parking lot and since Mom just arrived home, I take the van to target. Whilst I’m waiting I think, I’ll just try it one more time… and it starts up. I don’t have a cel and I’m afraid it might stall out again so I drive home leaving the van at target. I get home and call the towing guy and he’s not too happy that I don’t need his services anymore. I apologize and call my neighbor and he takes me over to get the van I left in the parking lot and while I’m there, I exchange the helmets. When I arrive home, dinner is ready and there is no bike ride. The misadventures of an april fool! My friend sent me pics of the the haircutting expedition because I forgot my camera so here’s the pictures to go with yesterday’s post…

Here’s the bug on my friend Ray’s BMW…

I dug up these old pictures from 2006 when Ray came over one day with his Vespa, Sofia was 1 1/2 years old at the time…


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5 Responses to “April Fools Day, Schmapril Fools Day…”

  1. gary rith Says:

    Oh man, that little kid…in about 10-11 years she is gonna get the license and the tats and the leathers and…. 🙂
    from the movie with Brando: “what are you rebelling against?”
    MB: “what have ya got???”

  2. ron Says:

    Sweet pic of Sophia on the Vespa. Man, sounds like a crazy day! Nice BMW bike too. I’m about due for a hair cut but the barber shop I go to is booooring. Have a good weekend.

  3. ang Says:

    a big day out hey, great that you’re getting back on the bike and happy riding! nice back yard and big bike pics…

  4. elizabeth Says:

    nice bikes! pretty girl. I think a good first bike for her might be a vintage shadow. Or maybe a triumph.

  5. Eugene Hon Says:

    Happy Easter – love the old BMW (really good condition) and Vespa. Ray has a few bikes etc – a collector or what. I have a friend Ray too, who is also into bikes (new ones) – their friends import bikes (dealer). On his birthday earlier this year, his lover and the two of us went on bikes to a Restaurant about an hour away – at one point we were doing 220km per hour. It was absolutely fabulous. They are really into fixing cars and bikes etc and drive very well – trust them emphatically. Ray is the only person I trust to drive my Honda S2000. Your daughter loves the wheels – she is going to want to own one sooner than you think. You will have to train her well.

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