“Ceramics Today” Book…

Last year I ran into a post over at Carole Epp’s Musing About Mud about a guy named Jeffrey Snyder who was putting together a book titled “Ceramics Today”. I sent some pictures in and received word later that I had gotten into the book. It’s been quite some time and I had honestly forgotten about it because it was almost exactly a year ago. Anyway, I received an email yesterday that the book has been published and here’s what the cover looks like…

I didn’t receive a copy and I guess I have to purchase one in order to see which photo they chose and what the book looks like overall. On other fronts, easter has passed… hallelujah! What a royal pain in the ass extravaganza of nonsense… have I mentioned how much I detest holidays? This one has a particular place of derision in my heart. The up side is that Sofia had a good time hunting for eggs and getting amp-ed up on candy. It was a beautiful day weather-wise… to bad we had to participate in “organized fun”. OK, here’s the plan, next week on… let’s say Tuesday, at around 4:00, we’re all gonna have fun, OK? Is everyone up for fun at that time? Didn’t take the camera that day and I don’t regret it, the only picture I regret not getting was the day before when we were at Tommy’s having pomme frites and 5 or 6 people were walking up the street with huge collections of balloons in their hands for the easter parade and they were getting lashed by a sudden rainstorm… all of a sudden the phrase “rain on my parade” was more palpable. Here’s the bug’s new favorite place to hang out, on top of my car…

She wants to sit up there and eat up there and play up there but it won’t be long before she’ll have to refrain because it’s getting hotter and the roof is gonna be like a frying pan soon. As you can tell, the plants are popping out all over. My sister is coming to visit on Thursday and the cleaning has begun… better get going.


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14 Responses to ““Ceramics Today” Book…”

  1. ron Says:

    Man I totally know what you mean about the organized fun thing. We had to do that two Saturdays ago and I just wasn’t into it at all. I finally leaned over to Sarah and said “what’s our exit strategy?” then turned around to see one of the hosts looking right at me! Oh well.

  2. Craig Edwards Says:

    Sweet, that you made it into a book, fame.. fortune soon to follow:O). Ya gotta have fun.

  3. Connie Says:

    WoW!!! Jim congratulations again!!! I’m so excited for you. I can’t wait to see the book. I will have to order a copy since Cheyenne doesn’t have a place to go peruse ceramic books!!!

  4. John Dorsey Says:

    Well done! Been missing your posts while at NCECA – glad to get on the wagon again…

  5. Cindy Gilliland Says:

    Awesome Jim πŸ™‚

  6. Heidi Says:

    Congrats Jim! That’s great news! The feeling is mutual about holidays, boo to organized “fun.”

  7. Meredith Says:

    Great news on the book- I hope it falls into the right hands.
    I am up for some fun- but I might have to check my calender.
    Pencil in hand… have some fun today – now I have to pick a time…. let’s see maybe between the kiln cooling and … aw- maybe Wednesday would be better.

  8. elizabeth Says:

    we hate organized fun. It’s rarely actual fun. Gives me a headache just thinking about it. Congrats on being published, I will endeavour to snag a copy.

  9. Supersillyus Says:

    The bug in that pose reminds me of Nurse Whitey the white boxer with a monocle. They’re both beautiful girls. Beware the big head.

  10. Judy Shreve Says:

    Congrats on being published! That’s very sweet!

    I’m all for having fun whenever I can — but sometimes- some of us need something scheduled so we remember — life isn’t all about work.

  11. ang Says:

    very cool but what they don’t send you a copy of the book! boo!!… at least lark books do that even to oz..

  12. Eugene Hon Says:

    Great publicity – hope the images and text do justice to your work. You really serve representations, as your work is great and you are a master craftsperson. I cant believe that they have not presented you with a copy and or invited you to the launch – Congratulation with your inclusion

  13. Keith Says:

    Congrats on being in the book!

  14. gary rith Says:

    Have a nice visit with your sister my man πŸ™‚

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