Charvon And Kernkern…

I thought that 3 year old conversations were the best until Sofia turned 4 and then those ones were pretty entertaining too. I figured that at 5, they would start to taper off but every now and then I’m surprised. Yesterday, while I was working on my taxes (taxes schmaxes!), I had all my papers out in front of me and the bug says, what are you doing dad? I say, taxes. She says why and I try to explain. Then she leaves and later when it’s time for her and mom to go pick up her cousins from school she comes up and says, dad, you’re gonna have to stop your taxis when I leave so I can give you a hug. I say, I’ll be glad to stop but what did you call them? Taxis, she says. No wonder my explanation didn’t make sense. So this morning she’s waking me up too early and she says she wants to have a farm in our back yard. I tell her that there’s not enough sunshine to grow stuff in the back yard and she says, no, a farm with animals… like cows. I say, how many cows do you think we can fit in the back yard (1/8 of an acre, maybe)? She says, well, we could get a lot of them if they’re small ones. I ask how big she’s talking about and she puts her hands apart about 15 inches. I say, what about fish? This leads her to asking if she can have a fish for her birthday. I say the typical father things (can hardly believe they come out of my mouth) like, you have to take care of it all by yourself, I’m not taking care of a fish. Sofia says, I’ll feed it every day. I tell her she has to change the water too and she says she can do that. Then I say, you’ll have to name it. She says, that’ll be easy. Then she starts rattling off names without much thought or any hesitation. I could name it Aristhia. Then, I could name it Charvon. I say, Charvon, that’s a good name… what if it’s a boy? Kernkern. Of course. Then comes Mevey, Ritha and Erfa. Finally, she says how about Shitta? I say, Shitta? She shakes her head as though she heard it first when I said it and says, no, not Shitta. Anyway, my taxis are done and it’s clean the studio day and set up the photo tent. Here’s some pics of the front yard flowers. This azalea will be out in all it’s glory today…

The hydrangea I planted a couple years back is starting to kick some butt…

And here’s one of the bottlebrushes from the bottlebrush buckeye…

I went for a bike ride yesterday and the yellow buckeyes in the park are all blooming… a beautiful sight.


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11 Responses to “Charvon And Kernkern…”

  1. ron Says:

    Oh Jim that gave me a good laugh this morning. Thanks.

  2. kyle Says:

    Shitta would be a good name for a cow… DAMN THE TAXIS!…and by the way my middle name is Kernkern….

  3. Tracey Says:

    I am soooo not there anymore with those conversations. Yesterday conversations with the 17 year old were about college selections, the hateful SAT application and should she take Mandaran or Arabic for a language elective next year. I would much prefer just getting her a fish and have her stay with me for a few more years!!

  4. cindy shake Says:

    I LOVE kid vocabulary -we have a small list of all the funny things our 3 kids said when they were little or what they called different things. You need to write all the Sofia-isms down. Got out Taxis in also -arrrggh.

    Shitta seems like the PERFECT name for a cow -well probably for a dog too. That had me laughing out loud!! πŸ™‚

  5. Eugene Hon Says:

    Priceless is all I can say – a new spin on things. No wonder the Surrealists were so inspired by their take on life and tried to in some way emulate their carefree attitude to life, without being contrived. Really amazing. Taxis in South Africa is a very scary thing -they control the roads a law unto themselves. Drive like maniac combi buses, that you try to avoid, less you fall prey to an army of them and then you are doomed. They will smash you out of the way, if they need to Shitta – I am looking forward to the world cup, especially as they really only service the black community. The whites consider them death traps – due to their speeding, reckless driving and nasty attitude to other motorists – they think we should not be on the road, we are robbing them of income – they are our public transport. The bug must have felt their threat from across the ocean.

  6. Connie Says:

    Funny!!! The bug is great!!
    We are just geting there with Vander. He’ll be turning three in 3 months.

  7. Patricia Griffin Says:

    Wait til she’s 25!… Those conversations can be pretty amazing too. I like the idea of 15-inch cows. They’d be kind of cute… but a lot of shitta.

  8. Jud Tavill Says:

    always great stuff!

  9. kellyTpottery Says:

    Oh, Shitta! Or maybe… did you shitta on the floora again? Love it, love it. Right now, my little girl’s favorite exclamation is Meshy! Meshy! (messy). Hmmmm… a little OCD maybe? She’ll be 2 in June!

  10. Gordo Says:

    You can always count on shitta and taxis. πŸ˜‰

  11. ang Says:

    see those miniature cows are catching on i tell ya you can get a dozen in a small hatchback!!!!!! yes that was my dream the one with the really nice hitman…. πŸ˜›

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