Lookee What I Got…

My friend Elfriede from way back in college sent me her husband, Kevin Burke’s latest CD in the mail the other day. It’s called “Suite” and it’s both Kevin and Cal Scott. Cal plays guitar and Kevin plays the fiddle or violin if you prefer. I have been listening to Kevin Burke for right around 30 years now and who’d a thunk way back in college that one of us would end up married to him. I do not hesitate to say that Kevin Burke is the best Irish fiddler there is. I’ve always felt this way and every new CD exemplifies this even further. On the CD, Kevin and Cal explore their idea of combining traditional and classical music and have included 10 traditional tunes arranged in four movements for string quartet. I’ve only had a chance to listen to this 3 times because I had visitors up until Monday and I have yet to listen as intently as I would like but it already has it’s hooks in me. So if you like or think you’d like some excellent Irish fiddling, Kevin is the man…

So thanks Elfriede for the CD’s. Included with the “Suite” CD was some pirate music for Sofia… which she loves. We have the first one playing in the car and it’s called “Pegleg Tango” by Captain Bogg and Salty. This is not your average silly manufactured kid’s music… these are silly shanties sung by buccaneers and they’re catchy as well as hilarious.


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6 Responses to “Lookee What I Got…”

  1. cindy shake Says:

    Very cool. Beautiful CD cover too -lucky Sofia, Pirate music too!

  2. Rob Lorenz Says:

    Was he featured on NPR recently? The name of the cd sounds familiar, but I can’t think of anywhere else I would have heard it. Irish fiddle (and Irish music in general) is indeed great. I can’t wait to see some rockin’ good Irish bands live at the Irish fest round these parts.

  3. elizabeth Says:

    Love it when musicians drop treasures in your mailbox. I have a friend back home who owns and art supply store an da toy store, they are very recently sharing space and he is on the hunt for a soundtrack to share between the spaces. Are there any suggestions that you could share?

  4. eugene hon Says:

    They are such lucky artists – production costs are so low, obviously you have to be famous etc. They produce a number of creative works and then depending on the market, production is taken care of and if the work is sold over and over again long after the artist has passed away – we have to slave away and make different works and we cant really afford to give them away. I don’t necessarily think they live an easy life, competition is tough, but the same can be said about us. I think we really have a tougher time – Music often can be commercial to be cutting edge – ours is a different story altogether. Artists work appeal often only to a small part of the community -damn. We sing to a different tune – shame

  5. Michael Mahan Says:

    Was it Kevin Burke who played fiddle in The Bothy Band?

    I downloaded some fiddle tunes by the late Irish fiddler Tommy Potts. I like his playing style. I uploaded some if you’re interested: http://www.box.net/shared/vf7p5vi9x4

    I tried to find where I downloaded them from, but the site closed down, I think. Let me know if you can listen to them and what you think.

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