No Bees Yet But Definitely Bugs…

It’s sad to say that it’s now almost May and the peonies are ready to pop and I have not seen one honeybee yet. My bees didn’t survive the winter but I didn’t think that the bees I saw in previous years were all mine. Anyway, the visitors extravaganza is continuing. My sister Sue and boyfriend Vince came in from Florida last Tuesday and it had the makings of a wonderful week… the weather was beautiful. The day before they arrived we ate al fresco with Andy and Coco, here’s Coco and the bug drawing…

Anyway, things started out fine and I don’t have any pics of my sister yet because I didn’t take any and they were taking tons so maybe they’ll send me some. It was Mom’s birthday on thursday and we went out to lunch and then the bug (not Sofia) I mentioned showed up. I thought after I ate a bunch of guacamole on the porch that my reflux was acting up and after an agonizing couple of hours on the couch, hit the hay. I hadn’t had anything remotely this bad since I was in college. After writhing around and hoping the reaper might show up and end it all, I twice ejected guacamole and salsa up through my sinus cavities. Even though my sister was still visiting I never got out of bed the entire next day and wasn’t sure I would be able to drive her to the airport on saturday morn. I was at least not woozy that morning and was able to give Sue a ride to the airport but I felt bad about being out of commission for part of her visit. That evening Sofia started complaining of stomach aches and I was hoping she hadn’t caught it but she threw up all night and none of us got any sleep. The bug’s on the mend but the other bug has moved on to Mom who is now experiencing what Sofia and I did in the previous days. Here’s the bug while I got sick and before she got sick…

So Susie, if you’re reading this, I hope you didn’t catch it before you left. And on wednesday my Mom will arrive from Florida and complete the whirlwind of April visitors. It’s a blustery 54 out as I type this and the spring weather this year is somewhat askew. I’m amazed by the wisdom of some plants, particularly one walnut in the back yard. I have 3 black walnuts in the back yard and the largest of the 3 always lags a by a week or so when putting out leaves. This year saw a temperature spike of more than a couple days in the low 90s and although most of the plants have fallen for this my walnut and to a lesser degree the hickory on the side of the house remained dormant. At one point, I actually thought that the big walnut had died because the other plants were so far along and the other day while I was sick, the buds popped out. Obviously these are the native trees that survive best. Based on purely anecdotal evidence, I believe that one of the trees to fall victim of the odd weather is the Japanese Maple. My neighbor has one that has all but died and I’ve noticed others around town that are not doing well. Anyway, after my Mom visits and after the KY Derby, which I will attempt to ignore (another pseudo-holiday), I’m thinking I will make a trip to Chicago for the closing of Jeff’s and my show. I received my Ceramics Monthly last week and Jeff was featured as one of the emerging artists… congratulations Jeff! Here’s one of my beer glasses that’s in our show at Terra Incognito

And along those same lines, here’s an ergonomic beer glass that I posted to etsy this morning…


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5 Responses to “No Bees Yet But Definitely Bugs…”

  1. Judy Shreve Says:

    OH YUCK — I hate those kind of bugs — where you’d have to feel better to die! & it’s unfortunate that kind of thing is so contagious. Glad you are well & hope everyone else is too.
    Looking forward to hearing how the Terra Incognito show went. (I voted for Jeff on the Ceramic Arts Daily emerging artist post).

  2. soubriquet Says:

    Get well!

    But look! I saw this and thought of you.

    Pattern and tesselation.

  3. meredith@whynot Says:

    oh I hate being sick—–glad you are all getting better.
    I noticed the other day the native honeysuckle was blooming. It is a scarlet red. Just wonderful to look at not at all as twisty and unmanageable as the “weed” honeysuckle that I have to pull off of everything.
    we have native azalea as well that is so sweet and pretty- I have to take a walk in the woods to see it…
    The tumblers are great- honeycombs, it makes me think of honeycombs.

    PS- I have a hatchet………………………………………….

  4. ang Says:

    dude..yuk!!! Had one similar to that afew weeks ago ..I didn’t use my sinuses though! that is truly gross when that happens.. love ya work!

  5. Gordo Says:

    I’ve come to the same conclusion about my backyard bees that they were the ones around. Not a nice thing to discover, I must say. But, it will be rectified in a week or two when we split a hive. 🙂

    Take care of yourself, Jim. You’re the third family that I’ve heard of being felled by a weird stomach bug this week. Ugh.

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