My Mom Has A N1ntend0…

(Numbers are an attempt at spamproofing.) Well, it’s May 4th and April’s come and gone in a blur of relatives with small gaps of illness and general non-productivity. It was great to see everyone that has visited (two different sisters and beaus at separate times and my Mom). My Mom arrived last wednesday and left this morning. She just happened to be here during the Kentucky Derby but we’ve all done the derby and are relatively uninterested. In fact, I have no idea who ran or who won and the only eventful “derby” thing that occurred was that Sofia’s preschool class made derby hats and here’s hers…

I’ve always thought it odd that schools take part in local events of this kind. Jefferson county (Louisville’s county) schools all have the day off on Oaks. For the uninitiated, Oaks is like a mini-derby that is held on the day before the KY derby and was originally intended as a kind of local’s derby (or so I’ve heard). And apparently now Oaks is a big draw so the locals have started going the day before Oaks although they have officially named it anything yet. I must be out of practice writing because I can’t seem to come up with a name off the top of my head… perhaps, Oats instead of Oaks but I can see the confusion already or maybe “Don’t You Wish The Weather on Derby Day Would Turn Out This Nice” Day, or how about Thirsty Thursday ’cause the locals are the only ones that like those mint juleps anyway. Anyway, my Mom’s a big fan of this blog because she gets to keep up with the growth of her granddaughter. So the gift for Sofia that she came with was a customized t-shirt. Here’s the bug posing front and back…

In the last post Sofia and I were coming to an end of our stomach virus (flu) and Mom was still not quite better. We’re all better now and my sister Sue, who was here when I got sick, fortunately didn’t catch it before she left and Mom didn’t catch it either so there’s two bullets dodged. My Mom’s foot hurt and my feet both hurt so we were very limited as far as what we could do during her visit and considering how little we did do, I’m at a loss as to why I’m so exhausted. Apparently, being a host for extended periods of time is not my forte. It turns out that my Mom is a gadget hound… who’d a’ thunk it? She didn’t pack any shorts in her suitcase (a carry-on) because all the recharging cords were taking up so much space. Really, she only brought her N1ntend0 (my Mom’s got a N1ntend0!) which I made the mistake of “checking out” for hours, her cel phone and her brand new N00k. In case you’re not up on it, as I wasn’t, a N00k is the Barne5 & Nobl3 version of Ama2on’s Kindl (for reading books electronically). It ended up being a great source of consternation to my Mom because it “locked up” for the second time while she was here and she is unable to read (electrically) on the plane to her next destination. In an effort to be supportive I said several times that “the book I’m reading is working just fine”… I know, what a luddite. That color TV thing is never going to catch on! Here’s a picture of my Mom at the Thai restaurant, sorry Mom but the rest of the family has to keep up with your growth too…

She was concerned that it wasn’t a good picture of her (although it is a fine picture of her). Of course her concern about the picture kinda made me a bit concerned because I thought that by time I got to my Mom’s age (29) or should I say, if I get to my Mom’s age that all vestiges of vanity about my appearance will have vanished and maybe that’s not true. I’m so looking forward to having those pants that come up to my armpits and are cinched tight with a white patent leather belt and complementary flesh colored sneakers… tres bien ensemble! People may snicker but I won’t care because I’m here to tell you that a belt under your armpits is infinitely more comfortable than trying to ride the razor’s edge (well, maybe not exactly a razor’s edge) of an ever expanding midsection… and they don’t make Spanx for men. Well, maybe they do but without my vanity, I wouldn’t even consider them. But I digress. So it’s back to work and I have to say that the clay has been calling my name for a couple weeks now and it’s a strange feeling not being able to get to it. In other news, I finally finally finally received my rejection letter from Lark Books “500 Vases”. It was so long ago when I sent in the pictures that I couldn’t remember what I entered and then I thought of how much has been made since then. Oh well, que sera, sera… I have heard, however, that if you don’t get rejected, they do send you a complimentary copy of the book unlike other ceramic books. So it’s Tuesday and the closing of the show in Chicago is on Saturday. A friend and I are driving up on Saturday morning and will attend the opening and hopefully we’ll get there in time to catch the end of Jeff Campana’s workshop (assuming there is no problem with us sticking our heads in). Here’s another piece that’s in the Chicago show…

I found out yesterday also that I was featured on Charan Sachar blog’s “Color Feature Of The Week” feature…

If you get a hankerin’, click on the pic and check out Charan’s blog… in addition to this weekly feature, Charan has plenty of beautiful work and recently has had posts about a recent trip to India. Last but not least, here’s another beer glass that I posted to Etsy the last week…


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10 Responses to “My Mom Has A N1ntend0…”

  1. Connie Says:

    I love Sophia’s new shirt she looks great in it. Grandma did a wonderful job.

  2. Gord Says:

    Yup, that shirt is great. Congrats on the feature!

  3. meredith Says:

    I may have to take a nap after all that adventure you have been through!
    We keep hearing about the Nook-e-reader makes us chuckle.
    We want to go to the store and ask where we can buy the nook-e….
    Love the shirt and the hat.
    And I think you are never too old to be vain… I am giving up mirrors.

  4. Tracey Says:

    Sofia looks exactly like your mom! How cute they both are. Yep, I got the big reject too. Seems I’m in good company, wonder what’s going to be in that book anyway with all the rejections 🙂

  5. ang Says:

    maaaan what a vision the white belt was the clincher for me!! hhehe thanks ive missed the morning read followed by visions and chuckles…and love the tshirt your mums brilliant! go gadget….

  6. ron philbeck Says:

    That post gave me a couple good laughs too. Thanks. Cool tee shirt for sure and your mom sounds really neat. Good luck getting back in the swing of things. Look forward to upcoming posts.

  7. gary rith Says:

    Shoot, that tee is damn awesome, now everybody wants one!

  8. eugene hon Says:

    Great to have you back, better and rough and ready to get down to potting. You also had to face rejection I see (500 vases). Anyway such is life – one has to just believe in your own creative ability and press forward. Trust you will be able to get into the studio, get rid of the settled dust and make some exciting new work. Your techniques and method is very exciting and make the work very unique.

  9. artistatexit0 Says:

    Awesome T-shirt and nice to see a pic of your Mom. Al

  10. Cathy Says:

    Hey I bought that n1ntend0 for Mom- great idea eh? Lovin the t-shirt.

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