Destination: The Windy City

Well, tomorrow is the closing in Chicago and aside from some last minute snafus, I guess I will be attending. So as a reminder to anyone that might actually be in the Chicago area tomorrow night, May 8th from 4PM – 7PM…

I’ve been struggling with photography again for the last day or so… I decided to get it all over with before I cleared out the setup so I could get started throwing. It looks like next week will have to be when I start the new cycle. Here’s some pictures of the a couple bigger bowls that I still have. Although I’m pleased with the color of the bowls, in order to get the background to be less blue on the golden yellow pieces, the color of the yellow is inaccurate. Maybe this doesn’t bother anyone besides me but I can’t figure out what adjustment I might make to have my cake and eat it to. Anyway here’s some pots and hopefully I can get some shots of the gallery this weekend…


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10 Responses to “Destination: The Windy City”

  1. ron Says:

    Have fun in Chicago. I hope it was a successful show and you both sold lots of work.

  2. Cindy Buehler Says:

    Have a great time in Chicago. About your photos. Do you have a setting on your camera in iso to capture white balance? I think doing that greatly improved my color.

  3. Jen Mertz Says:

    I’m in route to Chicago now for the Jeff’s workshop. Can’t wait to meet you and Jeff. Have a safe trip.

  4. John Dorsey Says:

    Jim – Have a great time in Chicago! Hope the show went well – congrats to Jeff as well – he’s gotten some great accolades in the last couple of weeks!

    BTW – your Mom’s gift to Sofia couldn’t be cuter!

  5. Patricia Griffin Says:

    Enjoy Chicago!

  6. judi tavill Says:

    gogeous! love love love chicago!

  7. judi tavill Says:

    that was GORGEOUS…oy.long week.

  8. gary rith Says:

    Holy CATS you are the dang COOLEST guy on earth Jim………

  9. eugene hon Says:

    Chicago, Chicago – trust you have checked out interesting pubs you may wish to down a pint or two with friends and colleagues while there. Enjoy the workshop – trust we will see some visuals and feedback of the workshop and social encounters with the participants etc. Have fun and enjoy – very jealous !

  10. ang Says:

    ah yep i was just going to say white balance tweeking cindy beat me to it..there’s possibly some other settings that you can change like the type of light? that or tweek in photoshop after…. cool shots any way jim 🙂

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