For the uninitiated, slàinte is essentially Irish for “health” as in a toast like “cheers”. It’s pronounced slon cha… of course there are several variations and I’m not an expert so you can take my pronunciation with a grain of salt.

I don’t get too many of these so I wanted to post another “Sofia’s Dad’s Pot Action Shot”. This is from Connie Norman’s blog and if you get a hankering head on over, she has lots of beautiful work and she interviews potters regularly which makes for some good reading. Connie got an ergonomic beer glass from me (thank you Connie) for a Father’s Day gift and couldn’t wait til then to give it so the whole family is toasting with their vessel of choice. Meanwhile, I tried to get back on the horse yesterday and did what I always do when I’ve not thrown in a while (over 2 months this time)… the first pot goes off without a hitch and I start thinking, no problem. Then the next one’s a disaster and gets squashed, and then the next one too… and eventually I get to adequate. Here’s some fresh wet pots that won’t dry because it’s so humid here…

Apparently I wasn’t the only one that’s been jonesing to get back in the studio. The bug came in early and wanted to “make stuff” so I cut her a bunch of tile blanks and she went to town. She was in high production mode for most of the afternoon and wouldn’t have stopped if it wasn’t for dinner. It was the kind of studio day dad enjoys… music turned up, throwing on the wheel, the bug contentedly working away and Dingus on squirrel patrol looking out the back window. Her tiles are clearly (at least to an admiring dad) evolving and still retaining that 5 year old certainty and directness…

She seemed very pleased with her output and was happy about the wee breakthrough of attaching things with slip. I showed her this before more than once but as kids do… they’re not interested until they’re interested. She even let me take pictures of her holding them up and with clay all over her face…


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13 Responses to “Slainte…”

  1. Gord Says:

    Those are great! Has she made enough to tile the kitchen yet, Jim? đŸ˜‰

  2. kyle Says:

    awesome Bug tiles!

  3. Connie Says:

    I’m glad to be a proud owner of one of Sofia’s tiles!!!! I can’t wait for Vander to work in the studio with me. Now, he loves to paint my table with water, and makes a giant mess. Then he always tries to grab the xacto knife. aaargh. Thanks for the nice compliments of my work and blog.

  4. ron Says:

    Looks like a fun day indeed.

  5. Dawn Says:

    “Absolutely Brilliant Sofia!!!”

  6. meredith@whynot Says:

    those tiles are coming along just great!
    Tell her I need help with mine.
    Glad all your fingers are there!

  7. gary rith Says:

    Listen, its no damn FUN until your face is covered in clay, its like, a RULE đŸ™‚

  8. ang Says:

    ha super days fun!! get back to it jim ‘steady as she goes’…

  9. Amy Says:

    I agree with the kitchen idea…. her tiles would be ideal for up on the walls somewhere— if there’s not a collection of her art up already. She’s quite the artist!

  10. Robert Young Says:

    After 6 months off the wheel, I’m almost afraid to imagine how long it will take to get back “in the groove”, so I know exactly how you feel. Tell the bug to keep making those tiles… one day she can have them all installed in some gallery – a whole wall in one shot!

  11. kellyTpottery Says:

    The beer glasses look great, but I believe that my daughter would pick the Diego tumbler for herself. She would definitely approve of that one.

    Nice tiles, Sophia. I hope that one day, my little one can work in the studio with me like that. Are you firing the bug’s tiles?

    I have always had trouble getting back on the wheel after a break. It’s just frustrating! That first pot goes pretty well, and you think Great! No biggie! And then it’s just downhill from there…

    • jim Says:

      hi kelly, i do fire all her tiles but i’m getting behind on it. by time i bisque again she’ll have her own kiln load

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