Road Trip…

My good friend Vern and I hit the road yesterday for a wee road trip to Berea, Kentucky. The link on Vern’s name goes to posts that I’ve posted with his digital collages, here’s Vern driving…

Berea has a college and is know as kind of the craft center of Kentucky. Less than a decade ago, the Kentucky Artisan Center was built right off the interstate there. I’m sure that these exist in other states as well. Apparently the Artisan Center represents over 600 Kentucky craft people (or so I’ve been told). It sure looks like there’s that many people represented… there are items ranging the gamut of crafts on display in this relatively large building. Here’s a couple shots of the center…

One of the best things about being represented by the Artisan Center is that the work is not on consignment. They purchase the work outright based on their expertise about what they believe they can sell. Here’s a piece by Joe Molinaro, a well-known KY potter that teaches ceramics at Eastern Kentucky University in Richmond and who just happens to have gone to SIU-Carbondale where I had also gone…

Here’s some pieces by Setian Leksirawat, a fellow Murray State University alumnus that I believe was in the program a year or so after I graduated…

In other news, the bug thought it would be funny to make signs and blockade the door to the bathroom. Joking about clogged plumbing isn’t exactly an area that I enjoy kidding about but she was very happy about her barricade…


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8 Responses to “Road Trip…”

  1. meredith@whynot Says:

    I would love to go visit Berea one day.
    That Sofia- full of fun!

  2. cindy shake Says:

    Love Joe Molinaro’s piece! I love the idea of NO CONSIGNMENT even more ;o)

  3. ang Says:

    was it a visit to get some work there??

    • jim Says:

      hi ang, yes, i try to visit once a year and they purchase pieces based on their inventory of my work

  4. Connie Says:

    Wow, What a place!! How far away is Berea for you? I use to live in Richmond, KY as a kid, and we would go to Berea all the time. I remember going to out door craft shows. Now, I really want to go back.

    • jim Says:

      hi connie, yes, richmond is really close to berea… it’s about a two hour drive from louisville

  5. Rob Lorenz Says:

    We have an artisans center like that not far from where I live in Illinois. Actually, I think they have a few around the state. I am not sure how many artists are represented, but the one near me is much smaller than yours. Still a good place to check out some good work.

  6. artistatexit0 Says:

    Nice to see a pic of Vern and it sounds like your road trip went well.

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