Nunc Est Bibendum…

This latin phrase, nunc est bibendum, is translated as “now, we must drink”. When I mentioned on the blog a while back that I was gonna make some beer glasses, I received a message from my new overseas friend Gianluca. Gianluca is Italian and living in Belgium (many would say the beer capital of the world) which as far as his love of beer goes, is a good place to be located. Anyway, I was planning to send my beer glasses to the show in Chicago and Gianluca seemed so excited about the work that I gave him first dibs before I packed up for the show. I guess we must have an aesthetic bond or maybe even a genetic (Italian) bond because the one he chose was the one I liked the best too. So he recently did a lengthy and flattering review of his latest beer glass acquisition on his blog, The Enamoured Penguin… check it out if you’ve got a hankerin’. The title of the post on his blog is Latin also… “In cervogia veritas” which I assume translates to “in beer is truth”. I can certainly attest to the accuracy of that. Before the beer glass had arrived in Belgium during communication with Gianluca, he had mentioned that certain vessels were shaped in a way as to make the beer’s foam get out of control and end up with a huge head which was a kind of deal breaker with certain kinds of beer and that when he got mine he was going to give it the test drive. This was a bit intimidating because it had never occurred to me that there were potential pouring issues and since this was the first batch I had ever made, I certainly hadn’t given the beer’s foaminess or pouring dynamics any thought. Luckily the glass is similar to a classic pilsner glass shape. So Gianluca was gracious enough to send me some pictures that he didn’t include on his post about his new glass. They actually provide a sequence which starts with merely looking upon the glass, pouring, noticing the full glass, toasting and finally drinking…

Salute Gianluca!


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10 Responses to “Nunc Est Bibendum…”

  1. thecapricorntm Says:

    Too kind my friend, too kind ^_^

    As I told you the issue is that beer is a very nervous brew and goes uppity very easy.

    I’m happy to report that your perfectly crafted and smooth glas allows perfect control of the medium.


  2. John Dorsey Says:

    The last shot, with your mark evident on the bottom of the cup, is very cool! Great post. The cup is a beauty!

  3. meredith@whynot Says:

    Yum- next time a round for all of us!
    Cheers!- the beer glass is perfect!

  4. Skinzilla Says:

    Beautiful glass. Looks reptilian to me.

  5. ron Says:

    Totally cool. It’s wonderful to know that your work is out there doing a good job and being thoroughly appreciated isn’t it? It was neat to see Brandon’s tankard on Gianluca’s site also.

  6. Patricia Griffin Says:


  7. artistatexit0 Says:

    Hey James, When do we get to test drive your beer glasses? This looked like fun!

  8. eugene hon Says:

    Its a design issue – to use Richard Buchanan’s definition, Design needs to be Useful, usable and desirable. These principals are the basis for approaching the design process and its success. There was a stunning article and Ceramic art and perception many years ago about a potter, living in Japan making ceramics for famous Japanese Cuisine Restaurants. The article was written from a makers perspective highlighting the testing of his ware on his wife and children. It made for very interesting reading as the artist was also a great cook and having his food served in his ceramic wares was very exciting to him – he lived a wonderful life and its was manifested in everything they he did, even growing his own vegetables. Care is taken about everything in what he did – it make so much sense. The article was titled, A Potter in Japan written by the potter Euan Craig – absolutely stunning article – a must read for all studio potters. I will copy it and send it to you via email.

  9. Barbara Edwards Says:

    Looks like yours passed the pouring test with flying colors.

  10. kyle Says:

    very cool post…complete with shots of your tumbler in action…in Belgium!

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