He’s Touchin’ His Butt!…

Well, after our first lunch at A-Dong, we headed over to the Pappajohn Sculpture Garden because Mom and Sofia hadn’t been there before. When we arrived they were installing a new Keith Haring sculpture with a big work crew and an even bigger crane. I didn’t think ahead of time that Sofia would enjoy the park as much as she did but while we all watched the installation, she ran up and down the hills and rolled down the hills and didn’t want to leave when it was time to go. We visited each piece and she stood for a picture in front of each one. So first the Haring piece, here’s the pieces lying on pallets…

This next picture shows the crew trying to decide the best way to attach the straps so the crane can lift the piece they’re bolting to the base first. We stood here for quite some time as I’m always interested in the political interaction of groups like this… it beats “survivor, wherever” every time. Before long it became clear that the crew was sharply divided into two groups… sculpture people who knew sculpture and crane people who know how to lift things. Although everyone was well-behaved, I could tell that one guy on the crane crew thought that the sculpture crew was being too pedantic and circumspect about moving the piece into place and especially about keeping it wrapped with felt to avoid scratching the surface. The sculpture guys were extremely careful…

Anyway, it took quite some time to get the first segment into place and we had already traveled the whole park and taken pictures of all the pieces when we got back to the Haring, they had it suspended above it platform trying to nudge it into place. As we walked by with Sofia, I was seconds away from shouting… he’s touchin’ his butt, he’s touchin’ his butt, but decided that maybe it wouldn’t go over so well with the crew although I knew it would go over really well with Sofia. I opted for self-control and merely pointed this out to our group so the crew couldn’t hear but as you can see from this picture, he’s touchin’ his butt, he’s touchin’ his butt…

We came back a couple days later to get the pictures of the finished installation…

Ig had brought his new camera and took lots and lots of pictures which I have copies of and I’m trying not to post too many of them but he took hundreds of them and his camera has one of those rapid fire features that takes several in a row which always promises to get un-posed shots that can be very good. Here’s the bug wandering…

As we went from piece to piece I must say that some of the sculptures were a bit vicious on this particular day and I became the victim of some rare outdoor sculpture bites, notice that the bug is so used to her dad that she’s relatively unfazed by my actions even though they are for her benefit. I’ve been trying to make her laugh for 5 years and I’ve already used up all my material, pretty soon I will be met with only “oh dad” because what had one time made her laugh will soon only make her embarrassed, well c’est la vie…

Damn that rabbit…

And finally I got bit by a bug, Mom is pixelated because she doesn’t want me posting pictures of her on the blog without a senate hearing…

Much of the time that we spent on the hill overlooking the installation, Sofia rolled down the hill and I really do have about 100 picture of this that Ig took. Anyway, I had to include a couple because it’s amazing to me to watch her unlimited energy and how much fun she was having…

And after a long day’s work, she headed home…

And of course no Iowa post would be complete without some more eye candy for the potter…


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14 Responses to “He’s Touchin’ His Butt!…”

  1. ron Says:

    Wow that’s an amazing post! I love Keith Haring. Great to see you all out having so much fun! And of course those pots make me drool on my keyboard.

  2. Judy Shreve Says:

    I love this post — what fun for Sofia — and all of you to see that installation! Sofia really enjoys life – what a blessing to be around. And those ancient pots are drool worthy.

  3. Andrew Douglas Says:

    Great post. That Haring sculpture about sums up my three dance moves. And those pointy teeth… wouldn’t want to be there at night.

  4. thecapricorntm Says:

    Admit it Mate.

    Whatever you’ll do in life it will never be as beatiful as Sofia wandering in the grass 🙂

    She’s a gem.

  5. Zygote Says:

    It even looks like an Iowa sky…. sniff sniff…. I miss home.

  6. Connie Says:

    Looks like a very cool day!! Fun!

  7. Jennifer Says:

    What a great time! I wish I knew you were in Des Moines; Jeff and I would have loved to met Mom and the Bug! The scuplture garden is the back ground for the Des Moines Art Fest in June. http://www.desmoinesartsfestival.org/ Please come up again and let us know when your in town.

  8. Tracey Says:

    Is she really that tall?! When did that happen? Love the Keith Haring, I’ll have to show this to Wes, she will be envious

  9. meredith@whynot Says:

    Your job is to embarrass her!
    And I think you are doing a bang up job!
    Love the pots to drool over.

  10. ang Says:

    brilliant stuff jim!! love the rabbit…love the teeth..love the butt joke!

  11. jim Says:

    hi linda, just pasted them together in photoshop

  12. Patricia Griffin Says:

    Fun times!

  13. Skinzilla Says:

    Happy family.

  14. eugene hon Says:

    I love those wooden ceramic stands for the pots especially the one’s of your friends. They are so special and as supports for amazing ceramics, they make the ceramic statements that much more special. We have a few in our home even for very big ceramic pots and I always try and see if I can find them in second hand stores. I also like the Barry Flanagan rabbit in the park – his work is so incredible.

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