The Upward Mulberry…

Every now and then I find myself discovering ancient yoga poses that I guess have been discarded or simply forgotten over the ages. Since they are virtually unknown I feel they should be named so that they can easily be referred to by other yoga enthusiasts… like “downward facing dog” or “posture to the infinite”. I’ve settled on “upward mulberry” for this new one and since the ancient names all have a “sana” on the end, it may have been referred to in ancient times as “mulberrysana”. So yesterday, which thankfully was not a holiday, was a dad and bug day and like the day before that, which was also not a holiday, on our morning walk with the dog, we came upon a mulberry tree that was so jam-packed with berries it was really hard to believe. Well, Sofia being the fruit bat that she is saw nature’s bounty in the form of a large, wet, sticky, purple berry slick under a crazily loaded tree and she wanted some berries to eat. So here’s the pose… try it some time if you get a hankerin’. First you’ll need a severe case of plantar fasciitis, a 40 lb. dog that is 100% muscle and doesn’t behave well and a retractable leash… now before you can object, I realize that they didn’t have retractable leashes in ancient times (probably no PF either) but they also didn’t have space age styrofoam mats and “yoga blocks” either. So here goes… stand under a mulberry tree (preferably in about 1/4 inch of slippery rotten mulberries) and extend up on your tiptoes, with the leash in your left hand reach that left hand straight above your head and grasp a low hanging branch. The tricky part here is while you’re pulling down on the branch, the dog is pulling sideways with all her might which can knock you off balance if you’re new to the pose. Now with the right hand, extend it even higher than the left by pivoting your shoulders and gently harvest all the ripe mulberries on the branch… hold for 9 breaths. The difficulty lies in maintaining your balance (remember to breathe) and the beginner will inevitably be very close to a successful harvesting when a slight dog pull will shake the branch and very ripe mulberries will drop all at once bouncing off of your forehead and chest, leaving big purple blotches. Your reward might be something like this…

Here’s some holiday eye candy from my good friend Ig…


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9 Responses to “The Upward Mulberry…”

  1. Gordo Says:

    I really must stop reading your posts with a mouthful of coffee, Jim. The mental image of the upward mulberry should keep me entertained all day. 🙂

  2. Zygote Says:

    Mmmmmmmmm. Mulberry blotches…..

  3. Patricia Griffin Says:

    awww, I still grimace in sympathy pain when I read about your poor feet. Mine ache a little this morning but nothing like what you’ve gone through (going through)… Pain be damn, the mulberries are worth the trials/tribulations of the harvest!

  4. Eugene Hon Says:

    This story, although brilliantly told, would make a very funny home-video. I think it’s time you purchase a video camera, post the clip on your blog, through to Facebook and Youtube. Really funny indeed – most entertaining. Love the ceramics

  5. cindy shake Says:

    yoga poses should be officially named ONLY by you :o) not only would we remember them, more people would probably practice!

  6. meredith Says:

    you and the bug know how to have fun!

  7. Michael Says:

    Upward mulberry should probably follow some “sitdogsana.”

  8. medrecgal Says:

    That would be hilarious. Looks like Sofia got her share of the mulberries…
    can’t say as I’ve ever had the chance to try one. (Though I will be the first to admit I miss the raspberries that used to grow wild at the old house, so I’m guessing I’d probably like mulberries too.) And I’m totally loving that aqua blue vase….very nice. The white and blue is pretty, too.

  9. Skinzilla Says:

    maybe start Sofia on taking pictures

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