Dog Days Are Upon Us…

Well, according to the weathermen (and we all know how accurate they are), the heat index yesterday and today was and will be 100+. I have to say that it sure felt like it yesterday and we had enough foresight to take the dog for a walk when I got up this morning. The bug took her scooter and is becoming very good with it… while coasting she raises the free foot up onto her opposite knee into the yoga “tree” pose. She told me that it was called yoga scooterin’. We also saw a squirrel and a bird in a tree battling for a piece of white bread. I asked if she thought they had a squirrel toaster and that they lived together and were having breakfast. By the time we had gotten another 200 yards away, she had the squirrel and the bird having a baby and was adamant that the baby wouldn’t be a squirrel with wings but most definitely a bird with fur and a squirrel’s tail. I’m thinking we might have to seek shelter in an air conditioned tavern this afternoon and watch a soccer game between two countries that are not the US, which in a way will be kinda like watching the olympics. Speaking of beer, here’s the beer glasses so far…

Moved on later last weeks to cups/mugs and hope to continue all next week with that. I have a whole bunch of handles wrapped up and that I hope aren’t drying out over the weekend. Anyway, the hottest place in the house is in front of this computer so I’m outta here.


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7 Responses to “Dog Days Are Upon Us…”

  1. ang Says:

    cool stuff, i love seeing racks of work….it’s rather cozy in here tonight too.. by the fire!!!

  2. Eleanor Says:

    I love the look of all those cups waiting for their colourful clothes.

  3. Melanie Says:

    I recommend the match between Germany and Australia in about an hour đŸ˜‰ I’ll be watching! And cheering for the Germans!

  4. meredith@whynot Says:

    what no tater tots!
    If the bug draws out this combo I would love to see it.
    And if we are starting the dog days now, which usually come in August, then will fall be here soon?
    Pots look great and are piling up!

  5. cindy shake Says:

    Sounds like a good time for popcicles!

  6. Eugene Hon Says:

    Great you are all sweating in the heat, spare a thought for those watching the soccer in Johannesburg (world cup), its is freezing out there in the stands, during the day when the sun shines it is misleadingly warm, especially for those embarking on an early journey to the stadiums (only a jacket at hand). Well as the sun begins to set, at this altitude, not many houses, buildings and workplaces have double glazing, the cold sets in. The impending freeze would have been very obvious if you stood in the shade during the midday sun. Believe me when I say, that jacket it not nearly enough, you need much more protection against the very dry freezing air of the highvelt (Johannesburg). Most people will wear gloves only their eyes exposed – hopefully the excitement of the game and the sound of the vuvuzela kept those warm, caught-up in the support of their teams performance.

  7. cynthia Says:

    So all the cool kids are watching soccer now-a-days?
    I sort of like Sophia’s thinking – a bird with fur and a tail – I can actually picture it. Wait – I seem to have a lot in common with Sophia – I like wine goblet flip flops, pipe cleaner accessories and the notion of birds with fur. ;D

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