What Can I Say?, I’ve Been Uni-Tasking…

I’m not sure why but three whole days without blogging has made me feel a bit guilty… a strange phenomenon for sure but something’s got to give. Although I feel a bit guilty, it’s just a bit and not a whole lot. I’ve noticed a strange and obvious correlation about this lack of frequency and it’s that this lack coincides with getting more work done… who’d a thunk it? My day is filled from the time I get up until I hit the hay (just like everyone’s) but every time I add another “task” to the daily routine, the day becomes more harried and each task is allowed less time, unless of course, I sleep less. So the curmudge in me is quite pleased (I take my vindication where I can get it) at the mounting evidence that multitasking leads to the inability to do any one task well and eventually leads to the inability to multitask… link here. It seems obvious but I remember a decade or so ago hearing about a generation of whiz kids that go to their rooms at night at their computer and listen to music, instant message friends, do their homework, surf the web and code html all at the same time and that their brains were evolving… leaving us old dudes in the dust. Of course this was always a bunch of horseshite and it doesn’t take a new generation multitasker or a rocket scientist to figure it out. When I sit across from a person in a restaurant and they are texting their friends with their phone under the table, it seems obvious to me that they are not giving their full attention to either me or the people they’re texting. It always leaves me with this morbid curiosity of how much they can possibly accomplish in life when every activity they engage in is only allowed a fraction of their attention. If you get a hankerin’, take this test to see if your focus suffers from multitasker’s distraction. Don’t get me wrong, I can multi-task… even when I was a kid, I could chew gum and walk and in retrospect I wasn’t all that good at that because to this day if I chew gum, I inevitably bite the inside of my cheek which produces a painful reminder for 11 days and that’s why I don’t chew gum anymore so maybe that’s not a good example. I can talk while driving, swat mosquitoes while eating on the porch, snore while sleeping, drink beer while peeing, pat my head while rubbing my stomach… the list goes on but I really can’t claim that while I pee and drink beer simultaneously, that I’m giving my full attention or enjoying either to the maximum potential. So anyway my point before I went down this path was that I’ve started working in the studio when I rise instead of blogging so that I actually can get some work done before lunch and then I don’t feel so bad about taking a bike ride around 5 or 6. I’m not sure how long I will sustain this but I’m gonna try to do it until it’s too cold to ride. Additionally, we’ve had an early spate of very hot humid weather and the hottest place in the house is the “nook” where this computer sits. I usually try to wait it out and for a couple years we’ve been lucky that after a couple unbearable days, we get some relief but this little patch of heat is soon to be followed by even hotter weather going up to 96 and 97 by the weekend. This has led me to do something that I’ve not done since 3 summers ago before I tore the back of my house off to expand my studio… I turned the damn AC on. I don’t usually tell people because I get this look like I’m an insane hard core… something, but when I purchased this house in 1990 it had no AC and I never got it until 2000 so it’s not that uncommon for me. So anyway, I’ve been deeply involved in uni-tasking lately and Sofia and I have been busily and happily working away for a couple days. Here’s the bug and her pots…

I’ve switched from beer glasses to mugs. I’m always tuned into the fact that just about when I get the hang of a certain form from the repetition of a couple consecutive days, that that’s when I decide to move on to another form. Greenware…

On another front, I found another great picture of my undergrad ceramics instructor, Fred Shepard…


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12 Responses to “What Can I Say?, I’ve Been Uni-Tasking…”

  1. Zygote Says:

    I tried the drinking while peeing thing just the other day after one of your posts and I noticed that what I was drinking at the time made a huge difference I how I measured success. I could complete the task at hand while drinking KoolAid, but drinking beer and peeing… man I felt like an efficiency expert!

    Mug time? Show us how you handles again!

  2. Gordo Says:

    Blogging is a weird best. If you’re not careful, it can become work and that’s no fun.

  3. thecapricorntm Says:

    I love the Mug form Jim.

    One warning though, I cannot see if the mug is smooth on the inside, but if it is as curvy as the outside, you’ll risk the same issue I describedon my blog on the Mug I bought.

  4. Judy Shreve Says:

    I hate when I feel pressured to blog — I’ll have a million things going on & having to add blogging to that list – some days does make me crazy – but it’s not just posting something new on my blog – it’s reading everyone else’s blogs & commenting too. Then there’s face book –

    I find the computer is a big time waster — but I can’t seem to give it up — congrats that you’ve started riding your bike & working more in your studio — that’s inspiration. And I love your mugs! And the bug’s mugs too!

  5. Michael Says:

    I did the test, and apparently I am a good multi-tasker. Mary – the queen of multi-tasking – had significant trouble even taking the test. Interesting test.

  6. Charles G Hughes II Says:

    I don’t know Jim, I make about 50-100 pots a week and still blog and facebook throughout the day.

  7. Lyn Says:

    I did the test as well and I too am supposed to be a good multi-tasker – still a surprise as I certainly don’t seem to pull it all together.
    Your little bug makes for great reading and she is following in her Dad’s footsteps!

  8. ang Says:

    gorgeous mugs jim…..sometimes we all need a break and a change…enjoy

  9. meredith@whynot Says:

    I notice from time to time we all need a break.
    I think I will take one today when the daughter and her family come to visit us in NC!
    I ,like you, need to move from form to form- if its not fun then why are we here?

  10. Jen Says:

    Hey Jim! Right back at cha’ with that post. I have to admit I was starting to feel a tad bit quilty and went to take the test, but it wouldn’t come up on my computer.
    Here is a question for you. What do you do with all those little things THE BUG makes? Do you ship them with stuff to folks or do you have them hanging around everywhere?

    Take care..you and bug enjoy the summer! Jen

    • jim Says:

      hi jen, sofia loves to go get her tiles when i’m packing up a box, wrap it in bubble wrap and put it in the bottom of the box… of course we’ve got tons of them in the studio green and some bisqued too.

  11. nadie Says:

    I love my Sofia tile. It looks like a swiss cheese cookie.

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