Using Bats Correctly?…

I went over to my friend Ray’s on Friday night and it turns out that he lives across the street from and ex-employee of a here unmentioned bat company. These are not the bats that we potters throw on, they’re for slugging. Anyway, apparently the company, after lathing the blank into a bat finds tiny flaws and this makes the bat not sell-able and they give this guy palettes full of bats… to use for firewood in his fireplace. I guess it had never occurred to me how much waste is involved just to make these and it was a bit disconcerting to imagine all that beautiful ash being discarded. But when I think of all the beautiful flawless hardwood veneers used in the casket industry that are displayed during the wake for a couple hours and then buried in the ground to rot, it seems a tossup as to which is more deplorable. I can still hear the casket salesman in the showroom after I picked an inexpensive model so my Mom’s insurance would be able to cover the expenses…”but it’s your dad”. OK, nevermind that tangent, so Ray says, you want some bats? I’ve got tons of them and the little ones too that are used for promotional purposes. So I thought, yep, this is the kind of thing Sofia would enjoy. So yesterday morning as we got in the car to go to Tommy’s, the bug noticed bats in the car and since she only has a vague idea of what baseball is, was very curious as to what she could do with them. So at Tommy’s she painted stripes around one with magic markers and when we got home she wanted to paint them. So here she is at kitchen table painting her bat and then posing with her painted bat collection…

Here’s the obligatory Bug Ruth pose…

And of course the best part of all that painting is getting the paint all over you…

A byproduct of painting bats is a nice little painting…

And last week, I stopped to get some drawing paper for Sofia and they had this gimmicky pad where the sheets of paper are long and narrow… for “comics”. Like we can’t cut a piece of paper… but I got one nevertheless and thought it would be good for collaborative drawings with dad and the bug. Here’s the first one…

As long as I’m on the 2 dimensional bent here, I took this picture a couple days ago of some mugs drying…

Anyway, I was looking at it and started thinking if I ever needed a new chopmark (logo, whatever), this might make a good one, so on to tracing…

And here’s one with the new chopmark in the corner (of course, if I was gonna actually use it, I would clean it up a little and get everything symmetrical… you know in an anal retentive kinda way)…


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10 Responses to “Using Bats Correctly?…”

  1. Gord Says:

    Man, I never thought of the waste involved in bat-making either. That’s as depressing as finding out that golf tees are made from whole birch trees instead of the off-cuts that I had envisioned.

    Is it me or is Sofia getting taller? 🙂

  2. Zygote Says:

    Now you’ve gone all “batty”…
    The idea for a new chop is pretty darn cool, but I know a lot of us would miss the watermarked lotus on the bottoms.

  3. ron Says:

    Just too much fun stuff happening over there! Very cool. Love the drawings and the idea for the chop is great, nice way of ‘seeing’.

  4. soubriquet Says:

    Whoo! Batfired kiln…. Stair-spindles, bat-legged chairs, bat-tables, what a great resource.
    In my case, bat pot-smashers!

  5. ang Says:

    you anal ret??? hehehe i actually thought you were speaking if the handles alone thats a rather nice stamp form…

  6. cynthia Says:

    I was expecting a post on pottery bats – not bat bats… ;D I’m in the market for the former.

    Love the thought process of the potential new chop!

  7. Eugene Hon Says:

    I like the new stamp allot. It is very designer based, however the concept is very much rooted within the pottery tradition. Very creative and innovative move on your part, most people would never even have noticed it. Fine Artists are always that much better at creative and lateral thinking. We always seem to see the bigger picture, part of our conceptual development training; the training methodology in developing new ideas I guess – bloody marvelous indeed.

  8. Keith Says:

    Ha! I thought the same thing, a bat fired kiln. What I wouldn’t give for gobs of wooden bats, looks like the size for stoking.

  9. Julie Says:

    Lately I’ve been questioning the necessity of a stamp/chop/signature.

  10. Hand, Feet And Velvets… « Sofia’s Dad’s Pots Says:

    […] By jim A couple weeks ago I was at my friend Ray’s (remember he gave me all the baseball bats that Sofia painted) and while he was giving me stuff, trying to get rid of stuff as he said, he asked… you want […]

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