Hannamuntana Paper Shoes…

Sometimes it just gets so hot that you have to figure out what to do in the house. A very hot weekend here with dog walks at 8:00 am to get done before the temp goes up. Even with the early walk, Dingus was panting like crazy halfway through. Sofia and I got into a conversation on Saturday where she asked, “can they make shoes out of wood?” and I said yes. Then, “can they make shoes out of metal?” and I said yes but I don’t think anyone does. This took us down a tangent about welding and how to attach metal to metal. Eventually, whether or not you can make shoes out of paper came up and that’s when we realized our indoor activity. So here they are, Sofia’s paper shoes – size 11…

And here they are being modeled. After this we moved on to paper watches and arm bands…

Of course the funny thing to me was that on Saturday we visited Sofia’s friend Natalie who’s in town from Florida and Sofia was prancing around the house with this long platinum blond wig. That evening she asked me if I knew who she was when she had the wig on and I said I didn’t and asked who and she sheepishly said I can’t tell you (the back story for this reluctance is explained in detail in the crappy face post from months back). This led me to think that it was gonna be one of the crappy faces (I don’t know the modern ones’ names, just snow wh1te and c1nderella). So she says, I’ll tell Mom and she can tell you. So I went downstairs (we were putting her to bed) and Mom went up, then Mom came down and sat next to me on the couch and Sofia came to the landing on the stairs where she could glimpse us sitting next to each other and Mom said that Sofia was being Hannah M0ntana with the wig on. I immediately said, Hannah M0ntana! with mock surprise and she got a big kick out of that. I was relieved later to find out that she has no idea who this is and was only saying it because either her friends or cousins say it. But anyway, the funny thing to me is that she says it like it’s all one word and it’s not M0ntana but muntana. So when it was time to make the paper shoes, I told her we were gonna make Hannamuntana shoes and she insisted that I write that on the inside of them… and size 11 of course. Mom brought home a hairnet that she had explained to her was to keep hair from getting in peoples’ guts during and operation and we all had to try that on…

And the obligatory butterfly net look…

And of course, here’s dad with the hairnet (and the reading glasses that Dingus got hold of)…


18 Responses to “Hannamuntana Paper Shoes…”

  1. Gordo Says:

    You have the coolest weekends, Jim. I got to work on organizing the garage. šŸ™‚

  2. ron Says:

    I love those shoes! I don’t know about the hair net look for you though. I think I like the mortarboard better. Have a good Monday.

  3. Dawn Says:

    Love the shoes………….back when I was a total shoe horse, I did have a paor of metal shoes. Like a screen/mesh. I might have saved those – I thought they were so cool.

  4. Judy Shreve Says:

    Cool shoes — love they way they are decorated – inside & out. Why didn’t she want to make them out of clay? The hairnet is so very attractive!

  5. meredith@whynot Says:

    just hug that girl for me!
    Just what I needed right now was a girl with paper shows and a great dad!
    Love it!

  6. meredith@whynot Says:

    Paper shoes! Shoes- and I was just reprimanded by word press! Now that is funny!

  7. Eugene Hon Says:

    Love the paper shoes. I teach creative thinking as and introduction to design to first year jewellery design students at the university during the first semester. One of the projects was to create in paper and or cardboard a necklace, or rather a garland and or wreath. They had to be based on african headrests and the design would be placed round tourists necks to celebrate the dream holiday, Hearest are dream machines, as indigenous cultures designed them as headrests in all shapes and sizes. They were made out of wood, as neck supports; they provided support whilst sleeping on the floor. The results were breathtaking – there are numerous design products made out of paper even jewellery. Sofia’s shoes are beautifully crafted and shaped to accommodate her feet. Marvelous designs and truly green.

  8. Miri Says:

    That girl is so wonderfully creative and entertaining. Thanks for sharing. And thanks for your comment. Yep, took it slow today. Just 6 2-pounders for now. Indeed, the 20 pounders will have to wait… šŸ˜‰

  9. jen Says:

    Well, a girl after my own heart! If you read Connie Normans interview with me, you’ll recall I started out making paper shoes as a little girls. ( I was inspired by the Sonny and Cher show so Sofia is in a better place not having to deal with that heel!)
    Those are great Jim!

  10. medrecgal Says:

    Thanks for the chuckle! Never did the paper shoes thing, but I had a few of those hairnets growing up for when I used to dress like a surgeon for Halloween… I always did enjoy your sense of humor; apparently it got passed on, and she’s so cute, besides!

  11. Patricia Griffin Says:

    This may be inspiration for a new trend in footwear. Love the interior deco! I really like this “fashion post” Jim. Time for Project Runway!

  12. ang Says:

    mmmm stunning hair caps for all…diggin the individual shoes v stylish..

  13. nadie Says:

    hahahahahahahahaha. I want to be a cobbler too, for real man!

  14. The Potter's Wife Says:

    Fabulous shoes, I think we’ll have to make a pair as well, size 11 too:)

  15. Peter Says:

    Hi Jim,
    Thanks for your comments on my site, always much appreciated. Sorry that you’ve not had much from me lately, the old brain is rather overloaded at the moment, and not getting around to all that it should. Busy firing another crystal glaze firing as I write. It is a back to back desperation firing with a group show exhibition looming at the weekend!! I was getting near the end of a firing at this time last night, and we are 2 hours into the current one.

    Found the information you posted about how you make your handles really interesting and helpful. With the clay I use for wood firing, I have been pulling handles off the mug (if you know what I mean!!), but the porcelain like body I use for crystal glazes is very sensitive to how things are attached to it, and I think it may well work the way you do things (so I’ll give it a try!). Must dash and check the kiln. Best Wishes to you all. Love the shoes!

  16. cynthia Says:

    I ā™„ Sofia’s shoe creations – I might be her #1 fan (non-familial)! When I was a teen, I had a paper jacket – made out of tyvek-like post office envelope material.

    My now teenager daughter has a “Hannamuntana” sleeping bag that embarrasses the heck out of her when friend’s visit. She’d like to dispose of it, but we keep it around for her sleepover guests who forget their bag. šŸ˜€

    When I was a kid, I had all the barbies, but often abandoned them to make my own paper dolls which were way more cool.

  17. Hannah Says:

    Those shoes are just fabulous. What a wee star she is. She might like these fairy shoes that a friend of mine makes:

    Elfin Shoe 2

    Have a see what you think.

  18. Spinning Earth Says:

    kindred kidstuff : )
    My first little bug called Barbie “Barbie-Q” dolls. It’s great when we can keep them so busy with their creative endeavors that this mainstream consumer stuff flies over their radar!

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