Pottery Making Illustrated Article…

I’m happy to report that the article I submitted to Pottery Making Illustrated has been published in this July/August issue. I wanted to post about it earlier but it wasn’t out yet in the bookstore on Monday (I’m sure you’re all hurrying out to get it if you don’t subscribe). Yesterday I received a couple comments on FB by people who have read it so the subscribers have gotten it by now or maybe they picked it up at the bookstore. Anyway… I’m officially published! Actually, years ago I imagined myself a crossword puzzle constructor and had one of my first big crossword puzzles published in “Louisville Magazine” and they paid me but I spent 40+ hours constructing the puzzle and I got $100.00, I think, which works out to about 2.50/hour. Hey, I thought that was a pittance at the time but with the bowl in the article and accounting for inflation I might have been better off financially to go ahead with the crossword thing. But making pots is 100 times more fun and satisfying than making crossword puzzles. Beside that, I ended up sending the puzzle to Mel Rosen, a veritable crossword legend, to critique and he marked it all up, sent it back and graciously let me know that he would never have published it. Anyway, I’m pretty excited about this article… it explains my process more thoroughly than I’ve yet to do on this blog, mostly because I haven’t had the step-by-step pictures that took a couple months to take because the piece accompanied an entire cycle. So, if you’re out at the bookstore and you get a hankerin’ and you see this cover with Bowie Croisant‘s piece…

give it a look or better yet purchase it. I’ve permanently added the link to a .pdf version to the sidebar here

and of course here’s the first page and it links to the .pdf also…

If you’re new to the blog and have come because you’ve read the article, welcome and please look around… there’s plenty of silliness and if you scroll down the sidebar a bit, there are links to some popular posts from the past year or so. In other news, we woke to a edenic 63 degrees this morning and after the past couple weeks’ sweltering heat, it’s a dreamy relief. Good working weather but also good everything else weather. We had this idea last night that we would travel to another state (Indiana) and drive about 40 minutes to the nearest drive-in theater. We were concerned that if the movie started at dark thirty that Sofia wouldn’t stay awake but decided that she would be so excited laying on the top of the car in a sleeping bag that it wouldn’t matter. We got pretty much ready and decided to call them to get a definitive time that the movie started and when I called up the website, it turns out that the movie not for children was playing first and the “T0y St0ry” movie wasn’t gonna start till 11:45… what? I tried to figure the reason for this and all I could come up with was that they get more teens and younger people during the week and people who have to go to work in the morning take their kids on Friday night (the movies’ order was switched then). So live and learn but the bug was disappointed and maybe we’ll take her to a matinee today.


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25 Responses to “Pottery Making Illustrated Article…”

  1. Miri Says:

    Congrats Jim! Looking forward to reading the article once I get my issue of PMI (always takes a bit longer to reach us here in the territories…). How exciting! 🙂

  2. Ignatius Says:


  3. cynthia Says:

    Congrats on the article! Been thinking about resubscribing…

  4. dan Says:

    Well done, Jim! Funny how a photo of our work in print adds luster to what we do..

  5. Dawn Says:

    How COOL is That!!??

  6. meredith@whynot Says:

    Great article!
    A really good read and well written.

  7. Dennis Allen Says:

    Congrats, on the publication, Read it, understood it, enjoyed it.

  8. Michael Says:

    Congrats on the article, Jim. Nice job.

  9. ang Says:

    noice one…..a must read later on tonight!!

  10. Tracey Says:

    Congrats on being published, must feel pretty good! I picked up a Ceramics Monthly today at the bookstore but the Pottery Illustrated was an old one, no new ones were out 😦 I’ll have to check back I guess.

  11. John Bauman Says:

    Got my magazine yesterday. The article looks great! The naked picture was a shock.

    Oh, wait.

    Wrong magazine.

    The POTTERY article was great! Congratulations!

  12. kyle Says:

    A big CONGRATS on the article…its nice to be back on the blog writing and reading again…I enjoyed catching up with your goings on……oh yeah, Jim Connell will be teaching up here in CHQ in a couple weeks….cool.

  13. Meagan Says:

    Congratulations on the article!! Very exciting.

  14. Zygote Says:

    That is so COOL! Great job Jim!
    I’m going out to find a copy today and sit down with a cigar and a scotch and give it a read…

  15. ron Says:

    Way to go man! I’ll pick up a copy when I’m at the clay store next time. Have a good weekend/4th!

  16. Eugene Hon Says:

    Fantastic, well written and well photo-ducumented account of your working method. Well deserved exposure for your work- long overdue. You should maybe consider adapting the article with more images of your work in progress etc. for Ceramics Art and Perception.Two approaches/issues are available; the one technical and the other more conceptual. You write so well and they pay you for the article and or you could choose the option of subscription for a number of issues. Always important to publish – state your claim amongst your piers for the pioneering work you create.

  17. Patricia Griffin Says:

    Outstanding! I got my issue yesterday and was soooo excited. Told my husband: “Look, look, I know this guy! He’s one of the bloggers!” It was all-the-more-cool because it was a surprise. Hadn’t read about it yet on your blog. What a treat! Bravo!

  18. varda Says:

    I am waiting to get my issue too, it takes a bit longer than in the USA, but as it already looks from knowing your blog, it must be very good article. congratulations!!

  19. peter Says:

    There are some successes that really warm the heart and put a smile on my face, and this is one of them. I am so pleased to read that you have been published, and I look forward to reading the article when it finally swims the ocean to NZ. Congratulations!

  20. Salamandra Says:

    Congratulations! We used to go to the drive-in as kids in our pajamas. I never got to see THe Oblong Box because it was the last one and I was asleep by then. I STILL haven’t seen it! Darn!

  21. Judy Shreve Says:

    Congrats on the article. It is very well written! I saw it when I was at my clay supplier picking up some clay. I had to wait — long line & was able to read it then. Good job!

  22. Cindy Gilliland (DirtKicker Pottery) Says:

    I just finished the article. Amazing work Jim.
    🙂 Cindy

  23. Connie Says:

    Hi Jim
    I finally found time to read your article. You really did a nice job explaining your process. I’ve been trying to figure out how you get the black slip on there for some time. Congratulations!! I’m sure many more publications are in your future!!!!

  24. pru morrison Says:

    Hey Jim. thats a really great article, as my old aunt would say, ‘first class old mate’

  25. Keith Says:

    Congrats Jim! I saw it when I got my copy and have been meaning to pop over here to say how much I enjoyed the article. Well done!

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