I Finally Got The Axe…

Well, technically it’s a cleaver… well, not even technically… it’s a cleaver and a dual-purpose (not multi-task, dual purpose) one at that…

A good friend of mine brought this over and wanted to know if I wanted it and although the only thing I could think of that it could be used for is for Sofia to texture her clay with the meat tenderizer part. But it’s difficult to get rid of things like this. Apparently my friend’s grandfather made this cleaver/tenderizer. If you’re a woodworker or a vintage tool person, you’ll recognize the beautiful heavy and heavy duty steel that the blade is made from because you can’t get it anymore. When I was in school we used to look for chisels made from this kind of steel. Anyway it’s really got some heft and I asked my friend what he thought I might use it for and he said, you could hack a small piece of clay off of a block and I said I already used a wire for that. He mockingly scoffed and said, well, if you want to cut your clay in that milquetoast way… and I do. So, milquetoasty wire cuts it is. Here’s the bug with her “careful with that axe, Eugene” pose…

I’m happy to report that although my bees died last winter and I hadn’t even seen a honeybee in the flowers up through May, this purple flower that I can’t recall the name of is a real bee magnet and there has consistently been 3 or 4 at a time harvesting on it all day…

In other news, Sofia got a mysterious package in the mail from Grandma and lo an behold it was a ratty old skirt that I can’t imagine my mom wearing but she correctly ascertained that instead of throwing it away, Sofia would enjoy playing dress-up with it. I couldn’t get it off of her for the first couple days that she had it…

Of course the best thing about the skirt is its twirling capabilities… it’s all about twirling. Here’s the whirling dervish, I particularly like the last shot because it reminds me of those Degas paintings with everything just a bit out of focus (check out the Foo dog posing in the background)…

So the heat is creeping back up and some Louisville potters were having their annual sale a couple miles from my house but my car stranded me the previous evening at the brewpub (if you’re gonna get stranded, the brewpub is optimal). Consequently I decided to take Sofia on my road bike with her riding sideways ” ‘cross withers” so to speak. It was difficult to start but once we got going it was fine. Anyway, the bug was quite the connoisseur at the pot sale insisting on looking at the bottoms of every pot and calling me over to appreciate a color or surface. I wanted to get her something she could add to her little collection and she was torn between a clay whistle that was shaped like an animal made by my pal, Wayne, who played “My ‘Ol Kentucky Home” and “Louie, Louie” on his to demonstrate and this…

A good friend of mine in Iowa, Mark (I previously mentioned yourgardenshow.com, where he works before and apparently you can start a GLOG [garden log, as opposed to weBLOG] there which sounds pretty cool if your an avid gardener) , sent me this picture of a teapot of mine that he has and I had all but forgotten. I thought I’d post it because I had been posting funky handled cups lately…

I think I have enough cups for now and will be moving on next week to something else… bowls or vases. Here’s a bunch…

And finally, thanks to all the well wishes and congratulatory comments on the Pottery Making Illustrated article.


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11 Responses to “I Finally Got The Axe…”

  1. Tracey Says:

    A girl has got to twirl! You know I don’t think I would make that child mad if I were you, she might come sneaking in to your room late at night with her new “tool” !!

  2. Gordo Says:

    Who CARES what you use it for, that’s a must-have cleaver! 😀 Hang it on a hook in the kitchen to keep guests in line.

    Glad to hear you’ve got bees in the ‘hood. They seem to be one of things that you really only notice once they’re gone and you’re looking for them.

  3. Patricia Griffin Says:

    Watch out! Tiny ballerina with cleaver! Awesome… I like that teapot.

  4. Eugene Hon Says:

    God I don’t want that product near my home, for fear that I might fall prey to my name sake’s pose with that in hand – here in this crime ridden city of ours. The one image does remind me of the Degas painting and his sculpture – really spectacular. The teapot especially the handle is very innovative and creative. The spout also relates well to the handle and complements the overall form and shape well. Nice work indeed. Spare a thought for us down south – it is freezing here in Johannesburg, has been for the passed four weeks now.

  5. soubriquet Says:

    Hey, nice chopper!
    Firewood splitting.
    Kiln timber splitting.
    Call an ambulance, quick!

    My father had a HUGE scar on his leg from when he was a kid…after splitting the log, the axe carried on until his tibia stopped it.

    Great pics, as ever. She scares me, with her pose!

    and I like that teapot, looks like patinated bronze.

  6. Judy Shreve Says:

    Love those twirling pics! What a great skirt! I’d like to go dancing in it! Grandmas know just what to send . . .

  7. ang Says:

    well where do you go after posting an axe?? whirling dervish …perfect, segway onto funky teapot handles!!

  8. Mike Says:

    That looks like a perfect cleaver for chopping BBQ. The heavier the better!

  9. M@ Says:

    MY LEG!!!!

  10. Angelique Says:

    C’est beau, votre fille.

  11. julie nielsen Says:

    thanks for sharing. yer pots. yer technique. yer daughter’s pictures, photo and art. would love to have heard the ramble song. yer new friend, julie

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