Time Marches On, Club 53…

July starts Club 53 and last night was the first meeting. Al, the oldest of us was the first to turn. Here he is at the outset of our evening…

It was a hot one yesterday and I went ahead and got a bike ride in before heading out. When Ray and I showed up at the tavern, Al and Jeff were at a table outside. Apparently all the tables inside were taken so we baked for a while. Later on a light breeze blew and it got a bit more tolerable. Here’s the “after” picture of the birthday boy…

In other news, we finally got the last of the “non-insulated” windows replaced. There is a bank of 3 windows in both upstairs rooms that I’ve been putting plastic over for the last 8 or 9 years waiting to finish up having all the windows in the house replaced. The double paned windows that were there were replaced with these single pane ones…

I was sold on the way these windows open… I was told that because they tilt in at a hangle that the autumn and spring breezes would blow up the roof line and continue right up into the house creating a veritable Shangri La in the upstairs of the house. I simply cannot wait until fall, here’s one opened. Sorry for the picture but with the morning back light it was difficult to see the bug…

Finally, here’s the result of my first test of the hydro-abrasion using acrylic gel medium…

During the couple month push to get ready for the Chicago show last winter, while stuck upstairs breathing denatured alcohol and shellac all day every day, I had complained on this blog about not feeling so well and Kristen Kieffer suggested maybe using acrylic gel medium instead (don’t get me wrong, I was using a mask most of the time but the limited ventilation due to it being very cold outside was a big factor). Anyway, as I replied to Kristen at the time, I had tried the acrylic medium before the shellac and was not satisfied with the results but I hadn’t really tried it tried it so I’m gonna give it another chance. On this first one, it did what I remembered which was that the resist didn’t hold up as well as the shellac and started to dissolve quickly compared to the shellac but I’m gonna try different levels of watery-ness and see if any of them are any better. More on this later.


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11 Responses to “Time Marches On, Club 53…”

  1. Brian Says:

    Golden makes several consistencies of gel medium that might work. Also, acrylic needs to actually cure, so waiting longer after it’s dry might work better. Maybe test it on a paper plate or something to see how long it takes to harden properly? After it’s cured, I don’t think it should dissolve much.

    • jim Says:

      hi brian, yeah, i’m gonna have to look into that a bit. i decided to allow it to dry overnight but i was anxious to see if it worked so when i got up i tried it. maybe next time i’ll wait two or three days

  2. Zygote Says:

    A well designed window is a thing of beauty, even if they don’t work as advertised, they do look good.

  3. meredith@whynot Says:

    Oh— would love a cold one!
    That first picture looks so good!
    Your beer tumbler fits well and was the first thing I saw and then the cold beer……
    Hey- send me a picture for next weeks nibbles!

  4. ang Says:

    yey new stuff!! i have tried a wood glue before for resist an it too will wash away but i didnt test it for thickness or leaving it to dry 48hrs….so impatient:))

  5. Kristen Kieffer Says:

    Hi Jim! Glad you are gonna try it, and I hope it works for you just so you can breath easy and enjoy. It does need to set for 24 hours (unless you have a hotbox). The longer it sets the harder it is. XX KK

  6. Rob Lorenz Says:

    I have used regular wax resist with decent results. If you leave it overnight or longer it works best, but you can work with it after an hour or two if you have to. Of course I am not exactly what characteristics you are looking for, but it might be something else to try.

  7. Eugene Hon Says:

    Here in South Africa we have a Ceramist called Martha Zettler website marthazettler.com – she uses masking and then sandblasts her designs on the ware. The website however does not do her work justice – she has won numerous awards and exhibited widely and other websites do showcase her work better. I am not sure if this would be a way forward for you as you rely on brushstrokes to create the look and feel. However a combination could be interesting – check out her technique. She often creates a number of layers like you do, although the pattern is very geometric, they too have a sculpted surface decoration look and feel. Always good to experiment even though I really think your work is already unique, innovative and creative; successful as it is. I do think it would make sense to have a kind of couture range (one-of-a-kind ware) a ceramic expressive statement that transcends the utilitarian function and becomes a very special one-off. Just an idea.

  8. Patricia Griffin Says:

    Nice windows!
    Hey, hope the acrylic or other medium works for you. It’s totally worth investing the time to figure it out. Those “bad” fumes take a toll on the body over time.

  9. Karen Totten Says:

    I’m new at pottery and have been looking for a masking technique similar to this. How do you abrade the clay around the mask? Do you airbrush it or sponge it off?

    • jim Says:

      hi karen,
      i sponge it off… on the top of the column to the right is an article that describes the process in detail.

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