Estivation, Then Libation…

It’s been so hot I’ve been getting that “cabin fever” feeling that happens in winter where it’s too cold to do anything outside… except it’s not too cold and it’s not winter. So I googled hibernation antonym and came up with estivation/aestivation which is a period of animal dormancy similar to hibernation but in the very hot or dry season. What does one do when estivation sets in? Well, right around noon when it’s already in the 90’s, I start dreaming of air conditioned taverns with cold beer and then the rest of the day is geared toward that goal. Anyway, the other day I posted a shot of some bottles I was throwing and the day after I took the picture I flipped them to dry and they were all precariously alit upside down. I didn’t get a picture but here’s the other picture upside down…

So I’m sitting there staring at the upside down bottles and what occurs to me is what usually occurs to me when I look at upside down work… hey, those shapes look better upside down. I’m serious when I say this happens often and I’ve come to realize that it’s really not that the shape is upside down, it has more to do with some aesthetic preference for large forms being hoisted onto small bases… in other words, I like a small foot. Well, I’ll stop belaboring the point because I reread what my description, it’s really not that exactly either but I always liked sculpture that way too… think Brancusi’s Bird In Space. So as I’ve done before with no real success, I’m off on a tangent to try and throw things upside down and have them have the same feeling as what I liked about the drying bottles, and here’s where it got me…

I do kinda like the forms but was disappointed that the description “chalice” came to mind because I really don’t want to make chalices. I also am not sure the tiny part of the stem betwixt the top and base will even make it through the firings. Finally, I thought I might like them better with lids so maybe I’ll try that… not sure yet. Regardless, this was a small part of the weekend estivation and I had my favorite studiomate as well…

I wanted to thank everyone who offered advice about trying to find a suitable replacement for shellacking for weeks on end. I’ve begun test two by thickening the medium, adding more coloring so I can see it better after it dries (Sofia insisted on red), and I’m going to allow it 2 days to dry/cure before attempting the etching phase…


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12 Responses to “Estivation, Then Libation…”

  1. Gordo Says:

    Ahhh, estivation .. I knew there had to be a proper word for “loafing in the hammock in the shade. 🙂

    Chalices or not, I like ’em. I’ll keep my fingers crossed for the stems.

  2. Patricia Griffin Says:

    ooooohhhh. I really like these chalices, or whatever we’re going to call them. This must mean I like small feet but, in reality, my feet are quite big!

  3. John Dorsey Says:

    Jim – the “raised glasses” are great! And the coloring of the medium is smart…

    This weekend, I was reacquainted with a form that I really like and may give a whirl but I think may be better suited for you. I’m trying to find the potters online to send you an image but can’t remember their names…i’ll try verbal skills instead: think raised presentation bowls fit for olives, fingers, baba ganoush, etc. Elizabethan but not too ornate. Not as big as your bowls but with the stand you just created for the cups… Jeepers, I suck at the english language – anyways, thought you might pull it off better than me…

  4. Dawn Says:

    you’re right not chalices…………..this isn’t right yet either, but what about “beer stein”. Maybe a modern version of the term needs to be created….

  5. Eugene Hon Says:

    They will be an Interior Designer’s dream object – a very contemporary approach to handcrafted vessels -who cares about their utilitarian function. With your surface development options; technique and process, they will have a decorative function. I am sure you can imbue them with a ritual and expressive function – but they don’t really need it. The forms and shapes are marvelously inventive and creative – whimsical too, and your marks will compliment the shapes and forms fabulously. These are perfect examples of the one-of-a -kind wares I suggested in my comment in the previous post. They are dynamic, creative, and innovative – like them allot, especially the tallest one of the four. Very exciting prospect – maybe lids could be added for some of them. I concur with Linda’s suggestions above. BRAVO Jim

  6. meredith@whynot Says:

    very elegant – I like the look and think they would be useful for more than a beverage.
    A siesta is what we need daily.
    Naps are wasted on the young and I would love to have a nap/siesta daily.
    That way I could stay up and play with the grown ups!

  7. Michael Says:

    They look like ice cream sundae glasses to me.

  8. Tracey Says:

    Nooooo, not a chalice, it’s a banana split dish, or hot fudge sundaes, or granola and yogurt, ummmm, I’m hungry now!

  9. Myrtle Says:

    How about artists’ trophies?

  10. ang Says:

    mmm upside down bottles they be, very architectural jim i likes!!!! dig the chattering marks too..

  11. Yana Says:

    Parfait glasses yes, but I’m reminded of chess pieces or Orthodox Churches too. They are lovely.

  12. cindy shake Says:

    My iced Vodka Cranberry would taste GREAT in those libation vessels ;o)

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