I was looking for a picture in my big pile of pictures… not digital, the old-fashioned pictures that you pick up and look at, like a book with pages. Anyway, I didn’t find what I was looking for but I found other pictures and I figured there’s nothing that says “I don’t have anything to blog about” better than posting old photographs. But before I head down that path, I got these two bowls in the Lilstreet International “Bowl Me Over” exhibition and I will be heading to the PO directly after I’m done with this. Here’s the two that made it…

I also just received word while I was typing this that this piece was accepted into the St. Petersburg Clay’s “Last Call” exhibition that features pieces related to imbibing der brau and other potent potables…

And now on to the silliness. Here’s a pic from 1959, when I was 1 smelling flowers. Apparently the family got big yucks by telling me to go smell the flowers and like a little monkey, I would do it. I have to admit my posture does imply that I was a connoisseur of parfum…

Not sure if this is in order but next is my 3rd grade picture and the story behind this is a typical story of “the best laid plans of mice and men” which I still have a tendency to do. That is I was very concerned this year about how my class picture would turn out as they were never satisfactory before then. So the night before the photographer came to the school I spent some quality time in the bathroom mirror perfecting the perfect smile/not-smile for the following day. I settled on the perfect look and the next day as we were getting ready to go single file down to get our picture taken, I excused myself to the boy’s room and put the perfect look on my face and proceeded to hold it until the snap of the camera’s shutter. Unfortunately, it took a bit to get there and wait my turn and during that time, I seem to have pursed my lips to hold it better and this goofiness is what resulted. Oh sure, now it’s cute but factoring in the 3rd grade vanity, etc., I can honestly say it traumatized me when the pictures came out…

Next is me and my brother Ken standing in the backyard next to the lilac tree that I remember as being much larger, it must have been easter or something because we are “dressed up”…

Here’s the whole clan without my Mom who is probably taking the picture. We’re in Ontario on White Lake or Black Lake or some other lake. My dad is holding the catch and my grandpa is in the boat smoking a pipe I think…

This one must be a couple years later because my youngest sister Cathy is present and that the whole lot of us on another holiday I imagine…

This is one of my favorite old pictures because my favorite Aunt Zizi is in it. I’m sitting on her lap and I’m probably 16 or so and I also like it ’cause my Dad is in the background waving and my grandmother’s sister, Aunt Mary, is next to Zizi…

Now we’re full on 1976 and graduation day with my dad and me both sporting those ridiculous wide collared shirts…

And last but not least I found my favorite picture of Sofia when she was about the same age as I was in the flower smelling picture…

Off to the post office.


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11 Responses to “Nostalgia…”

  1. judi tavill Says:

    First of all..CONGRATS re: the shows…
    Second… I love the closure at the neckline of shirt you are wearing in your third grade photo!!! Tres chic!
    Thirdly…That last photo is KILLER!

  2. Mom Says:

    ‘mornin’ James – You know I have to comment! These not only bring back memories to you but without pictures there are so many day to day “little” things that never come to mind. The dress ups are probably Easter and the lake is Pike Lake in Canada. Actually, the suit you were wearing is probably the one Ken is wearing in the next pic!! The “flower smelling” is one of my favorites also. Thanks for bringing back some buried memories. Love, Mom

  3. Gordo Says:

    I like looking at other people’s old pictures. Great stuff, and that last pic of Sofia could be good for a future wedding day. 😀

    Congrats on the shows and I love that beer glass, too. Wow.

  4. meredith@whynot Says:

    I love walking through the past in pictures!
    They are truly grand and brought me a big old smile- you were a cutie and so were the sibs – I see a little Sofia in there as well.
    And,oh gosh- the one of her is A-dorable!
    It was great talking with you and the more shows the better- there must be a way to make money doing this!

  5. Eugene Hon Says:

    Love the post, the images of you as perfume connoisseur and Sofia, beads and sandals with that expression/stare that says it all. Your outfit is also special – grey pants, white shirt and suspenders – just fabulous. I am sure it brought back numerous wonderful memories, for you and your mother.

  6. kyle Says:

    congrats on the shows Jim!…and funny very 70’s pics!

  7. Jen Says:

    Nothing is better than old photo’s. Those where great. Congrads on the shows!

  8. ang Says:

    brilliant and thanks for the tour, i quite like your school pic and very thoughtful of you to practice your smile!! mine are way more cheeky than yours, always giggling and nothing has changed!!!

  9. medrecgal Says:

    Those are some fantastic pics, Jim! It’s like when Grandma (aka Zizi) used to get out all the pictures from times long before I was ever heard of and tell all kinds of stories…or the day when Mom decided to see if she could find the old camp up in Canada (she actually did find it, which was kind of ccol). Zizi wasn’t only your favorite aunt, she was an awesome grandmother, too! And I’m totally loving the pic of Sofia…how impossibly cute!

  10. Patricia Griffin Says:

    Great pics!

  11. Myrtle Says:

    I can’t stop grinning. Our old pictures look a lot like yours.

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