I Want Some Moh Pots…

My friend and local potter Sebastian Moh is setting up his website and I scarfed a couple images from him. Here’s a beautiful vase and then a sublime yunomi that I completely dig…

Anyway, if you get a hankerin’, go check out Mr. Moh’s work. This was a strange week work-wise but I did manage to make some more chalice/goblet/parfait whatever shaped pieces and even went ahead and did a couple with lids on them. I’m completely out of room for more greenware and I’ve got to move into the decoration phase…

Here’s a couple closeup shots of the lidded ones…

As far as the last test with acrylic medium… it worked much better when I waited 2 days than when I only waited one. I think the viscosity still needs to be tweaked but I’m going to blunder forward on some real pots soon.


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8 Responses to “I Want Some Moh Pots…”

  1. ang Says:

    ahaa i had my suspicions about waiting longer with other mediums… nice work jim fella!! happy deco-ing i look forward to seeing your progress with said upside down pottage…:))

  2. Eugene Hon Says:

    Absolutely fabulous. Really like them allot. Great work Jim, cant wait to see them decorated with your very special surface technique and process. The lids look great and finish them off nicely – well done and good luck with the glazing etc.

  3. gary rith Says:

    Good lord Jim, GORGEOUS!

  4. meredith Says:

    what Gary said……….

  5. Robert Young Says:

    Can’t wait to see how the glazes flow!

  6. Monica Says:

    holy cow awesome forms!

  7. cindy shake Says:

    I LOVE the new stem works! The forms are calling for your surface deco…

  8. ron Says:

    Wow Jim those are crazy cool. Ready for some deco and glaze.

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