Thought I’d Get Here Earlier…

Where’s here? Well, my last post was my 365th post and this is 366. From April to August of last year I was posting 28+/month so I figured I’d be at 366 sometime in April but here it is late August… que sera sera. You’d think since I’m laid up that I could do a lot more posting but I swear not being able to move like I want is abjectly boring. This wednesday it will be 2 solid weeks and I think I’m finally on the mend but doubt that I’ll be 100% by then. I decided on thursday of last week that if I didn’t throw some prototypes for this commission that I wanted to get, that it would be literally impossible to get them fired by the time of the presentation. This was a mistake in more ways than one because I spent a solid 7 hours on both thursday and friday and by the end of it my hip hurt a lot worse and I figure that I set my healing back more than the 2 days I spent working. Here’s a couple shots of the beer glasses I was thinking of using for the commission…

This commission is essentially the equivalent of a large wholesale order with some differences of course and all the time I’ve been working on it, I keep thinking of how great it could be and not just for me but for the client and the museum. Of course I’m impotent as far as being able to change the dynamics of the way it works. See, the museum has a very nice corporate salesperson who puts together orders for clients to use as gifts and this helps keep the museum flush and gives work to the artists that the museum represents and the client gets something handmade and custom made to give out for special occasions. So that’s a win/win/win. Of course the fact that the client doesn’t understand a couple key things keeps me fantasizing about sending a gift to the person in charge with a diplomatic letter attempting to explain how to leverage the situation even more to everyone’s benefit without really doing anything more than 2 little things. The first thing is that since this is an annual thing at xmas (from what I understand, they do it every year), why not sign off on the final choice in March? This would give the artists 2 or 3 months to make a prototype and 7-9 months to execute the order… in this case 250 pieces (not sure about everyone else, but this is a big order for me). I can only speak for myself but I’m confident that many potters would agree with me on this… the largest impediment to the client getting something really nice is that I’m constantly cutting back on what I propose because I don’t want to be unable to finish so if removing the time crunch is simply a matter of signing off earlier, it’s likely that any artist that is vying would be less inclined to cut corners on the design because they fear not being able to complete the project and this would mean that the client would end up with a nicer product at the same price that they’re already paying. I would even go so far as saying that I would probably propose a piece that’s worth more than the client is paying because the order is so large. Of course the second thing that could be changed (of course I’ve been on the corporate side of things long enough to know that bureaucracy, amongst other things may simply make this impossible although it’s an easy “concession”) is to ditch the precious logo. I keep thinking in my head that if 250 gift recipients were given a lovely vase as the gift that more than likely 250 of them would not display it with flowers as a centerpiece on their dining room table if the lovely vase has a logo front and center. Actually, the amazing thing to me is that this insistence on the logo is the definition of “logoware” and going to the museum in the first place seems contradictory to logoware. At our company, we got cups with logos and shirts and hats with logos and t-shirts and the cups were good for meetings and maybe some people used them at home but they’re never considered by anyone involved to be special and if they are… well, you got me. At the very least, if the company is afraid that they won’t get credit for the nice gift that they’re giving, they could have the logo on the bottom where it’s not up front and center. Oh well, I guess that’s enough on this… just that because of these issues combined with my untimely injury, I will not be able to vie for this commission. On to what do you do when it’s 100+ degrees every day and you can’t move around. We did some collaborative drawings again…

Sofia’s been cracking me up as well as amazing me as she’s been on an improvisational singing bent. I swear while we drew yesterday, she sang an uninterrupted stream of consciousness for almost 2 hours straight. It was as if I was just listening to her thoughts as they appeared in her head. I wish I could have recorded some of it because some parts are hilarious and I honestly wonder where it comes from. Here’s a snippet that I wrote down: “Charmie Mistoe was her name/Charmie Mistoe was her name/I never had a girl like that/She always wore orange pants/she always wore orange pants that were too small.” The part about the orange pants came out just as she changed markers and picked up an orange one. So anyway, that was yesterday and today she decided that she’s a photographer and I let her take as many pictures as she wanted to with my old camera. Her she is on a mission…

Here’s a self portrait…

Of course, turnabout is fair play and I think she was trying to get back at me for taking so many pics of her (panda/giraffe/lion/pig)…

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9 Responses to “Thought I’d Get Here Earlier…”

  1. Ignatius Says:

    I love those drawings you and Sofia collaborated!!!!!! The one with pig in the past post is great!

  2. Hannah Says:

    Very sorry to hear about your injury Jim, that’s three of us then and three’s plenty in anybodies book so hopefully the rest of the blogging community will be safe from accidents for a while. Wishing you a swift and sure recovery,
    best wishes, h

  3. meredith@whynot Says:

    we have done many commissions with logos- we have been ale to convince some of the company’s to put the logo on the bottom of the pot- others want it on the side.
    With some we have had a stamp made.
    It is hard for one potter to make 250 pieces and especially when said potter should be resting his ego- I mean hip from a bike fall- have you been to see anyone?
    Ice ice ice- rest rest rest- and go see someone about some pt-
    The pictures and songs are great- I wish someone would color with me when I am iced up!
    Get better but don’t push it!
    And we like a year out to do a commission- it does help!

  4. Tracey Says:

    I see a song writing career ahead for a certain little girl! I showed Wesley the drawings and her response: “holy crap that is really cool!” I hope you are still blogging when that child graduates college, I will be interested to see what she does with her life. I skimmed your post quickly because I am exhausted and won’t remember what I read if I read it now. back tomorrow to really read it!!

  5. ang Says:

    hey jim man yeh ice ice baby!! and what a stress this logo land is peeps have all jumped on this branding bandwagon like its something new, no its just getting a tad boring for me…come up with a good campaign and peeps will remember you not because of a logo on a cup…grrrr…..anyhoo hope it all works out ok and trippy drawings again, maybe some paintwork in the future?? ooooh even some big clay pieces with drawings/scaffito on them yeh cool!!

  6. Tracey Says:

    I’m back. Ahhhh, brand marketing, I worked for the best in the business at this some years ago, Jansport. When I left the company, I cut every stinking label that said Jansport off of every bag I had. Loved the bags, just refused to be a brand marketing ambassador for them. I agree, I don’t want to advertise a logo in my home, especially on a hand made item! And the timing thing: Gallery shows should be the same way, give the dang artist some time to make the art, these deadlines that come in for applications are ridiculous. I miss a lot of them, because I know I have to cut corners to get a piece in on time. I just don’t have a lot of wonderful show quality work lying about waiting on a call for entry! Still love the drawings, brilliant 🙂

  7. medrecgal Says:

    Wow…that cute face shot of Sofia reminds me of Susie for some reason! Love your goofy masks, too! Guess she’s helped bring that out in you all over again.

  8. ron Says:

    Hey Jim. I do hope you get to feeling better. 250 is a very big order and yes it should be decided on well in advance, a year would be great like Meredith said.
    I have done this sort of thing for a local company for the past 3 years and they always want a logo on it. I hate putting the logo on there. If I were getting one of these things from my company it would not hang around my house very long. Who wants to think about work when they are home. I don’t want to enjoy my beverage out of a glass with my work logo on it. It would be wonderful if they loved the artist’s work/style whatever enough just to let us do our thing. (Plus, you know you are going to make some extras right? Those are useless afterwords. I can’t sell a pot with Company X’s logo on it)
    Well, good luck. Those prototypes do look good. Hope you’re getting paid well.
    Rest up. Love the drawings!!!!!

  9. Myrtle Says:

    awesome drawings

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