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I was pleasantly surprised to find out this morning that the article for Pottery Making Illustrated that I wrote was excerpted and posted at the Ceramic Arts Daily website today. If you get a hankerin’, click the picture to go there…

If you have arrived here from there and haven’t visited my blog before, welcome. In the column to the right is a link to the article that appeared in the magazine and below that under the heading, “Frequently Viewed Posts” are popular posts based on traffic. Also in recent posts there is an accounting of my trying to figure out a way to not use shellac and use a substitute. These attempts have failed in the short run but I haven’t given up and will probably resume in the winter when ventilation becomes more of a problem. But so far, nothing really comes close to shellac for what I’m trying to get. Anyway, I’m back at it with the shellac and have been having a bit of fun with the knurling pattern (crisscross)…

And here’s a forest of beer glasses…

It occurred to me on Saturday on my day with Sofia that I was no longer tethered to a couple mile radius of the house because I wasn’t worried about the car not starting and marooning me somewhere. It was a dreamy day that was much more temperate that it’s been all summer so we headed up to Clifty Falls park on the Indiana side of the Ohio River. I hadn’t been there in years and when we used to go, you could go right from the trail head down a steep series of steps and come out at the base of the big Clifty Falls and then hike the river bed toward the Ohio River. I thought Sofia would get a big kick out of the stairs and the falls but they have since closed them off and the only way to get down to the base of the falls is to start at the other end of the park and walk the riverbed toward the falls. This would be at least a 10 mile hike on a rocky riverbed in a gorge. So that was out so we decide to explore other areas and have a little picnic in a practically dry creek bed. Here’s the bug having an apple break on her “stone bench”…

I always forget until I actually go out in the country how much Sofia loves it. Just riding in the car through some rural areas got her oohing and ahhing about the scenery. It makes me wonder how much she’s missing by not living out in the country. I grew up out there and the woods were my playground.


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10 Responses to “Ceramic Arts Daily Post…”

  1. Paul Barchilon Says:

    Score! Congrats Jim ^_^ My story is in the current issue, which is in stores now.

  2. Brian Says:

    Clifty Falls! One of my favorite places. I miss IN in the autumn.

  3. Chavron Says:

    Sofia looks like a fairy.

  4. Ignatius Says:

    Congratulation on the article!!!

  5. ang Says:

    nice one on the article…. read it this morning and i thought hey jim hasn’t mention this….or did you and sieve for brains has forgotten again… :S and trip to the country woohoo…well prob wasn’t that far eh…

  6. meredith@whynot Says:

    Hey- I know you! You are popping up all over the place! Great job!
    I love in the county and find I ooh and aah when ever I go to the city!
    It takes me days to readjust to the life I live out here when I return- she can have both.
    Plus- most cities now have great green space….

  7. Val Says:

    Hi from Namibia, great article! I have tried shellac, but you have taken it to a much higher level, and I really appreciate the info. Love your work !!!

  8. Patricia Griffin Says:

    Was a treat to see YOU pop up on the ceramics arts daily! Feels like I know a famous guy. Congrats Jim!

  9. Connie Says:

    Hi Jim
    Congratulations, I’m very excited for you!!! I hope I can get back into blogging mode after taking the summer off. I loved your forest of trees.

  10. Robert Harris Says:

    Hi Jim,

    I assume the problem you’re having with the shellac is the solvent. Do you know what it is. In school I did quite a bit of French Polishing. In French Polish the solvent is ethanol, which is not nearly as toxic (or nasty smelling) as many of the solvents used these days.

    If the Zinser shellac is dissolved is something nastier (like toluene) you might be better off finding some “Real” french polish. The “cheaper” ethanol based shellacs are sometimes called “white polish” or “button polish” in the UK.

    The only other thing I can think of is whether you have tried some of the water soluble polyeurethanes e.g. for wood finishing etc.

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