Autumn Bisque…

Sounds like soup. It’s been a productive week of getting up with the bug before school and heading directly into the studio (as opposed to the computer). So work and exercise. I’m amazed that yesterday was September 23rd and the thermometer on my bicycle speedometer read 99 degrees on my ride (and I’m not sure if the bike’s thermometer has a 3rd column of digits to report 100+ temps). Of course officially it was a mere 97 and the weather on TV stated last night that we’ve had 85 days over 90 degrees so far this year. I think it’s gonna break tonight though. Mom and I attended Sofia’s kindergarten open house last night where she showed us everything she’s been working on and led us around the room on a little tour. It was a hoot to see her so seriously making sure we saw everything and we understood what everything was for. It still seems a bit lonely around the house without her and I look forward to her getting home each night. Additionally, I still get to have Saturdays and Sundays with her. I have about 115 miles in on the bike so far this week and am fast approaching 1000 since getting my new speedometer. I’ve come to the conclusion that my bike doesn’t “fit” me or maybe I don’t “fit” it but something’s got to give as right around 30 miles parts of me that shouldn’t be hurting are (it’s not muscular). I ran into the (maybe homeless) guy, Michael, that helped me out when I had my hip injury accident a while back. I’d been looking for him to thank him and I finally got to do that. He remembered me, I guess because it’s hard to forget someone writhing in pain and cussing up a storm and not being able to do anything. It’s looking less and less like I’ll be able to make the trip to North Carolina for the Clay and Blogs show. Unseen forces are conspiring against me and I’m kinda bummed about it because I really wanted to meet a bunch of people that I’ve met through blogging. It makes me feel especially lame since Peter‘s coming halfway around the world from the land of earthquakes to go and I’ve only got an 8 hour drive. I was also planning to pick up and fondle many pots of participants when no one was looking… especially Pru‘s. Anyway, to celebrate the hot autumn weather, I’m going to go ahead and bisque and it probably won’t make the house seem any hotter than it already is. I managed to get most of Sofia’s work in this load which I was surprised at how much room it took up. Here’s the bisque loaded up…

Here’s a couple of the new shellacked pieces (someone take that wee brush away from him)…


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8 Responses to “Autumn Bisque…”

  1. Ron Says:

    I loved kindergarten. I remember so much of it. Valentine’s Day was great. I got loads of valentines and we made a little envelope/pouch for them all. I also remember making a turtle from two paper plates and construction paper. I came home with a pocket full of cookies one day too. (crumbs by the time I got home) I bet Sofia is a great student, and I wonder if she tells all her friends how cool her dad is and all the stuff ya’ll do together?
    Cups look great. Glad the new mixture is working out.

  2. Eugene Hon Says:

    Nice that you can cycle like that – too dangerous here in Johannesburg. No room for cyclists, unless in a group and taking to the road over weekends, early in the morning. Sofia is a very lucky girl to have a father like you, Ron is so right. Trust you are well; you seem to have more time to spend in the studio. cant wait to see how the new work will turn out after all the experimentation. Best of luck

  3. meredith@whynot Says:

    hey Jim- we wished you could come!
    One day we will have to meet or better yet we have room.
    A trip here – potteries for you to see and a day at the zoo- glass blowers.
    Come for a long weekend- its only 8 hours and would be worth you time.
    We’ll be thinking of you!

  4. ang Says:

    hey jim glad you and the bike are clocking up the k’s a comfortable ride would be better though, i went through quite a trying week just getting some running shoes sorted, best you get it sorted too and what a bummer you wont get to the show either…:( lovin that new brushwork qnd what a load bisque away man!!!

  5. Zygote Says:

    The joys of school. It does make for a quite house though.

  6. Judy Shreve Says:

    Boy – you are becoming quite the cyclist! I’m not making it to the NC blog show either. I’m kinda bummed & hope everyone takes great pictures & writes about on their blogs.
    Your new pieces look interesting – is this a different pattern than usual? Glad you’ve been able to move away from the shellac & the fumes.

  7. Connie Says:

    Wow, mile and miles on the ol’ bike that’s great. I wish I could see the blog show too. But Wyoming is just to far away.

  8. Kern-Kern Says:

    I looked at Pru’s blog. I really like her lady protesters.

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