Well, the weather finally broke and it was a brisk 53 when I walked the bug to school this morning. We had a wonderfully idyllic weekend together. But before I get into that I was delighted that 2 fellow ceramics people (one that I’m acquainted with in person and one that’s a blogging friend) are featured in the current issue of “Ceramics Art and Perception” magazine. Fong Choo, who makes dreamy miniature teapots and who is a professor here in Louisville is on the cover…

Here’s a good shot of Fong and it gives a great idea of the scale of his teapots…

Also, Eugene Hon, my blogging buddy from South Africa, is featured in the same issue…

Eugene is a fantastic sculptor whose pieces are exhaustively researched and steeped in the history and metaphor of Africa and modern culture. Of particular fascination to me are his wonderful preparatory drawings where he works through conceptual ideas and I was happy to see a couple reproduced in the article…

Congratulations to Fong and Eugene and one may ask how I got those nice pictures… well, I followed the link on Eugene’s site to the Ceramics Art and Perception site and they have an online version of the magazine. I believe that it’s only intended for subscribers but either the login has a glitch or they allow access to only the current issue (probably the former). Either way, I subscribed once and I’d like to subscribe again but I have to keep my subscriptions under control.

In other news, this weekend was beautiful weather-wise and Sofia and I spent both days hanging out together. On Saturday we had a little picnic in the park, here’s the fruitbat eating her favorite Honeycrisp apple…

Here’s the obligatory mid-run shot, I include this just as a simple reminder of what I’m not able to do anymore…

Things are happening fast in the bug’s life. We discovered this week that she has a new tooth coming in and it’s making the one above it loose. She was beside herself to find out that she’s getting a new tooth and came to me and said, “Dad, there’s no such thing as tooth fairies, right?” I said, what do you think? She shook her head and said, “nah”. A chip off the ol’ block there. She also made the whistling breakthrough this week. She’s been trying to whistle on and off for quite some time and has been very frustrated at her inability to produce a sound but we had a bit of a eureka this week. One night after putting her to bed, I went upstairs to get something and I heard her lying there practicing. And of course the latest obsession has been UNO. We play UNO after school and during the afternoons on the weekends and we played on our Saturday picnic and on the porch for hours on Sunday…

Oh, the competitive gene is strong in that one. We also unloaded the bisque that had all her pieces in it. I was amazed at how much of her stuff was in there…

Here’s the bug with a warm bowl…

So that’s about it except for a couple of bisque pictures. Here’s some knurled beer glasses…

Haven’t decided if I like the ones with black slip better than the bare ones yet. Here’s some others…

That’s all I got, we’re hoping for rain. It’s been months and it’s supposed to happen today.

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9 Responses to “UNO!…”

  1. gary rith Says:

    dang Jim, busy dude aren’t ya? I LOOOOOVE your work, and YES, those teapots are killer bee. The girl likes to play cards with you because she probably kicks your ass all over town, right?

  2. Melanie Says:

    a little tale about my (now teenage) kids: my father told them, when they were little, that eating broccoli would improve their whistling skills. needless to say, my kids ate a lot of broccoli and practiced whistling day and night (until they actually became quite good at it!). my daughter – now 17 – recently asked about why broccoli helps with whistling… needless to say we had a good laugh, although she was a little disappointed that it was just a tale her grandfather made up…

  3. Henhousepottery Says:

    What a lovely weekend! I love those miniature teapots, thanks for sharing as I have also let my subscription lapse (forgot what I have been missing and may have to re-up).

    Little Q (now 9) learned to whistle when he lost his front teeth (prematurely) and then had to learn all over again once his adult teeth grew in. Poor kid. 🙂

  4. ron Says:

    I met Foo at an ACC show many years ago. He’s a nice guy for sure and makes great teapots. I was always intrigued at how he priced them. He had numbers like $315.28 or $256.63. Maybe it was a tax included thing. It got my attention whatever the case.
    I played Pass the Pigs for the first time this past weekend. You toss these two little plastic pigs like dice to accumulate points. It was a blast, now I have to order me a set.
    Enjoy the weather, I sure am.

  5. meredith Says:

    sure wish you were on the road to here- but I have to tell you held some of your pots today- they were quite nice.
    Love a kid who learns to play games.
    It will keep you both off the streets!

  6. ang Says:

    hey jim uno’s the thing i used to play that with my nieces when they were little awesome game!! mmm black or the white i dig em both with the groovy curving around the form happening.. ha fong is still in my video widget hehhehh love those teapots he inspired me a lot..:))

  7. Judy Shreve Says:

    The Uno-stage. Luke & I played for hours. I actually like that game & try to get him to play when he’s home — he’s entirely too cool for that now.
    And WOW – Sofia is turning out a lot of work – how great for her. I just ordered Ceramic Review – quite expensive when you convert the euro. Oh well — I can’t wait to start receiving it. I’m a little bored with CM.
    Your work looks great – as always.

  8. Eugene Hon Says:

    Thanks for your kind words, I love the work of Fong Choo. The issue is just amazing, in particular the two articles, one on the work of the Celadon master Kawase Shinobu and the Ceramic sculptures of Chih-Chi Hsu, titled Dwellings of Infinite Brightness. The artcles in the magazine are becoming much more academic and Elaine is working very hard doing all the layouts herself. Quite a phenominal job – thanks again

  9. pru morrison Says:

    Hey Jim, I koind of like the beer jugs with black slip best…but if I was feeling more white-like t’morrow it’d be the other way round. I managed to get the ceram art & percep latest too online without subscrip ,odd .Fong & Eugenes work is bbbbrilliant!

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