Not Ozymandius, Oz-y-mania…

A while back I did a post about reading “The Wizard Of Oz” to Sofia and how much more to it there was than the movie. There were several comments from Baum-o-philes enlightening me to the fact that there are 14 books in the series and that they are well worth the time to read. I took the advice (thank you Rob and Paul). A couple weeks back we finished this one…

A story for the ages, that one. I won’t give away the ending but the Tin Woodman meets his doppelganger on his journey and together they happen to visit the tinsmith who made them both. Well, I guess I have to point out that they were both “meat” people before their enchanted weapons started hacking off their limbs until there was no “meat” left. In Oz nothing ever dies so when they visit the tinsmith at one point the Tin Woodman opens a cupboard in the tinsmith’s shop and has a conversation with his severed head that’s mounted on a little stand. When the two tin people start looking for all their severed parts in the “severed parts barrel” in the corner of the shop, it is revealed that the tinsmith had gotten some magic meat glue from the witch’s house after Dorothy’s house crushed her and made essentially a Frankenstein creature from various meat parts from the two people the tin men were originally. Here’s the two we’re working on now…

We just finished “The Marvelous Land Of Oz” two nights ago and we started “The Scarecrow of Oz” last night. Sofia’s favorite character in the MLOO was H. M. Wogglebug T. E. This of course stands for highly magnified wogglebug thoroughly educated. It features an animated pumpkinhead, an animated saw horse and an animated vehicle made from two sofas and some palm fronds for wings called the Gump. So anyway, all hallows eve is approaching and we made the mistake of stopping into one of those seasonal halloween stores… I won’t even go into what’s wrong there but Mom and Sofia came home with Sofia’s costume and you guessed it…

And of course, here’s the ruby red slippers…

I included this next shot because apparently Dot took to the bottle after Toto chewed up her sofa and the carpet and her reading glasses and…

I had a lot of “help” in the studio today from the fruit bat and the demon dog. Here’s the big nose demon herself…

I have to say that, honestly and although I’ve come to love the dog, she is the strangest dog I’ve had my whole life. So the other night I was taking her out back for her nightly constitution (I feel so degraded) and I thought, I’m not gonna put my shoes on, I’ll just go barefoot. At the bottom of the steps, she darts toward the darkness (a grizzly bear no doubt) and pulls me lurching forward and I step squarely on one of these…

It was just a rude awakening, nothing like my 6 block plantar fasciitis walk in my bike shoes the other day… I think that set me back months. So the bug was keeping me company too and we took some dad and bug shots…

Here’s one where she’s whistling…

Moving right along, we got a couple drawings from the weekend. The first one is a collaboration and the other the bug did herself (in the second one, I’m the one in all brown clothes and red shoes)…

Amongst all this, I did actually get some work done. I love the new shellac. Another advantage I’ve noticed is that it seems to be infinitely re-constitut-able. The shellac out of the can would eventually get to the point after diluting it over and over, where the result would be something that didn’t hold up but every time this new shellac gets a little thick, I just add a little Everclear and Bob’s your uncle. Here’s a couple wee brushstroke pieces…


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16 Responses to “Not Ozymandius, Oz-y-mania…”

  1. kyle Says:

    I admit to thinking that before I clicked on this post, that it was somehow about Ozzy Osbourne…and wondered “had Jim hopped aboard the crazy train?”…but never mind…Im never disappointed here.

  2. Gordo Says:

    Dorothy toting about a bottle of Everclear is wrong on so many levels. I love it. 🙂

  3. Ashley Says:

    I too thought it was about Ozzy Osbourne 🙂 On another note, I do have an actual uncle Bob and he would probably drink Everclear in a pinch.

  4. Tracey Says:

    Jim, I just can’t begin to comment on the many strange things there are in this blog post. Just let me say, it makes my house look a lot more normal than it did a few minutes ago, and that is saying something!! hahahahha!!!! that dress brings back some fun memories. My nephew used to dress up in his Dorothy dress, and I will add that his dad is in the military and wanted this poor child in camo. Dad wasn’t too fond of the dress up, I took a picture of Max one day in the dress and had a print made for his dad for Christmas. I am not the favorite in the family!!!

  5. Paul Barchilon Says:

    Hahah, yes, I loved the Wogglebug too. Other favorites include Tik-Tok of Oz, and the Patchwork Girl of Oz. And of course, none can compare to the marvelous, and gentle sovereign Ozma. If only she could come rule in the real world!

    • jim Says:

      hi paul, looking forward to those if i can find them at the library. yes, ozma, who used to be a boy for a while

  6. meredith@whynot Says:

    Oh- I want those red shoes!
    And ouch!
    And our house is always open for a visit here- just ask Hollis if you are worried about bed bugs…..
    We missed you and hope we meet one day soon- with beer!

  7. meredith@whynot Says:

    PS- bunny ears were Tracey Broome- not Mark!
    I am planning some ears for her next time we do a shoot together!

  8. ron Says:

    I didn’t know there were all those books. They will go on my list. Fun. I love that you’re the one in all brown. All potters are dressed in brown right?

  9. ang Says:

    where can i get some everclear????

  10. Peter Says:

    Hi Jim,
    Goodness the land of Oz continues. It sounds a fascinating place… if a bit scary! Love the old illustrations and covers of the time. Thinking of tin replacements for lopped off body parts…..Do they do tin ears by any chance??? Thanks for your comment on my blog a day or two ago, it was nice to hear from you. Still in recovery mode here, but making progress, and did notice some more birdsong this morning.

    Sorry about the feet….. ouch!


  11. Patricia Griffin Says:

    You never cease to amaze me. 🙂

  12. Kern-Kern Says:

    I would like to have been at that cool gathering depicted in Bug’s drawing.

  13. Hannah Says:

    I had no idea there were all those books, library here we come!
    Ouch, spikey feet, maybe think of it as free acupuncture?

  14. elizabethBurtt Says:

    that first drawing, the collaboration would make a great tile piece for the wall, or even a great quilt. it has great style!

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