Where’d ‘e go?…

Well damn, how many days has it been? Two Thursdays ago my brother called to say he and his family (minus PJ) would be coming to visit and we all went out to dinner except Sofia and Mom because they went to a pre-Halloween Halloween thingie at the Louisville Zoo. Sofia got to dress up as Dorothy and do a dry run for, you know… the big day. Interestingly enough, Mom volunteered to help out at the upcoming Halloween party at the kindergarten but was informed that it’s not a Halloween party because there’s a jeh0vah’s w1tness in the class or one of the classes and they find it offensive so the entire school is going to accommodate them. Of course for all I know the whole school system is going to accommodate them. I’m slowly compiling a list of things that I find offensive… are we taking bets on whether everyone statewide will accommodate me. Yeah, it’s a bad bet. Anyway, Sofia and Mom were supposed to meet my relatives at dinner but never made it. My brother and I went to Serg1o’s for a couple of the 1000+ beers and had a nice long talk at the bar. Our visit was highlighted by the presence of the best waiter in the western world which I elaborated on previously in this post. This time he didn’t wait on us because we had moved to the bar in the front of the place and sat on stools at that bar. I was at the very end of this bar and due to maybe a slight ergonomically challenged layout of the room, blocked said waiter’s access to the area he normally set dirty stemware that in turn could be washed by the bartender. Instead of going around to the back of the bar (and I’m not saying that he wasn’t told not to) he stepped between my brother’s and my conversation and set the dirty glasses in front of me and asked me to slide them closer to the area next to the sink. I happily accommodated his request and didn’t react. During our stay, I would say that he had me slide some 30 glasses, a couple at a time. It was all fine but I was amused and got increasingly more amused as I drank more. After brother and family left, I headed up to Des Moines for the week and in addition to being remiss about taking pictures while my brother was here, I forgot my damn camera. I actually packed the battery charger with the extra set of batteries but left the camera at home. Fortunately, they have cameras in Des Moines and Ig owns one. On the night I arrived he and Sara were preparing homemade pizzas and here’s one of us (Ig with cleaver)…

On wednesday, I was delighted to have lunch with my friend Mark, macro photographer, master horticulturalist and web garden guru at mygardenshow.com. It was luxurious to have a long lunch with Mark as I usually am not in town that long and we have to rely on bits of conversations during a dinner or a chance meeting at a coffee shop or something. This visit, I luckily ran into him at a coffee shop, the next day we got some lunch and the last day I was there he and his wife, Loulou, came over to Ig’s for dinner. Ig’s friend Ellen, who teaches law at Drake came also and we all had a great time, great conversation and great food. Ig got this pic of us before dinner was served…

From left to right that’s Loulou, me, Ellen and Mark. I stopped at AKAR on the way home (without the damn camera) mostly to see Bede Clarke’s pots but also to see everything else. Julia Galloway’s pots are in the current show too and they were really nice too. She’s doing a bit of hydro-abrasion on some of them…

I wasn’t in a hurry and perused for quite a while. I saw mr. Michael Kline’s work, Jeff Campana, Kristen Kieffer, my new buddy Steven Cheek and many many more. I was happy to see Bruce and Samantha’s work in person for the first time. I especially liked this beetle one by Samantha Henneke…

Upon arriving home, I decided to join my good friends Kathy and Terry (Terry who I play scrabble with regularly) and their kids camping at the Red River Gorge. So I got home Friday night, got some supplies Saturday morning and Sofia and I drove down to RRG. Sofia and I went for a short hike when we arrived and she was finding many really beautiful leaves amongst the trillions there. At one point she decided she didn’t like carrying the 2 or so that she couldn’t live without and set them down on the side of the trail (on the leaves) and said, let’s get these on the way back. I thought that was hilarious and convinced her to draw a symbol in the dirt on the path, stick a twig standing vertically and rest and acorn in the middle of the symbol. We didn’t go all that much farther before we turned around and in retrospect I think it was because she wanted to find our little treasure map. Ironically, she found all the leaves that she had left in the leaves before we had made the “treasure map device”… orienteering might be in her blood (although I think it must skip a generation). Anyway, I was very excited about the prospect of letting her stay up late and seeing the stars and the full moon because we can barely see stars in the city. It was cloudy and the moon was just a fuzzy glow. Of course, nature called in the middle of the night and when I got out of the tent the clouds were gone and moon was gloriously bright, in fact, for a groggy few seconds I thought that it must be getting near dawn. It wasn’t. The next morning I did manage to get a couple camp breakfast shots…

Here’s the bug with one of her favorite people (Uncle Terry)…

Here’s one of Kathy, there’s kids in the background and Sofia was very happy to have 6 teens to torment for the duration…

On the next day, we broke down the camp and on the way out of the park decided to do a small 3/4 mile hike to the natural bridge which is the main attraction at the park. I hadn’t been to it in many years and thought I could probably do it with my plantar fasciitis since it was not so far and I’d be careful. About 3 miles into our hike we spotted the natural bridge on the horizon miles and miles away from where we stood and we turned around. I actually thought it was more than 3 miles in but still, the 6 miles did my feet in. It was funny nonetheless, because Sofia assumed the role of tour guide and talked incessantly for miles narrating the particulars of the journey. Each fallen tree was either a monster or a monster’s baby. I was about 4 people back from her and for more than an hour heard only her voice.

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8 Responses to “Where’d ‘e go?…”

  1. Gord Says:

    I love to tease a friend of mine about foibles of the public school system. The publicly-funded school system in Ontario is actually comprised of two different ones: regular and Catholic. Bob’s kids are in the regular system and they have to deal with things like a Spring and Fall Festivals. They have a Winter “pageant”, too. My kids are in the Catholic system and still get Hallowee, Christmas and Easter. I never thought that marrying a Catholic would turn out to be that good for my blood pressure. πŸ˜€

  2. gary rith Says:

    I saw a table with a glass top and tree trunk, yeOW! Nice!
    I was thinking, you guys had on a lot of gear for camping in the south in October, musta been chilly? You always have such a good sense of humor πŸ™‚

  3. cindy shake Says:

    Our school district did away with Halloween years ago for similar reasons 😦 it’s called Harvest Festival now… same stuff goes on (!!??) but we can’t say the “H” word…

  4. Judy Shreve Says:

    First off – I can’t believe that guy is still a waiter — lol — and you must be a ‘happy drunk’ to have helped him all nite – lol. You should have asked for some of his tips.
    And I’m extremely jealous you got to go to AKAR. I’d love to visit that place.
    What a fun camping adventure — I can just imagine how wonderful it was for you to be guided by the bugs voice . . .

  5. meredith@whynot Says:

    where to start- first off I think you are having way too much fun and I am ready to come and live at your house.
    Seems you have time to travel and drink – both things I like to do when I have time.
    As far as “H” just wait until they get into the argument about the big “C” and it will be coming soon.

    It is fun to go and look at pots- bus man holiday- I have really enjoyed getting my paws on all the ones here at the show.
    Camping… I love looking at the stars and moon but I like to camp at Holiday inn.

  6. Peter Says:

    I enjoyed being an “armchair traveller” on this post. Looks like a beautiful part of the country.
    It was funny about the drink glasses. Sounds to me like you are so much a “part of the family” at this establishment that they will have you washing up and serving at tables soon, if they get rushed! I rather like going out to our local cafe. We know the folk there so well that we clear up after ourselves and take the plates out to the kitchen! To be honest, I often feel uncomfortable being waited on…, I always feel a bit sorry for the waiters and want to help (Yes I know it is their job!!).

  7. kaiservenus Says:

    You know that bartender has a crush on you. Say Hi to Kentucky and the leaves for me.

  8. angela walford Says:

    wow i cant believe how far behind i am on your stories jim!! also having trouble picturing you camping for some reason.. glad the feet held up!….

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