“A Collection of Small Miseries”…

I was perusing Carole’s blog a while back and she was having a contest to win a self-published book that she made about her sculptural work. To make a long story shorter… I won a copy of the book and it arrived in the mail yesterday. Carole’s book details sculptural work but she also does fine functional ceramics and coincidentally was in the “Clay and Blogs” show. The book titled “A Collection of Small Miseries” features Carole’s socially/politically provocative sculptures and is really an amazing account of a body of work that challenges our cultures’ ethics about issues that run the gamut of controversial subjects. It is also a fine example of what an individual can publish on their own. Working on a mac myself, I realized that this book was created using an iPhoto feature and have thought a while about using this in some similar way but really couldn’t visualize exactly what I would do. Carole’s book is an inspiration and has me thinking again of how to use this program in some way. Of course the problem that Carole doesn’t have is that she doesn’t lack a complete and cohesive body of work to structure the book around. Maybe I should wait another year or two. I wish I had some better pictures but I was trying to hold the book and take the pictures at the same time but I think you can see the different kinds of layouts possible…

So if you’ve got a hankerin’ to see professional shots of the all the pieces in the book and more go to Carole’s website… they are arranged by year and there is a great deal of fantastic work there. I think it may go without saying but if you’re interested in ceramics at all and are a blog reader, Carole’s blog is an absolute necessity and definitely one of the best ceramics blogs out there with an amazing breadth of information from calls for entries to employment opportunities to beautiful pictures of her and other peoples’ work. Thanks for the book Carole.


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4 Responses to ““A Collection of Small Miseries”…”

  1. meredith@whynot Says:

    I envy you having this book and I would trade you a good beer for a look- I love Carole’s work!

  2. angela walford Says:

    you scored!!

  3. rose bauer Says:

    Musing About Mud…
    the most generous of blogs from the most generous of people.

    rose bauer

  4. carole epp Says:

    wow, i’m speechless guys.
    your kind words..wow…it means so much. thanks.

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