Moh Show…

I headed down to the Crane House this Thursday night to my friend Sebastian Moh‘s opening. The Crane House is a beautiful venue for an exhibition and the building in Old Louisville on 3rd Street faked me out because years ago I used to take Tai Chi classes there and when I arrived the space didn’t seem familiar. I kept looking at the walls and wondering about my memory of the room where I had spent so much time. Later in the evening I was told that the organization had moved one block from its previous location… so see, it’s not always pre-dementia. This East Asian cultural center boasts a library, gallery and quite a collection of Asian artifacts that run the gamut from ceramics to textiles. Anyway, Sebastian had a wonderful collection of yunomis, teabowls, vases, ewers and lidded jars. The pots are sublimely beautiful and at an intimate scale. Here’s a shot of Sebastian…

Here’s my fave from the show…

This last one is not a shot that I took, at least not a shot I took with a camera… I took it from Mr. Moh’s website and if you get a hankerin’, go check out his work here.

Congrats Sebastian.

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5 Responses to “Moh Show…”

  1. Zygote Says:

    Luv that last shot… a well executed dreamy blue.

  2. Klaudia Says:

    This I can tell is a masterpiece! and it has sent my head rolling. I am an artist too and this………is an eye opener!

  3. meredith@whynot Says:

    I love that Blue jar and I am not usually a blue person- but good grief that is gorgeous!
    Note- I am saving my cussing for next Friday night…..

  4. Eugene Hon Says:

    Also like the last lidded jar, is it – I wonder how he created those, is it orange dots, they seem to be raised. Is it a coloured galze or what. His work reminds me of Fong Choo’s miniatures featured in the latest Ceramics Art and perception issue 81. Very stunning indeed!!! – especially the yunomi + teabowls on his wensite. His design skills shine through.

  5. angela walford Says:

    oh seriously love the etched works gotta get me one of those!!!! and sebastions work is :)))))) rather fong like in its detail wish i could pick it up and so glad to hear dementia isn’t setting in way too early for that!! cheers ang

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