Well, woke up this morning to a balmy 36 degrees. Lots o’ stuff happening around here… the evil holiday that’s not Halloween, Sofia’s birthday and election day (which are the same day) and I finally finished up decorating and fired the second bisque (which is cooling as I type this). I will be glazing all next week and hopefully get both glaze firings done… of course I always like to wait to see one before I commit to the next but we’ll see. I’m a bit excited about some of the new etched looks and I guess I’ll see how they seem after they’re finally fired. Right towards the end of my shellacking I started fooling with a different technique and have a bunch of cups that seem at the greenware stage to be… let’s see, travertine-y, that’s a word right. Here’s a bunch of them green…

The bug was very excited the other morning because before the cold blew in we woke to a wonderful 75 degree morning with a very powerful warm wind whipping through which brought storms later that day. Sofia decided that pig tails were in order for school and while I was having some java in the wind, she came out to dance for me before she left for school…

The last pair of shoes we got her for the summer were typical kid’s shoes with a velcro strap and, in this case, fake “jewels” glued all over them. Anyway, I don’t inspect her shoes and she came home the other day and whipped off her right shoe like it was on fire and hopped around trying as quickly as possible to remove her sock. Inside her sock was a small handful of the “jewels”. Apparently, days earlier, her and her friend sat on the playground and pulled all the fake jewels off both her shoes and they held them and talked about them and how they had a treasure. Anyway, she had so much fun that she wanted to keep bringing them to school each day so they could play with them at recess again, but… she didn’t have pockets in her pants and didn’t want to put them in her lunch box, so she put them all in her sock and was walking around all day with a bunch of plastic things in her shoe. Here’s another windy pig tail shot…


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6 Responses to “Travertine-ish-ness-ity…”

  1. meredith@whynot Says:

    it is where I keep all my important stuff- I mean- where else would you put it?
    Such a great kid there- nice mugs.
    Mark took a wonderful close up of your bowl.
    I will send-later- soon- I promise…I have to check my shoes– i know it is here some where..

  2. Tracey Says:

    Jewels in your shoes, that’s how you ended up with your feet troubles, don’t you remember!!! But seriously, every girl ought to have jewels in their shoes 🙂

  3. cindy shake Says:

    The new texture looks great -perfect description too. My son’s birthday is Wednesday, the big 21(!) Wish he would be home with us to eat cake -he’s heading to Las Vegas with his girlfriend and her parents to celebrate… Seems like just yesterday he was in pigtails…just kidding, but time does fly with kids. Sofia always looks so full of happiness!

  4. HarleyLady Says:

    She’s got diamonds on the soles of her shoes…

  5. Carolynn Says:

    Hey Jim- nice travertine-ish-lishisness.
    You’re not shy about handles, are you?
    Hope they come out great- I’m looking forward to seeing then, myself!

  6. Carolynn Says:

    BTW Sophia is darling, and she’s got diamonds insoles of her shoes…

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