Crapturnal Princesses…

Well, we had the pre-birthday, pre-“evil holiday that starts with an h”, pre-election day birthday party with the cousin, Eric, whose birthday is around the same day as Sofia’s out at the bug’s cousins’ home on Friday night. Earlier that day Sofia had come home from school saying that bats are nocturnal. This was because they also had an actual “evil holiday that starts with an h” party that they called an “autumn party” or some such shite at school that day and they made bats out of construction paper and one of the interesting facts about said bats was that they were active at night. Being the pain in the ass that I naturally am, I thought it important to point out that other animals are diurnal and active during the daytime. I’m sure the bug heard me but pretended not to be interested. So we went to the party at the cousins’ house. We had pizza and salad and the kids had a lot of fun. So here’s some pics from the party. I call this pic, start your engines, as Sofia is patiently waiting for the adults to stop chattering and allow the unwrapping to begin…

And they’re off…

The cake that was a blur…

Here’s a shot of cousin Isabel…

And later the kids got ahold of Uncle Mark’s rose-colored glasses from his hippie costume…

About a year ago I did this post which detailed my attempts from when Sofia was very young to counter the tide of d1sney princess/barbie tripe that is constantly foisted upon our little girls by convincing Sofia when she was 2 1/2 or so that the d1sney characters were all named crappy face. I know, spitting in the wind, but I stemmed the flow until she caught on. So to my delight one of her gifts this year was a tiara and a wand. Of course she immediately put the tiara on and pranced around with the wand like she was a ballerina. When we were on our way to the car to leave the party, Sofia was prancing in the moonlight with her tiara and wand and said, Dad, are princesses nocturnal? Being quick on my feet (metaphorically speaking) and thinking I should take one last stab at it, I immediately answered, no bug, princesses are crapturnal. I reiterated this a couple times while getting in the car but Sofia’s coup de grace was her immediate insistence that she wasn’t buying it for a minute. Hey, I almost made it to her 6th birthday. On Saturday, we went over to my friend Ray’s house to have Colleen cut the bug’s hair and she insisted on wearing her new roller skates that she received the day before. Now she wants to wear them everywhere. Here’s the roller derby queen, I mean princess…

Here’s some of Ray’s Lincoln sculptures…

When we got home, Sofia immediately went over to her friend Sophie’s grandmother’s house to play. Here’s the dynamic duo, Sophie and Sofia…

They really wanted me to take a picture of their feet…

They had a great time and watched “The Wizard of Oz” in anticipation for her trick or treating and I got to take the dog for a quick walk and experiment with the Vietnamese spinach and lemongrass I got that morning at the Vietnamese grocery. Ig turned me on to Vietnamese spinach when I was up in Des Moines a bit back. It was dreamy. So it was a full couple days and it’s not stopping yet ’cause MY mom just called and she’s coming in on wednesday for a short visit.

5 Responses to “Crapturnal Princesses…”

  1. Patricia Griffin Says:

    Your roller derby girl is such a little princess! 🙂

  2. Tracey Says:

    You don’t have to give in to the disney/barbie/princess thing but you HAVE to give in to Halloween!! Last night was the first time in seventeen years that I did not trick or treat with Wesley, but we went to the big street party on Franklin St and had so much fun. It’s so much fun to scare the crap out of your kids, try it!!
    You know I bought Wes some of the disney movies like The Lion King but refused Cindrella, Snow White, and Sleeping Beauty, those stories are so f’d up! and we did the whole Barbie world, Barbie motor home, plane, penthouse, you name it, if it was pink we had it. It was very short lived and she is such a bohemian now you would never know there was ever a Barbie in her life. A girl just has to have Barbie for a while! I hear ya though! Love that new haircut, she’s growing fast, watch out!

  3. meredith@whynot Says:

    I have two kids- my son was the oldest so his sister wanted what ever he had- guns. pocket knife, and such.
    When she was about 7 she asked for a doll.
    I mean asked for one- I finally had a girl.
    So I thought- she would still rather play with boys and guns and knives…
    anyway- fast forward- now she is mom and dresses her little girl in cute outfits and is such a girl with her.
    very fun to watch!
    Your Sophia is one smart cookie- princess one day and roller derby the next- you have no problems.
    Until boys start coming around….

  4. Elfriede Says:

    I want to hear more about his Vietnamese spinach……? We have some great Asian markets around town.

  5. angela walford Says:

    oh jim you tried!!

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