Beer Posters…

Just a quick post and the results of a quick search for beer posters… man, those poster people are uptight about having an image of their poster online where you could actually read the labels of the beers. For the photoshop uninitiated, a 600×800 pixel image is not large enough to make a do-it-yourself dorm room poster. There’s a really nice big Belgian Beer poster but I can’t find a file where you can actually see the bottles and what they say. Anyway, here’s what I found without spending too much time…

And of course, here’s a nice chart that’s been floating around the internet (click to enlarge enough to read)…

OK, so last night I couldn’t sleep and ended up fooling around in photoshop a bit and made this…

I know it doesn’t have that “poster” look but that was really not my intent… I just wanted to see what they all looked like together. But then I thought what about a slogan…

Or maybe something like, “craft beer drinkers don’t let clumsy friends spill” or “porcelain… it’s as old as beer”.

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7 Responses to “Beer Posters…”

  1. Kari Weaver Hopkins Says:

    I’m sold! I’d love to sip my Wee-Heavier from any one of those. I like the porcelain slogan. Maybe after happy hour, we can come up with more. Slainte!

  2. Paul Barchilon Says:

    Oh, what a great marketing idea! As someone who likes to drink, I like this idea ^_^ I would imagine beer is much older than porcelain though, I think even the Egyptians had some kind of beer. I think you have something with the craft beer angle though.

  3. Paul Barchilon Says:

    As I suspected, beer is MUCH older. I just checked wikipedia, and beer dates back as far as 9,500 BCE, whereas porcelain only came about in the Eastern Han around 200 BCE.

    • jim Says:

      hi paul, thanks for the clarification. i suspected as much as i was typing but this is what happens when one is a lazy blogger

  4. ang Says:

    some lovely pieces jim man!!

  5. Jen Says:

    I love the poster!

  6. medrecgal Says:

    Not a fan of beer, but the “poster” is awesome! You get to see how they’re all similar in shape, but yet the color variations are striking. Like the porcelain slogan too. Guess one of the tricks to drinking beer is knowing when to stop so the only porcelain that’s involved is the stein/mug/whatever kind of container you imbibe it from!

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