No Leaving Your Baby In The Store…

I hate to belabor a point, no matter how entertaining it is to me personally, but things happen and they tickle me and I guess we’re in a kind of sign vortex lately. Yesterday the bug and I went to Vietnam Kitchen and on the way home we stopped at a grocery store to pick up a couple things. Unfortunately after three 32 oz. glasses of iced tea and a large bowl of zuppa, it’s usually a rush home to relieve ourselves. Anyway, as we entered the grocery, we made a beeline for the rest room and since the bug is only 6, I do not leave her unattended outside the rest rooms in a busy grocery, especially when the nickname of the grocery we were in is the “dirty kr0ger”. Regardless, since I do not go into the women’s room, we headed into the men’s room and straight for a stall in case anyone came in while we were there (someone did come in and left while we were there). In the stall, there was a baby changing station attached to the wall. Normally, they are folded against the wall to be out of the way but someone had left it open like a small table… a baby changing table to be exact. While I was occupied Sofia stood there captivated by the stickers across the back of the unit and eventually said out loud, “no leaving your baby at the grocery store”. I could see the stickers but didn’t have my glasses on and although I thought her interpretation of the little “international symbol man” was funny, I couldn’t think of what it really said or meant. So as we were about to leave, I put on my glasses and saw what she was looking at. I g00gled for quite some time and although this is the exact model we were looking at, I couldn’t get a closeup of the graphic itself and I’m simply too busy to try and duplicate it (although I was so frustrated in g00gle that I almost got the camera and went back down to the store) (click to enlarge)…

You see it circled… a man walking away from the baby? Here’s a similar graphic of the same thing…

So… “do not leave your child unattended”. Hmmm… really? We need a sign to tell us not to leave our child in a bathroom stall? Then I start thinking what kind of stupid culture are we living in where we need signs to keep us from doing things that, in my younger days, I would’ve thought no one would do. To the curmudge, it’s akin to having signs that say don’t jump out the window on the 4th floor (defenestrate yourself), don’t chop your fingers off with the paring knife, don’t run out in front of speeding cars or trains. While g00gling I was musing about all this in the context of our culture but then I noticed we’re not alone…

Apparently people are leaving their infants in public places all over the world and just going about their business. Sure, I hear the stories same as everyone else about the parent that left their kid in a car with the windows rolled up but I really don’t think that a sign will either convince them that maybe they should think twice about leaving the child there or break through whatever the problem might be that would warrant such a lapse of attention. Of course I’m not the first to find amusement in the signage and its proliferation. There are plenty of phony signs that use the graphical standard as a way to sarcastically convey a message or just to break through all the other signs (sign, sign, everywhere a sign, blocking out the scenery, breaking my mind… whatever the hell breaking my mind means). Here’s a sign and I’m not sure but believe it’s for real, on the other hand, c’mon…

On the other hand, although I’m sure these are a joke, part of the joke is that they are not that far off from the “checking the diaper” one above…

OK, enough of that. Let’s proceed to the recent report based on the 2010 census that ranked the 50 smartest U.S. cities “from first to worst” is how it was reported. This is also another way of saying that they ranked the cities to see who’s the stupidest… and Louisville came in at a blistering 4th worst (out of 55 because apparently there were some ties) or in the top 4 stupidest, depending how you read it. “Louisville performed poorly on almost all measures: Book sales and college-degree rates were especially bad.” But take heart Kentucky, we still have bragging rights over San Antonio, Las Vegas and Fresno. Remember the Alamo!… and forget about all that book lurnin’ nonsense. In the meantime, I posted a couple new mugs to my etsy shop (clicking goes to etsy)…

Last but not least, the other day I posted my fledgling beer glass poster and later received and email from Derek Moore, a Vancouver potter who makes very cool vessels, and he had taken it upon himself to take the poster idea a bit further and sent me this…

I liked his slogan and feel like it strikes a cord with beer aficionados because it’s about the quality of the beer that’s being imbibed. I decided to alter Derek’s a bit but keep the tag line…

Thanks for the suggestion Derek.

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11 Responses to “No Leaving Your Baby In The Store…”

  1. Cindy Gilliland (DirtKicker Pottery) Says:

    Thanks for the great laughs. Love the new mugs.

  2. judi tavill Says:

    Always funny… I think they mean… don’t put the baby on the changing table and turn around to grab something as I did(not in a PUBLIC RESTROOM) when my boys were little.. as they will roll off and its bad… luckily… so far…10 and 14 years later… they seem to be reasonably ok… as for checking their diaper. ICK… enough said… just bought the bottom(Celadon) mug! Finally I get to try my chai in one of yours… Going to the Demerest show a week from Friday… so I had to do this BEFORE… as it gets a little wild there…

  3. meredith@whynot Says:

    Great Poster!
    Yes- people are stupid and stupid people Like SUE other people because they are……stupid….
    but the poster- brilliant!

  4. ang Says:

    hehee cool jim! the brewing companies will be at your door looking for endorsements..

  5. Patricia Griffin Says:

    Every year at our annual county fair, there are a few idiots abandon their kids at the “Lost Children” center and go party at the beer pavilion. It’s incredible…. Speaking of beer, nice poster!

  6. cucaracha Says:

    I like the light pea-green one!

  7. M@ Says:

    Looking at the posters I started to wonder… do you want to tease the viewer with a look inside the lip of the vessel, or does that even enter into the photographer’s head? I’m sorry if this is akin to asking if you inhale or exhale on your backswing. The photo’s are great, and especially when the mugs are all lined up like that. Makes a feller want to take up beer drinkin’. I like the bottom poster, third row down, farthest to the left.

  8. Darlene Esto Says:

    Yes, the signs are pervasive and dumb, but they are put there because folks want to (try to) avoid lawsuits because of idiotic behavior.
    “It’s not OUR fault your baby fell out of the shopping cart, we had a warning sign posted. We cannot be responsible.”
    I was just thinking of the Five Man Electrical Band and Tesla yesterday, what a timely post, keep rocking the pots!

  9. Ashley Says:

    This blogosphere is soooo small. I live in Calgary, Alberta and work part time at the local ceramic supply warehouse (Ceramics Canada). I mention this because Derrek Moore used to live here and worked at CC too. Love the poster (I love beer too, esp. the dark and bitter varieties).

  10. Jovile Says:

    I m ceramist from Lithuania, and I have 2 baby girls, your post was very useful, now i will know that its wrong to leave them alone he he he 🙂
    Your works are very beautiful and worm, just I saw them at once I want to drink tea !
    Best luck!

  11. elizabethBurtt Says:

    brilliant poster! and as to parents leaving infants in washrooms, my ex husband left our India in the car when she was three days old. Took our 18 month old son out of the car seat, next to her, in the back seat of a two door hyundai excel, and FORGOT we had a second child. he was picking me up after an appointment, when he arrived with Mason, and no baby I LOST it. he left her in the parking garage in August in 31C weather. she was ok, he however took a while to recover.

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