Happy Beerday…

So for the last few years, there’s been one day of the year that’s devoted to beer and I have my cousin Rand to thank for supplying all the beer. I posted about my visit last year and if you get a hankerin’, you can check it out here and that link reminded me that I had a hematoma this time last year from running full speed into my coffee table which I also blogged about here. This year was hardly as dramatic as the bug and I made the drive without Mom, who had to work. We arrived Monday night and finalized that Wednesday would be the day to visit Rand. Sofia decided to stay overnight and play with her cousin so I drove up around 3:30 and we started tasting right away. Here’s the brewer himself…

I gave him a couple of my beer glasses too (he’s only holding one, the other is the coffee because this was the following morning)

My brother Ken came too but he was waiting to see if my nephew would arrive home from Virginia in time to accompany us but alas he was stuck in traffic, so Ken didn’t get there until Rand and I were well under way. Rand’s son and my cousin Jib (pictured in the previous post) showed up later too. Linda made some very yummy chili and we all ate and drank for some time. Linda’s cut off in the top picture (sorry Linda, I took another pic of you but it was so blurry that you couldn’t tell it was you). Anyway, we started with 3 pumpkin ales, moved on to black IPA, IPA, double IPA, brown ale, spruce ale, wit, tripel, baltic porter, more baltic porter and storter (which is Rand’s combination of stout and porter). The order of these is wrong and incomplete but I was enjoying the beer. After eating and tasting about 25 beers (maybe more), I started to get sick. This was not sick due to drinking (I know what you’re thinking… yeah, right), I could feel a sore throat coming on and general malaise. Around 11 pm I figured if I didn’t lie down I was gonna die. So I was the wimp this year for sure… come to think of it I was the wimp last year too. By the way the beers I had were only a few ounces, not full glasses. The next morning I was sick and hungover (I’m still ailing now) and I went to my sister’s house for thanksgiving dinner and stayed in the recliner all day praying for death. The gnocchi was good but I probably could’ve eaten much more if I didn’t feel so bad. Of course when I woke up, Rand suggested that a nice glass of stout sometimes made him feel better when he was under the weather. That morning I took more pics of his operation, here’s the converted freezers with taps in them (I posted pics of them last year but he added more to the ends of the freezer that now total 16)…

Here’s the inside of the freezer and a glamor “tube shot”…

The following is the area where the cooking takes place…

On to the cooler, here’s Rand coming out or going in…

And the inside of the cooler, more beers than can be drunk…

Of course the underlying story behind all the brewing is that the beer is slowly taking over their house as evidenced by the sign on the downstairs bathroom door…

In the bathroom on the floor are several more batches all snugly wrapped with towels and hissing away as they ferment…

All in all and despite getting sick, I always look forward to and enjoy visiting Rand as we were inseparable when we were kids and got into tons of trouble together. So anyway, it was good to see my cousin again. Speaking of beer glasses, I posted these yesterday and probably more today (clicking goes to Etsy)…

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5 Responses to “Happy Beerday…”

  1. thecapricorntm Says:

    Nice to know you gad gfood time with your cousin mate.

    Now, talking business….


    I sent you a mail!

  2. Derek Says:

    Wow!!! Ok, my bother had a similar keg set-up in his ‘beer’ fridge but the walk-in cooler is just crazy!!!!

  3. meredith@whynot Says:

    I know Mark and our son would go with you on this trip!

  4. ron Says:

    Wow, amazing.

  5. soubriquet Says:

    This man is a true hero.
    A living National Treasure.

    After the rapture, those of us left behind will need people like him.

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