Three, Four, Shut The Damn Door…

Actually, the rhyme goes 3,4 knock at the door, but no matter. For about 3 days running the bug has been walking around the house (and maybe school too) loudly reciting… 1,2 buckle my shoe, 3,4 shut the damn door. This is my last Thanksgiving post but first I wanted to point out to any locals that there’s a Holiday Sale that my friend, Steven Cheek, invited me to up at the monastery where he runs the pot shop…

If you get a hankerin’, drop on by… it lasts all weekend and the opening is tonight starting at 6. So one of things we do each year (although it was much more fun when my dad was alive and my mom lived in NY) is go bowling. Sofia had a pretty good time after we found a 6 pound ball that she could handle…

Looks like she might make this split…

Over the years bowling has changed of course and most of it has to do with how the scores are kept and bumper rails to prevent the younguns from getting tons of gutterballs. The addition of “stats” to the display of everyone’s scores is ever increasing and this year included a description of where your second shot had to go to get a spare if the first shot didn’t strike. But immediately upon arrival I noticed a new stat that I was certain was going to change the afternoon’s bowling and of course guarantee a terrible score… MPH. Why do we need to know miles per hour? PJ and I started right in on trying to throw the ball as hard as we possibly could and although I eventually won that contest with a blistering 18.8 mph, my score was terrible and I found out the hard way yet another thing not to do when you suffer from plantar fasciitis… plant the left foot and wrench a 16 pound ball as hard as you can down the lane. I’d say live and learn but I’m not learning. Next year I guess they’ll include a stat about the amount of displacement in the side of a pin as the ball makes impact… but that would still only encourage throwing the ball as hard as possible. And of course I don’t think Sofia liked bowling as much as wrassling with her favorite cousin, PJ…

Not sure but I don’t think PJ enjoyed it as much as she did. Then, on two occasions, the bug played dressup for hours with cousin Kerri (she was so happy during this picture)…

On to pots, I posted these four to etsy yesterday. I love this glaze (clicking sends you to etsy)…

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6 Responses to “Three, Four, Shut The Damn Door…”

  1. dan finnegan Says:

    Why no links to your ETSY shop??

    • jim Says:

      hi dan, the pictures of the pots link directly to the etsy shop. wordpress will not allow me to put an etsy widget in the column without some kind of upgrade $$ (who knew?)… so the menu in the right column has a “BUY JIM’S POTS” page which links to etsy, it’s an extra click of the mouse.

  2. dee Says:

    actually I did learn that rhyme as ‘3, 4, shut the door.’

    nice mugs.

  3. jim Says:

    hi linda, if you mean the exterior, it’s just one glaze

  4. Michael Giles Says:

    I, too, love that glaze. It looks soft and buttery, so your hands (and maybe your cheek if you rubbed the pot against your face) enjoy a meditative tactile experience while the coffee infuses your spirit and makes you a better person.

  5. Eugene Hon Says:

    The glazes make the mugs – the way the glaze breakup and compliments the fabulous forms – It reminds me of salt-glazing – tight on the surface without compromising forms and texture (throwing rings and details. This is so important and necessary, I suppose for me in particular.

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