Demigod Beer Glasses…

Busy, busy, extremely busy… where to begin? How about here…

That’s the Autumn Stout (said to be good for a hangover) that my cousin, Rand, sent me home with from thanksgiving. It was a dreamy dark brew and went well with the barley potato zuppa we had for supper. So demigods… I may have to change the slogan on my beer poster. “Ceramic Beer Mugs Of The Demigods” is the title of the post today over at a great beer blog I was checking out called “Confessions Of A Beer Geek” run by Eli “The Mad Man of Beer” Shayotovich. I have to confess myself that I agree with Eli when he states, “Beer is the elixir of the gods. A refreshing beverage made of hops, barley and a pantheon of other delicacies that when looked at properly – through beer goggles perhaps, has quite literally changed the entire course of human history.” Anyway, if you get a hankerin’ and feel like reading about beer and getting thirstier and thirstier, head over to Eli’s blog and find out what’s going on in the craft beer world. It’s been an etsy week, uploading pots all day and I think I have more pieces in the store than any one time before…

I’m glad to report having to go to the post office more than usual which brings me to my little story of the day of things that always seem to happen to me or when I’m around or maybe I was just the only one listening. I went to the post office which is a relatively unknown p.o. at a “retirement community” place. There are lots of ancient people there who prefer to weigh there letters before mailing them but compared to a regular city p.o., this place is relatively un-crowded. So I’m in line and I’m about 6 back. At the counter is an old woman (maybe just a bit older than me) fussing about her packages but I’m fine because the line isn’t that long. Number 3 in line is a young woman, probably around 35, with her back to me and she has a small package but I cannot see it. When she finally gets up to the counter (I would estimate that she had waited a good 10 – 15 minutes), she puts a small cardboard container on the counter which is not taped closed and has no addresses on it. She says to the postal clerk, “I’ve got a tv remote, a wallet with ID, a cel phone charger and ____ (something I didn’t hear) in here.” The confused but nonplussed postal clerk says, “where would you like to send it?”. The woman says, “I want to send it to my brother.” The clerk says, “You’ll have to have an address, can you put an address on it?”. The woman says, “OK” and steps out of line and moves over to a small table off to the side and calls (her brother?) on her cel. I’m still standing in line and I’m not suggesting that I have a problem with eavesdropping (it’s one of my favorite activities) but everyone could hear. She says, “I’m here at the Post Office and they say I need your address.” Then, “I’ve got your tv remote, your wallet with the ID in it, phone charger and ____ (something I didn’t hear again) ready to go”. I’m thinking, not so sure how “ready to go” they really are… I mean I can’t believe these fascists at the post office have to bother everyone by making them get an address and put it on the package in order to mail it? Fortunately, transcribing the complex address information from the vibrations coming into her ear down through her arm, into her hand and out through the nib of the pen onto some paper took longer than it did for me to get to the counter and finish my business. This year… mailing a package, next year… selling online. Speaking of “delicate vibrations”, Sofia and I finished this book last week…

And in this book, written in 1914, the true inventor of the wireless telephone is revealed…

It’s the Wizard Of Oz! That really was some wizardry wasn’t it? Little did he know that it would sweep the planet and turn us all into a bunch of texting twits, killing each other on the highway while letting our friend know that we’re heading over to Target. In other news the holiday sale at the Mount St. Francis monastery went pretty well this weekend. I had the bug all weekend and think she tolerated being there with nothing to do pretty well. Of course, of the work there, she seemed to like Brian Somerville’s squirrel piece the best (Brian does tons of great carving on his pieces)…

Well, back to etsy, gotta go upload some demigod beer glasses. Here’s the bug playing dressup again…

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5 Responses to “Demigod Beer Glasses…”

  1. meredith Says:

    Do you live down the street?
    Or do you just drive here to mail your packages?
    I am always amazed at people but that beats some of the ones from here!
    and really- you have to have an address?
    Who would have thought!
    Chuckle- love the pots you have been posting- I hope many of them find good beer to fill them up.
    An address……… really

  2. ron Says:

    Ha, great story about the PO. I eavesdrop all the time. Sarah hates it. We can be at a restaurant and she will call me out when my eyes sort of glaze over and I’m concentrating on hearing what the people at the next table are saying. It keeps life interesting….and you get to hear all kinds of craziness!!

    That looks like some great beer. I had a glass of Left Hand Fade to Black when I was in Athens last week. It was soooo yummy. I need to go out and see if any of the groceries carry it here.

    Shop looks great! I’ve had good sales since my little whinning session. I’ve also been putting more effort into it, which seems to be paying off.

  3. ang Says:

    darn it i want to know what happened with the box of tricks at the post office!!! what is this jim a cliff hanger???

  4. Patricia Griffin Says:

    Etsy success = trips to Post Office. Your shop looks great! Congrats!

  5. Eugene Hon Says:

    Always funny and enlightening; you are not serious. I suppose everyone in town should know her and therefore her brother and where he lives of-course. Its that simple, is it not? Your ETSY store looks great and the beer mugs fabulous. Love the reference to the wireless telephone – Baum’s vision of the future

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