Resolutely Anti-Resolutions…

At long last, the day is upon us… January 2nd. No more scheduled fun until Valentine’s Day when millions will go out and buy cheap diamond bracelets to express their undying love to their significant others. I know, ewww, a bit cynical today? Not really, I just never can get past the commercialization of these ha11mark holidays. So last night, the entire earth celebrated the turning of one number to another. Here at casa sofiasdad, we were all snug in bed sound asleep at 11:00 p.m. In days of yore, I stood up til midnight and beyond and partied like it was 1999 but listening to auld lang syne, watching the ball drop and finally having that merciful toast of cheap champagne was, truthfully, always a bit anti-climactic. It’s similar to the hoopla leading up to the 2 minute Kentucky Derby or the 2 week hoopla leading up to the super bowl (especially when one team is totally blown out in the 1st quarter). For me, I like “regular” life, like Tuesday or better yet, Saturday. No scheduled fun, fun just happens and it happens surprisingly often. So what do I resolve to do now that that incredibly rare event has happened… for the 52nd time. I resolve to make no resolutions (isn’t that one?)… wait, maybe I don’t resolve to make resolutions. This reminds me of when I was young and every year my newyear’s resolution was to give up French’s mustard (I gave it up for lent also). Of course I hated French’s mustard and still do so I was very successful… seems like I haven’t really progressed much. One year back in the late 60’s or early 70’s, it was the year when, believe it or not, they not only had telephones with dials on them but it was the first year that condiment makers started using jars with squirt tops. Before that it was just a jar and you dipped a knife into the jar and spread the condiment on whatever you were eating… crazy huh? Anyway, along with the rolls of toilet paper, eggs and shaving cream that made up every kid’s arsenal for Halloween destruction, French’s mustard with the squirt top made a short-lived appearance that year. I overheard friends mentioning that they would be armed with it and I actually did not go out that year on halloween night. I did make important resolutions all last year. Let’s see, I think one was on a Thursday and one was on a Monday but I may be mistaken. Will I resolve to write a blog post every day in 2011… nope. How about every week?… nope. Eat better, lose weight, exercise more? Nope, nope and nope. Drink more beer? Well, let’s not get carried away here. Seems like we need a little cute break…

She loves her new bear. She went to that damn bu1ld a bear place and had a great time. After choosing the cloth with peace signs all over it, the bug ended up naming her new bear “peace sign” even though she really has no idea what peace means because an explanation usually includes a comparison to war and whenever I try to explain war, she simply cannot understand why people would go to war… and that is why children are superior to adults. So yesterday, it was 67 degrees… on december 31. I didn’t make a resolution to ride my bike but I thought I’d get the bike out and take a ride. 28 miles later and having gotten caught in a short downpour, I had second thoughts. I guess I’m still amazed at how quickly the human body can get out of shape. The upside was that it was a very enjoyable ride for most of the way and also as I rode along the railroad tracks for a stretch and perused the graffiti on the rail cars, I was struck by some instructional graffiti which is unusual and quite rare on trains. In the middle between two very nice tags, it read in almost cursive english… “you can’t develop biceps if you don’t do curls”. I had always suspected this to be true but if this person felt strong enough to put it on a train that would most likely travel the country… he/she must have more than anecdotal evidence and I think that that does make it indeed true. I think using the word develop instead of “get big” or “have big” or… “nurture” is what sealed the deal for me. So I couldn’t find this on my last post but here is the envelope to my xmas card from Sofia. It has me, Mom, Sofia and my favorite part is Sunglasses because she drew her tearing up the wrappings of the gifts…

Speaking of Sunglasses who I took to calling Dingus, it occurred to me on her walk today that I don’t even call her dingus anymore. Her name has evolved to Doofus LaGoobus or Dolta Minolta depending on my mood. I was visiting a friend the other day and he gave me something really nice for xmas which I’ll get to in a minute but he also gave me some old pictures from years ago. Here’s one pic of my favorite dog ever, little Butchie… she lived to be 19 and died about a year ago…

Here she is a month or so before she passed…

Another picture was of me posing for a sculpture that my friend had done in bronze of a Louisville hotelier which is located downtown on 4th Street. Obviously he was interested in the pose and the clothing and shoes and not what my head looked like…

So the gift my friend gave me were these two pots, both Japanese. This first one is a sake cup with a lovely red swirl in and out, supposedly 60+ years old…

The other is a blue and white Imari tea cup, supposedly mid Edo Era and around 1760 with the kurafune (black ship) on the inside…

Last but not least, I had this idea to make some terra sig. This was not a stated resolution, but simply something I resolved to do. Anyway this particular recipe called for OM4 ball clay, water, soda ash and sodium silicate. My understanding was that this was something relatively easy and it’s been almost 2 weeks since I mixed up the batch. I also understood that there would be 3 strata after settling… the top, which is water, the bottom that has the coarser, heavier particles settled out and the middle layer… the terra sig that I’m supposed to siphon out. Well, I’ve only got 2 layers and the top one is obviously water. I can see no demarcation in the bottom layer and so, don’t know where to siphon and not. Any hints would be welcome…

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11 Responses to “Resolutely Anti-Resolutions…”

  1. Tracey Says:

    LOVE Build a Bear, we have 3, love the Japanese tea bowls, and I don’t know what to say about that dog?! re: terra sig, I have never been able to see the 3 layers, but once you start siphoning that 2nd layer it will be obvious when to stop, it will be like a thick slurry and you don’t want that. I use OM4 but have never used soda ash, hmmm…. what does that do? Happy New Year to you guys, look forward to the 2011 sagas 🙂

    • jim Says:

      thanks tracey and brian,
      from what i read, using both soda ash and sodium silicate worked better than sodium silicate alone and i had both so i tried that method. i have no experience here though. i will siphon on monday and i’m sure you’re right tracey that i will be able to tell. i read several articles and it may have been the one using redart that said there would be more distinct layers. thanks for the advice

  2. Brian Says:

    It really depends on the clay on how distinct the layers are. RedArt has a distinct 3, others, not so much. I want to try straight OM4 myself soon. Since it has been several weeks, you might try stirring it back up again, and look for the layers in 6-12 hours.

    Love the saki and tea cup!

  3. Michael Says:

    Great post mr G. I agree with your resolve not to set up arbitrary traps just because a number has been changed. I also agree with the notion of everyday fun!
    Thanks for sharing your wonderment and the trail that it leads you on.
    Happy new year from all of us to your family. My only resolution may be to continue to ‘relish’ your writing in the new year, but maybe that would be like you giving up French’s for Lent! All too easy!

  4. ang Says:

    i was going to say no idea!!! ask trace and there she is 😛 try running through locusts… i’ll take a down pour of rain any day rather that be smacked in the face by flying locusts how rude!!!! :))

  5. meredith Says:

    It is like you get a prize if you read the whole post- love the teabowls and the bear.
    Peace out man….
    as far as advice- none to give- stick with Tracey!

  6. Patricia Griffin Says:

    I LOVE the graffiti line: “You can’t develop biceps if you don’t do curls.” That’s great. Words to live by. Happy New Year Jim!

  7. cindy shake Says:

    awwww, I like Build-A-Bear 😮 not that I ever let my kids do it though -ha! Love the doggie photos and those cups are FAB. Happy New Year!

  8. judi tavill Says:

    Ahh… now I’m in the Right Place:
    “damned build a bear place” You crack me up. Do you know when Maxine Clark started the company 12 years ago, I designed the first BEAR OUTFITS?
    It’s a long way from clay… Happy New Year! Can’t wait to see the SIGGGG… I am cooking up my own stuff…

  9. Skuzy Says:

    You’re the long-legged family so you’re Daddy Longlegs. Butchie was a dandy wth a great name. I love the swirled cup.

  10. Deborah Woods Says:

    You crack me up . . .

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