Blah(g) Post…

I think this is the longest I’ve gone without a post since I started the blog and today maybe I should call it the blaaahhhg. It really doesn’t seem like that long but what can I say. I have nothing to take a picture of… unless I want to take a picture of sick people. Mom’s been sick for over a week and the bug’s been sick for about a week. A bird shat on my head several days ago and I wished I had my camera with me then. It’s cold and snowy and I’ve been trying to navigate a household full of germs without catching the dreaded ailment. I’m actually quite amazed that I’ve dodged it for over a week and if I don’t get it, it will be the first time ever that I was the one who didn’t get sick. Of course I’ve been washing my hands about 20 times a day and I’ve started to view the house in somewhat the same way I imagine H0ward Hugh3s would view it. The diseased people sneeze and cough into their hands (if I’m lucky) and then they use these same hands to, I don’t know, grind coffee, pick up the teapot, use the faucet, pick up the remote or the telephone. The bug’s cough is one of those dry heaving coughs that hurt when you finally give in and it’s been keeping her up a little at night so I’ve been keeping her company until she falls back asleep. And when all else fails, we’re gonna go get a beer tonight as they seem to finally be coming out of it and what could it hurt? I hit a terra sig snag (terra snag… could be my specialty) because I don’t want to commit to a big firing when I’ve never even seen one terra sig piece fired and I don’t want to simply do a test and fill the kiln with the other stuff, thus delaying when I find out what the test looks like for quite some time. I’ve been told that I should just fill the kiln with a few test pieces and put all the shelves in there and fire it like that but I can’t make myself do it so I’ve just been throwing and delaying a decision. Anyway, just January blahs… here’s some more pics that I got off of “sofia’s camera”…


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11 Responses to “Blah(g) Post…”

  1. meredith Says:

    let’s just go straight over to spring and leave the snow behind-are you game?

  2. Tracey Says:

    I just fire my ts with the rest of my bisque, I always have some crazy rotation going of 04 that’s the final firing and 04 that’s bisque or a mix of both. Gerry and Wes were sick all through Christmas and I never got it, so I’m hoping I dodged the bullet, fingers crossed!!! Stay well šŸ™‚

  3. ron Says:

    I hope you don’t get sick man! Sarah and I both had the crud going into and over New Years. Yuck. Hand washing is good.
    When you said “January blahs”, I was like, “That’s it, that’s what I have.” Thanks for helping me figure that out.
    How much does it cost to fire the kiln do you think? I remember someone figured it up on Clayart one time and it was like $12 or something . Don’t remember what cone that was. Anyhow I have that in my head and if I have some tests or just a few pots to fire I just do it. I figure I’ll reap my $12 bucks back off the few pots in there. (I hope I’m not kidding myself too much about that).
    I had this tiny test kiln of a friends for a while and it sure was nice. It would hold one cup or 6 or 8 test mice. I’d like to have it again.
    Oh well, take care. Look forward to seeing the Sig action.

    • jim Says:

      hi ron,
      when i purchased the kiln, i was told that a regular bisque fire would run about 18.00 but that was 5 years ago and my bisque would probably be considered a long bisque so i’m thinking probably 25 or so. but truthfully, it’s not as much about the money as that it goes against my internal whatever it is about efficiency and waste. mental demons might be a good description.

  4. Gordo Says:

    The MythBusters did a rather disturbing experiment to see how far germs can be spread through simple contact a week or two ago. Ugh.

    Stay well, my friend. -10C up here and we seem to be sliding into the January deep freeze. Keeping the pestilence at bay is difficult this time of year.

  5. Robert Young Says:

    Stay well! Don’t forget to wash your hands after this… there might be a virus on the computer…

  6. Connie Says:

    Ok this might be a dumb question but… here goes. How do you figure out the math for a kiln firing. Now, when you explain it to me, remember I had to go to Math Therapy in college. It still didn’t help my computation skills. haha

  7. Patricia Griffin Says:

    Interesting comments about a kiln firing, costs and efficiencies… I do the same thing in delaying a test item until I have enough for a full load of the tested and true to go with it. I figure that some day (in the mythical, perfect future), I’ll get the production cycle all worked out and my timing will be so smooth. Just like clock-work. Yea, right… By then, i’ll be too old to find the kiln room.

  8. Jane Says:

    What I want to know is, how did Sofia get the second shot? Was she bouncing on the bed and holding the camera above her head snapping pics at just the right moment?

    • jim Says:

      hi jane,
      it would be funnier if the answer was one of those acrobatic things and but she has a bunk bed (even though there’s no other child). she usually sleeps on top or bottom with her stuffed animals on the one she’s not using.

  9. ron philbeck Says:

    Jim, I totally understand what you mean about the mental demons. I’ve got my share of those. I don’t think I have the one for the wasteful firing though, which is good…I make it up somewhere else I’m sure.

    So here are some answers about calculating cost of firing from Clayart.

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