Those Crazy Brits…

Is that correct?… Brits? Or is it those crazy Great British or British or UKers or English? I have to be honest, I’m so very happy to have met blogging buddies from the British Isles or from England or from the UK or whatever, but man, your country’s almost as screwed up as ours. First off, as a relatively new father, I’m utterly amazed how pervasive the monarchy is to our children’s literature. We broke from said monarchy over 225 years ago and of all the things that our kids could possibly soak up, it’s kings and queens and princes and princesses. I have to insert here that despite their and our obsession with the now, in my opinion, relatively meaningless monarchy across the sea, I couldn’t work up an inkling of interest about Prince so and so and Queen so and so. Why do we care?… I know, celebrity. Obviously, there are still other monarchies in the world but nothing like it used to be. So I was sent this video and it kinda blew me away in a way…

I’ve watched it 3 times already and still couldn’t recite it back to someone.

OK, this is day 17 of this plague from hell and it’s the first day that I don’t feel like ripping my throat out ever minute of the day… I only feel like ripping it out about half the time. It’s cold and it’s been snowing…

So much for that mild winter the forecasters said we’d have back in the autumn. It’s difficult to blog when you haven’t done anything except wait to be able to do something. I’d like to say I’d read a good book but no. I think I’m gonna throw this afternoon and see how I feel after a couple bowls. The bug is off at school and I miss her during the day. Here she is all packed up and ready to leave this morning…

In a previous post, I pondered our propensity for round base 10 numbers and why… maybe because we have 10 fingers and 10 toes. Well, Monday was Sofia’s 100th day of school and she told me it would be but I thought, yeah, ok, maybe they can make a math lesson out of it. Well she was beside herself that evening as they devoted the whole day to 100 and, in her words, didn’t do any “schoolwork”. What they did do is give all the kids a pretzel for 1 and 2 donuts for the zeroes (thank you for helping me have my child eat well!) Later that day, I asked her if she was excited about the 101st day and she said glumly, no, it’s just gonna be a school day where we do our work. Then she perked up and said, but anyway, 100 is not my favorite number anyway. Before I could ask what was, she said, my favorite number is really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really… and on and on til I was starting to wonder how long she would go and then she stopped the reallys and said, as many reallys as it would take me to say them for my whole life with big number at the end. Then she said, it’s that big because I’m little. I said, you’re not little to an ant. She immediately said, I know… to an ant, I’m a giant ant stomper. Such is the nature of our discourse. What reminded me of the round number thing originally was that I noticed that Michael Kline posted his 4 year anniversary of his blog the other day, congrats Michael. I thought wow, that’s 2 years more than my blog and then thought, hey… I started my blog in February, what day was that exactly? It was Feb. 2nd and it slipped by me while I was ill. So I’m over 2 years at this blogging thing. Here’s a shot of the cold dog…

As I put the blanket over her, I thought… I bet you wish you had opposable thumbs Dingus.


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6 Responses to “Those Crazy Brits…”

  1. gary rith Says:

    Sophie has got a rockin’ outift goin’ there INDEED 🙂 I am noticing the vigilant pup watching her food though…..

  2. meredith@whynot Says:

    she is mighty cute in that fancy coat and warm I hope.
    So now I hate to go to the baby computer to watch the video since this granny model does not play that stuff anymore.
    Puppy looks like she is pretty happy to be covered up.
    And now I have to think about favorite numbers.
    and donuts- why donuts- crazy…

  3. ang Says:

    happy twos then jim, they weren’t too terrible….lets see what ya can do with year number 3 then :)) and get better

  4. Connie Says:

    Wow! Thank you so much for sharing that video. I have asking about the UK question for a while, with no right answers. I have a brother in law from England and one from Austraila. So whenever we have family gatherings I start to wonder what exactly is the UK. But it’s always after everyone has gone to bed. Then I forget the next day.

  5. Hannah Says:

    That video Jim is brilliant!
    Shame you can’t come to any of the slipware “do’s”. Would have been great to meet you.
    all the best

  6. gz Says:

    The video is good! You do have to listen to it a couple of times! It glosses over a lot, but does give you the (very)basics!!

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