7 Stylish Things…

There’s this award that’s been going around that Connie Norman was gracious enough to give to me called the Stylish Blogger Award. Thank you Connie for thinking of me. Here’s where the curmudge kicks in… the award suggest that you nominate 15 more people and list 7 things about yourself previously unrevealed on the blog. There’s something provocative about the latter part but as I’ve made the rounds, I think most of the potter blogs have already been nominated for the award so I’m skipping that part. As far as the 7 stylish things, it’s gonna be difficult because I don’t think I’m all that stylish in the sense of the word most people understand. But here goes… think stylish Jim:

#1. I can and do pee and drink beer simultaneously (mostly outdoors because it’s more fun that way)

#2. When I was a boy, raised Catholic, I would lie to the priest in confession and make up sins that I hadn’t really done to appease their insatiable need for child sins. I did then and do to this day think that I didn’t do anything as a child that could even remotely be considered evil or sinful… I was a kid.

#3. I have not struggled with gluttony for most of my life… I just go ahead and pig out, no struggle whatsoever.

#4. As I’ve aged, my nose hairs have become stiff and grow rapidly. If I don’t stay on top of this, at night when I’m trying to sleep and I’m lying on my side, the long stiff hairs get pushed against the opposite side of the inside of my nose and it tickles so much that I cannot go to sleep.

#5. My dad instilled in my an abject aversion to lying. I’m still very bad at it and rarely do it (this doesn’t include lies of omission). This has caused me a great deal of grief over the years and made me the social misfit who has trouble with small talk. It has also contributed to a characterization of me as truculent, cynical (although skeptical is the word they’re looking for) and defiant.

#6. The character trait that I revere most in others is irreverence, hands down… especially an irreverent sense of humor.

#7. I guess many would and do derisively call me a health nut. I haven’t EVER in my whole life had a b1g mac, wh0pper, or whatever the correlative names are for the burgers at the other chains. In fact the only time in the last 25 years I’ve even been in a McDon’talds is to use the rest room when I’m traveling and there’s no gas station around (I haven’t peed and drunk a beer simultaneously in a McDolts but that has more to do with the fact that I’m not drinking beer on long trips). I haven’t eaten a hamburger since 1986. I haven’t had a carbonated soda beverage since 1986 (except a couple times I’ve had a ginger ale when I’ve gotten sick and nauseous). I haven’t dipped snuff or chewed tobacco since 1986.

So there you have it… pretty stylish, no?

I hate to have a post without a picture so here’s the bug jammin’ ala Sonny Terry…


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14 Responses to “7 Stylish Things…”

  1. Patricia Griffin Says:

    chuckle, chuckle, chuckle
    I’m due to post my 7 stylin’ things too… I think I’m going to follow your lead and not assign the homework to any other poor bugger, though it IS fun to read new stuff about blogger pals.
    OK, you’ve motivated me. I’m going to go do it…. NOW. Bye

  2. ron Says:

    1986 must have been some life changing year for you! No burger since then! Wow, It’s been 3 days for me and I’m ready for another.
    I’ve got to post my 7 things too. Not sure what they will be though. Well, I do have a stylin’ work wardrobe that I sport in the studio. Okay. Thanks for sharing all that. (the nose hair thing is a bit disturbing)

  3. liz Says:

    a couple of days ago In a fit of “teenagers didn’t do the chores rage” I dramatically swanned out of my house to have dinner out ALL BY MYSELF and not feed anyone else supper. Since I live on an island, which boasts few decent restaurants, and we were still getting plowed out from the massive snow dump, my only choice was the drive thru at Wendy’s. I had a burger, and it was gross. I keep forgetting how much I hate fast food. I am thinking a better idea would have been to cook something yummy, and not share it.

  4. Connie Says:

    Your blog always makes me laugh out loud. (oh I forgot I teach jr. high I should have written LOL). The stylin’ award is kind of like chain mail. But this is a little be more fun. So… you go to KFC instead? (just joking)

  5. cindy shake Says:

    I think you were nominated by Tracey too because I wanted to nominate you as well but she beat me to it! You’re just a popular guy, nose hair and all :0

  6. cindy shake Says:


  7. Jen Says:

    Howdy Jim – So Connie nominated me for this award as well and I thought I’d catch up on my blogs to see what everyone else was writing…So far, hands down, as always, your blog is the most entertaining. Love this post and I’m so impressed that you never got to McDonalds! My hero…..
    Hope “The Bug” is doing well. Jen

  8. Zygote Says:

    I nearly shot a Whopper out my nose laughing.

  9. meredith Says:

    you are so syylish my man- but Mark says many people can drink and pee at the same time!
    I would not know this but now I have to try- making up sins…..

  10. ang Says:

    ya nutter!! only you would come up with such stuff….I’m going to have to get creative and make up some stuff for mine otherwise it could be incredibly boring ๐Ÿ˜›

  11. Eugene Hon Says:

    1986 hailed in dramatic changes in your life – major sacrifices, for health reasons I presume, or were they new years resolutions?. Or did you give it up for Lent and continued to do so ever since. Fast food hamburgers are so very artificial anyway; cardboard tasting patties, processed cheese on a dry white bun smothered in horrible tasting tomato sauce. Not very authentic, and not that you would choose a homemade hamburger at an A la Carte Restaurant if you were that stylish. Good riddance I do dare say. Love the flamboyant approach at confession, blatantly honest to be yourself – just a kid. So what has changed – oh yes, the nose hair – another revealing grey moment. You are still a naughty brat and a fun loving one at that, and always will be.

  12. Rowanrose Says:

    Wow Jim…I feel like I know you so much more deeply now. Especially your nose! Just so you know, I am an extremely irreverent person. If we hung out in real life I would be basking in your admiration and we would be bff’s.

    And it is not lost on me that you “revere” irreverence.

    • jim Says:

      hi rowan, i knew intuitively that you were irreverent and we don’t have to actually hang out… you can bask in my admiration long distance

  13. M@ Says:


    You are and always have been one of the most stylish people I know. I am not worthy to read your blog.

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