Nazi Pesto…

There’s been a lot a talk about Nazi’s in the past couple years (actually there’s been a lot of talk about them ever since WWII) but I never made any connection to my work. It’s always a treat when someone sends you a picture of the piece they purchased in action and I got this one the other day…

I knew that those brown shirts had a connection to Italy (and by extention pesto) because of B. Mussolini (his team was the very original black shirts). When I was growing up my grandpa, in a rare politic statement, would say… “Mussolini wasn’t all that bad until he got mixed up with that H1tler fella.” In retrospect I thought he was pretty nice about the whole thing especially referring to Adolf as “that H1tler fella”. One more Naz1 tangent before getting back to the bowl. While I was sick, I watched about half of a documentary about crystal meth on Netflix. In true documentary form, the beginning of the movie talks about the history of meth and how it was invented in the early 20th century and given to pilots during the war to keep them from dozing off on long and continued bombing missions. I was astounded by a little known fact that they mentioned during this segment. It was that H1tler took meth injections every day for the last 2 1/2 years of his life. How could this be left out of everything one hears about this dude? OK, so back to the bowl… the Naz1 thing is a bit of an inside joke with me and bowl’s new owner as she had left a message on etsy saying that she was trying to find this soldier toy for her 14 year old at the same time she was deciding to get the bowl around xmas. I mentioned to her after I had mailed it that I hoped the whole Naz1 shopping had worked out and she promised me a picture of the two. Another email from Thia, the bowl’s new owner, is a wonderful glowing review of my work and I quote it here… “Your bowls arrived yesterday and they are bloody gorgeous!! That blue bowl is just mesmerizing! It is currently my favorite. I was at work when they arrived, and my 14 year old called me from home to tell me how much he liked the blue bowl. His interest in visual culture is pretty much limited to tattoos. The more garish the better. Anyway, he said that he wished that you had etched the same pattern on the outside of the bowl as well. This from a boy who dreams of turning 18 so he can have a dragon tattooed on his back, its head reaching over his shoulder to his chest.” I think it’s fantastic to get this kind of feedback, thank you Thia for taking the time to send it.

In other news, the weather broke and my 18 day illness has passed. I think the weather is spectacular and enjoyed a bike ride yesterday but the fact that we are not supposed to have this kind of weather for another month and 1/2 is subtly disturbing to me. That being said this past Sunday, the bug and I went on a little picnic to the Watertower again. She loves that place. We brought a blanket, an apple, and orange and some pecans and enjoyed the 55 degrees. Here’s my favorite pic of the day as she had get some running in…

Here’s some shots of her on the other tower over by the watertower. She asked me a bunch of questions about it and one was what it was made out of and I said, limestone. She said, grindstone? and I said, no, limestone. She said, Dad, you’re not foolin’ me because I’ve tasted a lime and that tower doesn’t taste like limes. It’s made of grindstone. I tried to clear up the whole thing but she wasn’t buying it. Such is the situation when you’re always foolin’ your child…

While we were there we got some thistles from last year and gave them a haircut with my swiss army knife and then “planted” them in the grass. I tried to get a shot with the moon in the background but you can barely see it…

Under the heading of “can’t leave well enough alone”, I started making these bowls and severing the outsides…

I like what it does to the contour but I like what it does to the inside of the bowl more…

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9 Responses to “Nazi Pesto…”

  1. meredith@whynot Says:

    I never thought about Pesto as German food but hey there are no boundaries any more.
    That bug has your number Limestone- and I think she is right- it would make a terrible pie.

    PS we do love that baby- don’t tell it will ruin our image….

  2. Paul Barchilon Says:

    Hitler was a meth freak? Why don’t we hear that more often?!?!?! It totally explains his increasing psychotic mania in the last few years of the war. May have to check out that documentary!

  3. ang Says:

    get outta town!!! thats crazy talk….the hiT boy taking a mind altering drug …never!! 😛 jim gorgeous bowls the last pics are looking like we’ve crossed paths and so wishing my kiln was finished oh well …..

  4. Nodule Says:

    a lavendar farm? how COOL!

  5. Zygote Says:

    That sucker’s limestone! COOL!
    I’m hip with the detailed insides. That’s what’s reveled through the course of a meal… details, details, details

  6. thecapricorntm Says:

    Just to point out the obvious.

    Yes, Mu550l1n1 was AS BAD as H1th3r before he met the Meth addict.

    Just saying…

    • jim Says:

      hi gianluca, didn’t mean to be vague when i wrote that. of course he was very bad… i just thought it was interesting the way my grandpa viewed the situation, especially in light of the fact that he had emigrated from there to here.

  7. soubriquet Says:

    I’d guess it’s as likely that the allied leaders were popping pills too. Certainly fighter pilots were often on speed. I suppose it explains the famous rages though!

    As for limestone, i agree with her. I’m assuming she licked the tower to find out?
    Love that rusty ladder… My climbing hands are itching, I’ll bet theres a great view from the top.

    Tattoo pots?

  8. Deborah Woods Says:

    Glad you’re feeling better. Love the bowls! I too watched half of that Crystal Meth documentary! Watched it on Hulu. Remember the Hitler thing. I’m thinking the drug wasn’t quite as powerful or destructive as it is today . . . Well, I guess Hitler is not a good example of that though!

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