February Is The New April…

No doubt May will be the new August. The temps have been balmy for a week now and it seems they’re holding for now… supposed to be mid-50’s for the next week or so and last week was 60’s and even went past 70 on one day. I road my bike 3 days in a row… nothing like holidays, cold weather, sitting on your ass and a 17 day flu to get you out of shape. It was pretty rough going but unless you work out somehow during the winter, it’s inevitable. Yesterday was Dad and Sofia day and we had a great day. Tommy’s for java, Vietnam Kitchen for soup, home and long walk with the demon dog, grocery for apples and grapes and off to the river for a picnic. The bug loves to sit on a blanket and have me peel her an apple. Here’s the bug when we arrived…

Here’s our view… across the river where under that railroad bridge is the falls which is the reason Louisville was a settlement here in the first place…

After our little picnic, I wanted to take the bug to the locks on the river but I couldn’t figure out how to get to it. I ride by it on my bicycle but I couldn’t navigate to it in the car. I guess I’ll have to get a map or something. Instead we went to the waterfront where there’s a “great” lawn where they have outdoor concerts etc. We were checking out the water fountains next to the lawn and I found this…

This is the largest denomination of currency I’ve ever found. I used to have dreams where I would find money and greedily put it in my pockets until I couldn’t fit any more in, I wonder what that was all about. Anyway, a 10 spot is a 10 spot. Here’s the bug getting ready to run on the lawn…

When we got back to the car, I realized that we had parked near my friend Ray’s bike rack. The city had artists make bicycle racks and placed them around the downtown area a couple years back and Ray’s was down by the river and I hadn’t seen it installed before. It has a polished fish on it. Here’s Sofia hamming it up with the fish…

Here’s a shot of her making a kind of fish face…

The excitement this morning was that Mom went downstairs first and the dog had thrown up in the foyer. Sofia was right behind her but when she saw the vomit, she came running back upstairs shouting that the the dog “threwed upped” that she was never going downstairs again and that we would have to bring food and water upstairs for her. I said, don’t hold your breathe and she said, what does that mean? I gave it my best shot but I don’t think she really understood the sarcasm… oh well, she will in time. In other news, I made a few planters and I have to point out that it is spelled planter and not the dreaded plantar, as in the fasciitis. I altered the water reservoir section to have the rim flip down…

From the side they look a bit flying saucer-ey…

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9 Responses to “February Is The New April…”

  1. Ignatius Says:

    Sweet picture of Sofia. I love the planters. Let me know when they are done. I may need some.

  2. meredith@whynot Says:

    We just came home from a ride to “town” and there are cheery trees in bloom-C.R.A.Z.Y!!!!!
    But no one paid us ten bucks to go! Money from the heavens.
    I am going to check out the link you left me- I am so lazy I need to throw out more of those water logged bats- But I keep using them.
    Planters look great!
    The bug- she is a real doll! Cute as a bug!

  3. meredith@whynot Says:

    Okay- he is smarter and not as lazy as me- seems to be a similar concept.
    I just paid someone else to do the work and thinking!
    I like my Masonite material it is not weighty to pick up.
    To each our own so to speak.

  4. cindy shake Says:

    Great bike rack fish!! Way cute Sofia pix and sorry about the dog barf 😦

  5. ang Says:

    mmmmm keep warming up… it might be my temp by april :))

  6. john bauman Says:

    You threwed upped some nice looking planters.

    That river is there to keep the likes of you from the likes of me. Someone built bridges anyway.

  7. john bauman Says:

    ….oh, and did I mention that I dropped a 10 when I was down there for St James? You can just keep it for me for now.

  8. soubriquet Says:

    You inspired a post over here…. linked back to you, oh, all circular and stuff.

    I think it was Charles Dickens who dropped that ten.
    luuuuurve the fish too.
    And the dropped rims, if they was mine they’d wobble. You’re so neat and controlled.
    i feel like a heap of chaos in comparison.

  9. Connie Says:

    Hey I found a 50 dollar bill once. That was pretty cool. It was blown on to a chain link fence, while I was walking my dog. It’s never happened agan! I keep hoping. I love the planters! Can’t wait to see them finished.

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