Splitting And Twisting…

Well, I guess I was a bit premature when I posted the planters. I was so excited about the flipped down edge that I thought I’d take it one step further and make some bowls with a double flip…

And the bottom…

Well, these split along the seam and I was really disappointed and then later I went and re-checked the planters only to find out that some of those split too and the ones that didn’t probably will in the bisque. I should have known because they were going together a little too easily. I haven’t given up as I think the double flip ones look cool but I think that because the bottoms are thick so I can have a tall foot, that by time the bottom is dry enough to trim, the walls of the bowls are a touch too dry… so on to modified drying. Anyway, that was a normal trial and error fail. My buddy Steven Cheek bisqued a couple terra sig tests for me to see if the sheen held up. It did OK but I think my percentages of colorants were too low. I went ahead and doubled the stain in the black and coated several pieces with it…

I have to admit that they look so yummy when they’re wet/damp. Here’s a few rubbed to a slight polish…

And of course, I learned a little lesson on how hard I can rub on a thin piece of greenware…

In bug news, something has changed at our favorite tavern. We used to simply go and she would play or draw and I would drink a beer or two. This was a regular event throughout the winter and was usually on Sunday. Well, the tavern has hired a balloon twister/sculptor dude. At first I thought he wouldn’t last but I think he went to balloon twisting school and he has all the accoutrement and paraphernalia including a mechanical pump, special pins and scissors, balloons colored with the colors throughout the visual spectrum and even balloons already shaped like things (like a heart). The shaped balloons strike me as a bit of a cop out considering that the whole idea is to make things out of hot dog shaped balloons… but what do I know? The problem is the whole tipping/not tipping/how much tipping thing. I don’t really mind tipping him but he’s got a bit of a scam going insofar as he doesn’t ask parents if they’d like their kid to have a balloon, he simply comes up to the table and asks the kids if they like him to make them something… like any kid is going to say, no I’m ok this week. The result is that every time I go in, it’s like someone has added to my bill. Anyway, the first time Sofia got butterfly wings but I didn’t get a picture. The second time, a tiara and wand (gag me with a spoon)…

And this last weekend, she got a dog that’s also a hat (she was quick to point out that it’s a dog with no legs)…

So maybe I need a new tavern.

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13 Responses to “Splitting And Twisting…”

  1. meredith@whynot Says:

    Those pots do look mighty tasty- I love the way they look right now!
    The double rim is a nice look and I hope you work that out.
    The balloons- what a scam!
    And just when you were enjoying a beer or two comes some clown to rain on your parade.
    Is he related to the owner?
    Don’t you want to tell him to go get a Real job?

  2. barbaradonovan Says:

    Did you hear “cindarella ate my daughter” on the Diane Rehm Show on NPR? (If not: http://thedianerehmshow.org/shows/2011-01-27/peggy-orenstein-cinderella-ate-my-daughter). Seeing your daughter in the pink balloon tiara made me think of it 🙂 Enjoy!

  3. Jerry Says:

    I *love* the last line of this posting.

  4. Tracey Says:

    If you didn’t hear Cinderella Ate My Daughter you should try and find it online, it’s great! I have to say pub and balloon sculpture is a really odd combination, what is that tavern owner thinking? He would be losing my business for sure!

  5. Cindy Gilliland (DirtKiker Pottery) Says:

    Hi Jim, Your pots look awesome. I’ve been working on the split rim technique. I just end up with a split that has clay gunk in it. How about doing a video and show us how you get the that spit rim looking so clean and perfect?

  6. Rob - Simple Circle Studios Says:

    The pots are looking good. I am curious to see what the terra sig looks like fired. Are you going to do your usual things with those or something different?
    And as far as the balloons go, just don’t tip him. You didn’t ask him to make the balloons; he didn’t ask you for compensation (I am guessing). To me that says “free gift.” After a few free gifts I am sure he would probably leave you alone.

  7. Connie Says:

    I really like the new pots! Bummer the balloon guy isn’t at least asking the parents first. I hope the bug takes the news ok.

  8. Michele Says:

    i am with rob on how to handle the balloon guy. and yeah those pots look yummy – sorta like dipped in dark chocolate…mmmmm

  9. ang Says:

    mmmmmmmm lookin mighty fine jim…..yeh what a scam indeed maybe give mr balloon man one of your crazy stares he should get the message!!!

  10. Kari Says:

    laughs… you need a “like” button on your posts… =) (for both the pots and the commentary on balloons and beer)

  11. barbaradonovan Says:

    Ha. I can just hear that scritch of balloon twisting while trying to relax at your local pub. Maybe the owner shoud go ahead and hire a mime too in the effort to drive away his/her entire clientele

  12. Eugene Hon Says:

    Looks like a real sausage dog, the colour and everything.

    Jeff Koons made sculptures that were based on these balloon creatures, check it out they are amazing – http://flavorwire.com/12462/the-count-recession-brutalizes-art-world-jeff-koons-doesnt-seem-to-notice

    The bug will go Lady Gaga over them, if she has not already seen them. Hope the work will come out fabulous at the high firing. Good luck.

  13. kyle Says:

    love that black slip/sig…really nice contrast…interested to see it fired.

    And…F that balloon guy…I hate that crap…My wife and daughter recently went to this nice regional restaurant here in Pittsburgh and to my disgust they had a wandering balloon lady(which my daughter loved)…ugh…she stood by my table twisting a damn balloon puppy for at least half my meal…distracting me and what felt like an intrusion on our conversation too…good restaurants and good beer joints don’t need balloon folk…just good food, good beer and good service!

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