Are Those Accurate Punctures?…

Yep, my xmas present from Mom was a gift certificate at an acupuncturist. I guess in her mind, it was a last resort. While I was there I figured we should just go ahead and address all my ailments. Apparently the heel of my hand correlates to my feet and those several in both my ears correlate to one of the other ailments (I think it was the pain in my gut). It was relaxing and I’ve yet to notice any changes in my foot pain. What surprised me was that she put the needles in and then asked me to walk and see if I noticed anything different. The idea that I would get immediate relief was interesting and, of course, disappointing when it didn’t happen. I figured that there was simply a place to stick the needles for whatever ailed you and it would either work or not. Anyway, we’ll see but it feels like the PF is here to stay. I’m having a bit of trouble concentrating while I type this because I have an audience and their stares are somewhat disconcerting…

I took the next obvious step with the terra sig and before I get into that, I was told that there’s a woman up north that simmers her terra sig on the stove and that this helps it shine more. I’ve never heard of that and am curious. I’m actually more curious as to how it would occur to someone to try putting their terra sig on the stove in the first place. I guess potters have tried everything under the sun at one time or another. Anyway, here’s the shellac over the top of some black ts…

I was pretty stoked (as they say in college) at this point but soon found out that it was silly of me to think things would work perfectly the first time. This one’s not a total failure or anything but I guess I’ve run into another learning curve. I have to say that I really like the high contrast. From what I can tell, because the terra sig is so much more dense than the regular clay body of the pot, it requires more rubbing to get the etching to begin in earnest. The shellac has only so long before it breaks down so extra sponging time is not a good thing. Also I think the density of ts means that the shellac doesn’t penetrate as deeply as it does on the regular clay body and this too hastens its breakdown. What to do?… not sure. I could thicken the shellac to make it tougher but that would inhibit its penetration even more. There’s a sweet spot in there, I just have to find it and apparently the sweet spot is different than the old sweet spot. Oh well, trials and errors. Here’s how it looks so far…

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9 Responses to “Are Those Accurate Punctures?…”

  1. john bauman Says:

    Totally weird. You go sticking pins into balloons and they explode. Stick ’em in human beings and they’re supposed to heal. Rub a balloon on your hair and the balloon will stick to the ceiling, but rub your own hair and you end up with your feet still on the ground.

    Your feet are still on the ground, right?

  2. liz Says:

    I think the accupuncture is a great idea, and if get several treatments you may see the difference with your feet. i have had great luck with accupuncture, with my shoulder /neck issues.

  3. Elena Says:

    Not sure why TS? You can’t polish it under shellac anyway. For high contrast color underglazes work the best (I use Amaco Velvets). And they don’t interfere with shellac penetration.
    Good luck!

    • jim Says:

      hi elena,
      not sure why ts myself, i just started fooling with it. i did “polish” it before i put the shellac on… i’m wondering if you’re saying that even though i did, that the shellac will somehow “unpolish” it? i have yet to fire one all the way through to finish yet.

  4. Judy Shreve Says:

    I know of several folks who have had great success with acupuncture. I think you might need more than one treatment though — think of the years of abuse — lol — and what a great gift from your mom!

    Love the new work. I use terra sigs all the time — don’t care about shiny – just love the smoothness of terra sigs instead of slips. That’s weird about heating it up — and really why would you even think to do that?

  5. jim Says:

    hi linda,
    i’m with you on the shoes and i’m married to some that i rarely take off too. i have tried the night splints too (two different kinds). the acupuncture was/is an attempt to get rid of the pf altogether although i’m thinking it will simply be a chronic problem from now on

  6. ang Says:

    oi sounds messy to me on both ends 😛

  7. meredith@whynot Says:

    I want some instant relief as well- could you come over and stick some pins in my shoulder?
    I always wondered about that treatment and sometimes think about getting some sticks myself.
    Suck to have pain somewhere all the time.
    Hey- I like your company, but I would not turn my back on them….
    TS I am not even close to understanding it- please fire some soon so we can see some results- I need visuals!

  8. Hilary Says:

    my plantar fasciitis is much better now, i made a sloped foot rest for my left foot while i am on the wheel/throwing, stretch both calves every morning (as i feed the dogs and supervise the cat food which is apparently much more desireable) and i’m back to running comfortably, i wear soft shoes in the studio all day and bought new runners (the last ones were sacked) there is hope out there but there is also a deep committment to stretching the back “line” of your body.

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