A Coiled SPRING Of Industry…

Well, I didn’t mean to leave that last post up so long, especially since it represented such a awful experience… again. Actually, as awful as it was, I’m embarrassed to say that I’ve done it so many times now that I’m getting good at it. I just drag a trashcan from outside, put it under the lowest horizontal pipe where I have a hole drilled and covered with duct tape, rip the tape off and almost all sewage drains into the can with nary a speck of dung getting on me. Then, with the snake, it’s getting to be like a good fisherman who can visualize what’s going on at the end of his line by the way the line feels running over his finger. As I feed the snake into the pipe, I’m starting to notice slight differences in the way it feels and am able to visualize the tree roots blocking the drain. This is not something I aspire to be good at though. So that was last weekend and this weekend is the beginning (I think) of real spring weather. Yesterday was yet another idyllic Sofia and Dad day. It was sunny and warm and we were going all day. We hung out a bit in the morning and had coffee with our neighbor. Off to Vietnam Kitchen for lunch, here’s the bug “patiently” waiting for her soup…

While waiting they were showing the tragic devastation in Japan from the tsunami. Sofia started grilling me on all the different kinds of natural disasters and how they are caused because she wanted to rank them from bad to the worst. Anyway, that led to talk of our own little flooding going on down at the river and we decided to stop at the waterfront and see what’s going on. Here’s you tour guide…

Here’s a shot of the submerged staghorn sumac…

Here’s the bug with some driftwood and an action shot as she adds to the debris…

After the river extravaganza, we headed home to walk the dog and get cleaned up for Sofia’s friend Eva’s birthday party. It was a veritable cuteness overload with 10 or 11 six year old girls. Eva’s mom and dad were pros and had all sorts of activities planned and kept things moving throughout the event. One such activity was a floor covered with balloons and inside of each balloon was some candy. The idea was to pop the balloons to get at the swag and the lot of them descended on the balloons like a school of hungry piranha…

On Thursday my great friend Kathy and I went to the “closing” of an exhibition of drawings by my/our first drawing teacher ever at Murray State University in 1977…

The drawings were by Dale Leys and not only was Dale my first drawing teacher, I was in his first class as a teacher. Here’s Dale in front of couple pieces…

If you get a hankerin’ you can check out Dale’s drawing at his website. There were lots of beautiful drawings and many were from Dale’s trips to Italy and were drawings of Venice and Firenze. These two and a detail (with corvi) were my favorites and seemed evocative of the work he was doing when I was still in school. I apologize for the photos, I had a hell of a time trying to get a nice shot…

And while I’m on the subject of drawing teachers, my good friend Vern (who was my second drawing teacher ever) sent me this pic of his latest digital piece…

In other news, my decoration phase is in full swing…

Here’s some texture closeups, I like the last one best but it took so long that I doubt I will be doing many like it…

Last but not least, the bug was in a particularly hammy photogenic mood as we got home last night so I took some spring pictures with the obligatory stump picture. I should go back through the old posts to find other pics of her on the stump just to show how fast she’s growing, it’s amazing how much just since I started this blog…

Well, busy week coming and weather promises a bike ride… hopefully another week won’t past before I get around to posting again.


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14 Responses to “A Coiled SPRING Of Industry…”

  1. Patricia Griffin Says:

    How fun to attend your former teacher’s show. His work is interesting… Sofia is getting big! You could have a photo portrait stump show of her. Imagine the show you would have in 10 years!… Hope you get that bike ride this week. No more snakes (of the sewage variety, anyway)!

  2. Zygote Says:

    Those surfaces are so nice Jim… they make a good visual for the term “painstaking”.
    Bug has grown a bunch! Just in the past few months I can see the changes. At least no one needs to remind you to enjoy the time with her.

  3. meredith@whynot Says:

    I love watching the bug grow and she is going fast these days- no wee-one any more- she is weeding into a girl fast!
    Love all the other stuff but my mind won’t let me articulate thoughts.

  4. Emily Says:

    Just randomly clicking through blog posts in my reader while trying to contact and Skype family in the states. Wanted to say hello from Japan and that we here on Misawa AFB are hanging in there and trying to help the locals who’ve lost homes and loved ones.

    Misawa AFB (Unqualified) Pottery Teacher Emily

  5. ang Says:

    you love sundays!!! brilliant piece of deco the one that looks like bicycles….its got my name all over it :))

    • Skuzy Says:

      Hey I like that one too – the way the color gradates – if that’s a word – but I won’t be greedy. I already have the yellow bowl with fishnet stockings that got on some lady’s website the other day. šŸ™‚

  6. Judy Shreve Says:

    Those surfaces are really interesting – does it take you forever to complete one?
    And yes Sofia is becoming such a beautiful young lady — I think they start to grow faster when they start school. And I agree – a stump show would be very cool.
    Love the drawing show –

  7. ron philbeck Says:

    Hey Jim. That balloon game looks fun! I’m digging those pots with the black, first two images. Nice. Great photos of Sofia too. I started looking at Dale’s site, but it’s too good to rush through, I’ll come back to it this evening. Hope you have a great week.

  8. Mike Says:

    Hi Jim….im enjoying your blog updates, your writing and sense of humor is fun. And i always like to see what you’re making. I have a question…ive been doing lots of shellac resist since we talked. Im wondering how you got the resist to be black on that squiglly line cup?? Did you add underglaze to the shellac? Thanks so much for your witty banter and your willingness to help us struggling potters.

    • jim Says:

      hi mike,
      glad you’re enjoying the blog, the black squiggly lines are the shellac painted over the top of the piece that was dipped in black slip (terra sig)

  9. Mike Says:

    Oh cool…thank you. Ive tried that with black underglaze but on porcelain its almost impossible to get all of the black off and leave wipe marks…probably doesnt help that im using a clear glaze.

  10. Eugene Hon Says:

    Some great images – also like Dale’s drawings of the birds. Sofia on the tree stump in particular. cant wait to see your new work glazed. Going to be very interesting.

  11. Eugene Hon Says:

    Some great images – also like Dale’s drawings of the birds. Sofia on the tree stump in particular. Can’t wait to see your new work glazed. Going to be very interesting.

  12. Skuzy Says:

    Dale and his art are grrrrreat!

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